13 comments on “Crazy late afternoon at work

  1. Ellore: Nyeta, sakit ng almuranas ko, nakaupo rin after 8hrs.

    Julian: Ellore, try mo ang hot-sitz bath.
    It worked on me, and if it worked for me, it will work for you too.

    Kris: Joy, wag na wag mong bibitiwan ang pinto, iihi ako.

    Joy: Bitiwan ko kaya ang pinto, tyak na lalawit ang dapat lumawit, at mababawasan tyak ang
    kalaban ko.

  2. There’s one word in the caption for Ellore that gives you the clue of who’s gonna win MUP2014 ?! The word is in Tagalog but with other meaning ??? Clue: A well known local comedian actor (peace be with him) was taken from his facial feature. There’s also a woman (na mahilig sa bagets..char…) version who is also known and still famous with the same talent? She’ll be the next MUP2014 and inevitably will win the Nexus crown this year ! 😉

    P.S. (don’t take it seriously 🙂 )

  3. Off topic… But I hear the person that designed Binibini #5’s national costume was murdered this morning!

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