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  1. MU : Yvethe / Bianca
    MI : Emma / Laura / Julian
    MS : Pia / Kris
    MTQI : Parul / Kim / MJ / Joy
    Intercontinental : Racquel / Nichole / Ellore

    Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Second Runner-up – PIA WURTZBACH
    Pia is a 24-year old native from Cagayan de Oro. She took up Culinary Studies at Café Ysabel and worked as an apprentice in England for a few months. She was only 11 when she became the breadwinner of the family as she was already in showbiz at that time. Aside from acting, she also does print, ad, and catwalk modeling. She stands at 5’8″ and she loves to sing!
    Binibining Pilipinas 2014 First Runner-up – JULIAN AURINE FLORES
    Julian Aurine is 23 from Manila. She was a city scholar with the degree in Hotel and Travel Management from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. It was her mother’s wish that she joins the pageant. She is a stunner at 5’9″ and works as a freelance ramp model and has worked with top designers in the country.
    Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2014 – HANNAH MARIZ DE LA GUERRA
    21-year old Hannah Mariz Dela Guerra is a Management Informations graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University. She was Miss Mandaluyong in 2011. The youngest and the only girl in the family, she stands at 5’7″.
    Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2014 – PARUL SHAH
    A Filipino-Indian by birth, Parul, 25, is a Registered Nurse from Pangasinan. She volunteered to assist in relief operations in Bohol and Tacloban and considered the experience as the best in her entire life. This 5’8″ stunner is also a dance instructor who also loves cooking, playing volleyball, and surfing. She speaks six languages, namely, Hindi, Arabic, Gujarati, Ilocano, Filipino, and English.
    Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2014 – AIZA FAELDONIA
    24-year old Aiza is a native of Sultan Kudarat. She is a part-time model and a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management. A passionate cook and a certified nature lover, she stands at 5’9″.
    Binibining Pilipinas International 2014 – KRIS TIFFANY JANSON
    At 24, Kris Tiffany works as a Financial Analyst in Manila. She was Miss Cebu 2009. She joined the Binibining Pilipinas to fulfill her father’s wish before he passed away due to heart attack. She stands at 5’9″.
    Miss Universe Philippines 2014 – YVETHE MARIE SANTIAGO
    At only 20, Yvethe Marie is already a CPA. She graduated cum laude at the Bicol University. A native of Daraga, Albay, her first beauty title was Miss Bicol University when she was only 16 and was handpicked to represent the Philippines in an international student congress, the World Miss University 2010, in Seoul, Korea, where she was awarded the Best in National Costume. She humbly stands at 5’9″.

  3. 1st r-up – Laura Lehman/ Aiza Feldonia/ Emma Tiglao/ Nichole Manalo/ Joy Diaz

    Intercon- Aiza Feldonia / Kim Suiza/ Joy Gangan/ Nichole Manalo/ Mae Liezel Ramos/ Pia Wurtsbach/ Julian Aurine Flores

    MTQI- Mj Lastimosa/ Diana Arevalo/ Pia Wurtsbach/Nichole Manalo/ Parul Shah/ Julian Aurine Flores

    Supra- Kimverlyn Suiza/ Aiza Feldonia/ Joy Gangan/Joy Diaz/ Julian Aurine Flores

    International- Kris Janson/ Yvethe Santiago/ Bianca Guidotti/ Julian Aurine Flores

    Universe- Bianca Guidotti/Yvethe Santiago/ Kris Janson/ Julian Aurine Flores

  4. 1st runner up: MJ Lastimosa/ Ellore Punzalan/ Kenneth Santiago
    Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental: Ja Flores/ Aiza Faeldonia/ Liezel Ramos
    Bb. Pilipinas Supranational: Emma Tiglao/ Raquel Kabigting/ Joy Gangan
    Bb. Pilipinas Tourism: Parul Shah/ Kimverlyn Suiza/ Joy Diaz
    Bb. Pilipinas International: Kris Janson/ Nichole Manalo/ Laura Lehmann
    Miss Universe Philippines: Pia Wurtzbach/ Bianca Guidotti/ Yvethe Santiago

  5. REPOST:

    My MUP2014 bets are: (in random order)

    1. MJ Lastimosa- she has tHe besT body in tHe cOmpetitiOn.. aLthough she’s not tHat taLL, I dont see iT as a hinDrance..

    2. Yvethe Marie Santiago- yOung, taLL, beauTifuL,sMart, wHat moRe can U ask fOr??… I Like the waY she smiLe…

    3. Pia Wurtzbach- consiDerinG the faCt that she was a RunneR uP LasT year, her expeRience wiLL be her edGe.. and she’s reaLLy deTermined to win the MUP crOwn.. soMe saY thaT she is no Janine Tugonon.. buT wHo kNows whaT wiLL haPPen come fiNaLs niGht..

    4. Aiza Faeldonia- I stiLl canT get oVer wiTh whY she wasNt incLuded on the List of tHe offiCiaL candidaTes the fiRst time…bUt anywaY, she is verY cLassy, regaL, sTatuesque and oozinG with confiDence..

    5. Kris Tiffany Janson- Im nOt suRe if she’s haLf brEEd becauSe her Last name sounDs foreiGn buT I juSt starTed to Like her.. her beauTy is staRting to shine… anF I wOnt mind if she wiLL be thaT Lucky girL whO wiLL represenT the Philippines in MIss Universe..

