24 comments on “Binibini 17 Diana Arevalo wants her dream to come true

  1. Im not trying to offend anyone pero may kamukha talaga siyang cartoon character from a US TV show. Im not sure if it’s lisa of the simpsons. But, it is the combination of her teeth and nose. I’ve been contemplating about it for a week now after I saw her in Araneta. Hmm.

  2. kung matalo man cya s diana arevalo ngayon at sna magsali cya s miss world philippines 2014 or miss philippines earth 2014 or mutya ng pilipinas 2014.

  3. Para-paraan rin pag may time.
    Kung hindi manalo at hindi makakuha ng korona e di magdala ng sariling korona.
    Nyeta, pwede nman palang bumili ng korona, e bakit magpapakahirap pang sumabak sa 2month-pageant na Binibini.
    Pag nalaman ni Nancy Binay yan e tyak na sasabuyan ni Many Nancy ng tintang itim ang hitad na si Diana.

  4. Norman, this time around she may be better prepared, determined and ambitious in attaining a national crown, BUT she clearly lacks a vibrance & freshness that the Grand Slam organisations are looking for.

    I reckon she´s already reached her peak in pageants and she should realistically quit her quest for a beauty title after March 30th.

    On the other hand, I for one, would love to see Diana in the future as part of PAL´s cabin crew on my regular flights to Los Angeles (LAX).

      • Fly Philippine Airlines and experience topmost service only beauty queens can provide. First and business class passengers will be served autographed selfies. 😆

      • Dexter , I don’t fly PAL. Call me ünpatriotic but my experience has been better with Delta Korean and Asiana.

      • It’s not a matter of patriotism. It’s simply called preference and convenience. I don’t mind flying PR for domestic and MNL-HKG flights but I fly CX, BA, LH and SQ for long haul because I want comfort first and foremost. But if you want your stomach filled and enjoy rice meals, no other airline can beat PR. Go ahead and ask these people 👦 👧 👨 👩 👱 👴 👵 👶 !!!

  5. I have this gut feeling that we might see a different diana arevalo on the coronation night.
    im a big fan of ms. arevalo since 2011 so i know she can bring her A+ game:)

    Go Diana!
    hart hart.

  6. I initially put her among my top 5 after the swimsuit presentation. Now she’s off my list because of her underwhelming performance at the fashion show.

  7. I don’t think she will land among the top 5… with a bunch of beauties and considering the towering ladies, entering semis is even hard for her I guess… 🙂 She might as well try ME.

  8. I still think she deserved a crown in her previous attempts. It’s hard to say if she will win because there are so many gorgeous girls this year and it isn’t making it any easier for her. I think she could represent the Philippines quite well internationally if she were to win any of the crowns… I won’t complain if she does win, she’s beautiful! Best of luck, Diana! 🙂

  9. Ang gaganda ng mga suot nila na gown at mga National Costume pero pag nag compete na internationally parang kurtina lang ang ibabalalbal sa kanila ni Madam. Di nga sa SONA at mga awards night ng mga artista ang gaganda ng mga suot sana yong mga designers na yon ang gumawa para di sila mukha basura heheheh. Sorry po opinion lang…

  10. Let me be very honest here, her image with the crown already says it all. Oh! This batch got to be the toughest one to join. She should have been more practical like Mary Anne Ross Misa…

      • Janssen, I wasn’t thinkin’ anythin’ like that. What I was trying to say is that Mary Ann Ross probably have felt the very stiff competition that’s why she went to another whereby her chances are great. And having seen the batch of MPE hopefuls this year, I’d say that MAR did the wisest move! 😉

        In the case of Diana, she could try any of the national pageants this year so she does not need to waste her LOA. It’s this year or say goodbye to Philippine Pageantry. She ain’t young anymore!

      • I see your point now and my apologies sir dex, the statement was a lil bit confusing i guess hehe. anyhow i still believe that Diana A. can bring her A Game just like yvethe hehe 🙂 love them both btw.

      • When I first saw her during the screening, she did make a good impression but then, the rest of the candidates were practically doing the same. So I started comparing from CNY presentation at Farmers Mall and somehow, the others started shining more. I wish her the best as I can feel that it takes really that much courage and a lot of perseverance rejoining especially when it’s your third time. What I can feel is that she is really competing with herself this time — do the best placement possible!!! 😉

    • Dexter she still has a chance … With her beautiful face and smile and a decent body, she can still win. As I have been saying , it boils down on how they look on Mar 30

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