    6. Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti- statuEsque, beaUtifuL, triLinguaL.. knowinG the fact thaT she is fLuent in Portuguese, and the Miss Universe wiLL be heLd in a Portuguese-speaKing countRy, she miGht be an instanT favOrite whEn she arriVe in Brazil.. if we aRe gOing to comPete stRategicaLLy, she is the best caNdidaTe..we’LL see on March 30..

    7. Parul Shah- we usuaLLy send moRena beauTies in Miss Universe so here she is… I wasNt a fan oF her when she joined Last year, buT she has impRoved noW..

  6. Universe – Bianca

    International – Yvethe

    Supranational – Kris

    Intercontinental – Kim

    Tourism – Pia, Aiza or Racquel

    😀 😀 😀

  7. I hope it’s just me. Pero ang scary ni Cindy sa pic na ito.
    And no doubt, Ara has the most beautiful hair.

    • cindy’s scary allright. mukha siyang vampira. si ariella mukha namang vampirang vakla which is scarier… ganda pa rin dito nina mutya at bea, ang totong tunay na mga reyna! 🙂







  9. 1. MUP – I strongly feel it won’t be Parul, Bianca or Kris.
    It will either be Yvethe, Pia or Mj.

    2. MIP – It will be Kris’ crown to lose. Laura or Bianca (who has some resemblance to Bea Rose) may snatch it.

    3. Supra – Kim Suiza exudes Mutya’s sweetness, and at the same time, can turn into a ferociously elegant queen. Her versatility is incomparable. Gangan or Arevalo will also be possible.

    4. Tourism – Parul or Ellore. Their appeal, plus those killer bodies suit the demands of that pageant.

    5. Intercontinental – Aiza Faeldonio or Liezel Ramos. 🙂 oh well.. Classic beauties that will endure the passage of time.

  10. My predictions for each title for now. But I guess this will be changed in the coming days. If the other girls would step up and exert more effort in the remaining pageant activities, then…. they might replace some of the names in my list. If not, then these girls will be reshuffled based on their remaining performances… Goodluck!!!

    2nd Runner -up: Aiza Faeldonia
    1st Runner-up: Laura Lehmann
    Tourism: Parul Shah
    Intercontinental: Bianca Guidotti
    Supranational: Kris Tiffany Janson
    International: Pia Wurtzbach
    Universe: Yvethe Marie Santiago

  11. Just looking at the given scenario makes me wonder if there is a portion in the application form that asks the hopefuls about their crown preferences ensuring that no one gets the crown they do not want to own and probably avoid that incident that happened in Miss Hungary earlier this year. Just thinking…

    • Ung kaY Ms Hungary nMan kc paRang insuLto nMan kc ung ngYari sa kanYa… nagCompetE na xa sa Ms Earth na conSidered as One of thE Big 4 PageanTs… tapos nuNg sumaLi uLit xa paRang downGrade nMan ung titLe na biniGay sa kanYa…Ms InterconTinentaL yata uN..

      • May historia na pala siya. Dapat hindi na lang siya sumali ulit. Pero masarap sigurong sumali ng sumali dahil marami rin dito sa atin ang sali ng sali. 😆

  12. miss universe-# 8 pia
    miss international # 25 mj
    miss supranational # 4 parul
    miss tourism # 7 aiza
    miss intercontinental # 21 raquel
    1st runner # 23 nichole

  13. janson for international, lastimosa for the universe, celine de leon as supra, wutzbach for tpurism intl and yvette santiago, intercontinental.

  14. ms.universe-kris tiffany janson
    ms.international-hannah ruth sison
    ms.tourism-khimverly suiza
    ms.supranational-parul shah
    ms.intercontinental-yvette santiago
    1st runner-up- diana arevalo
    2nd runner-up- ja flores

  15. My 5 bets for the crown are listed in your MUP choices Tito Norms… my 2 runners-up are in the BPI list…☺

  16. MuP : Yvethe/Kris/Aiza
    BPI : Bianca/Yvethe/Kris
    Supra: Kris/Aiza/Bianca
    Tourism: Liezel/Angelique/Ja

  17. I really hope may mas marami pang portion for interview to assess their confidence and communication skills.

  18. My TOP 7 for Miss Universe Phils.
    Parul Shah
    Laura Victoria Lehmann
    Pia Wurtzbach
    Kris Tiffany Janson
    Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
    Mary Jean Lastimosa
    Yvethe Marie Santiago

  19. Miss International for Laura Lehman is not bad. But I hope she gets the Miss Universe.

  20. I only have three for MUP and MIP: Mariane, Yvethe, and Kris. Isa ang malaglag dito who will either end up runner up or semis. Following your list Tito Norms, eto ang feel ko: Diaz for Tourism, Gangan for Supra, Ramos for Intercontinental. Hirap pumili actually. It’s anybody’s ball game on March 30. May mga surprises pa si Madam sa finals and I’m sure there will be victory from behind ala Ariella. Exciting di ba kase no clear winners this late in the pageant?

  21. I do believe that the 8 ladies you have listed for the Miss Universe PHL crown will be the once fighting neck-and-neck for the 5 crowns + 1 from JDV for the Miss Grand PHL title.

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