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  1. I fully trust Aces and Queens handling Yvethe’s numerous “aura” come march 30, Yes you heard it right NUMEROUS is the word, this for the reason that this gorgeous beauty has that chameleon look(s) that she will definitely surprise everyone come march 30…… It keeps on comin and changin, it just shows how this cutie is indeed the toughest aspirant among the 40 and the “nightmare” the 39 were wishin she should have disappear, …… It’s Yvethe !

  2. One of my choices for Miss Universe Philippines is Yvethe Santiago.

    My Top 5 for Miss Universe Phils:
    Bianca Guidotti
    Yvethe Santiago
    Pia Wurtzbach
    MJ Lastimosa
    Parul Shah

    One of these ladies will be crowned MUP on March 30.

  3. I think Yvethe’s grace and poise will work best for MI MS or MTQI, not MU.

  4. Ahh, Yvette is probably the lone jewel missing from one of the crowns. Now which crown belongs to the certain jewel? We’ll have to see if she fits into one of them. As for me she is another great contender for one of the crowns. What I love about her she has that fresh, young face and lets not forget about the “fierce” factor. She is probably fits the poster board for “Confidently Beautiful” because she screams confidence within every stride, twirl, and pose. She, along with Bianca and Pia are my favors of capturing the Miss Universe Philippines crown, but if not she is truly worthy of having a crown placed upon her head.

    As for Joanna and Mae Liezel, I’d perfer Mae Liezel because she is somewhat capturing my attention. I always tend to forget who Joanna is, however, I wish the best of luck to both of them!

    • i so love yvethe. i hope she will be our Ms. U Rep. her aura reminds me of Kate middleton, i don’t know, maybe it’s just me. i can imagine her wearing the diamond nexus crown and her face will be the banner of Miss Universe’s website.

      • though i also like Pia, she reminds me of Evangeline Pascual. Bianca will be a good choice as well since she’s fluent in Portuguese, so makakakuha agad siya ng attention sa Brazil.



    • i know!! she’s a threat na. sa instagram may isang account na nagppost ng pics ni Yvette na may paninira/panlalait. (of course, supporter siya ng isang candidate din) but anyway, i sooo love yvette. I think she’ll do goon in Brazil!

      • Hi MrManila, thank you for the support. Don’t worry. Yvethe is totally not affected by the bashing. She’s more concerned about those people who loves and supports her just like you. I promise you. She is not complacent about her chances. She’s not getting big headed by the praises. She is working even harder to win that crown and be able to represent our country in Brazil.

        Bashers, continue the negative publicity. Thanks for your big help. You are making my job a lot more easier.

      • Hi Josh,

        I know yvette is still doing her best. i know she’s not complacent, this year’s competition is so tough. Coming from a victorious batch las year, there’s no reason for ever candidate to be relaxed just because they’re being praised. I hope she gets the crown she deserves. hehe

  6. Yvethe no doubt is going to be one of the top contenders ! One of my faves.

  7. Loved watching Yvethe during the Fashion Show… I guess Mutya inspired a lot of people with her fierce hair flick in last years fashion show because I saw many hair flicks/flips/whips during this years show. I’m slowly being convinced that the Miss Universe Philippines title belongs to this girl. She isn’t my original bet, but I’ll still be a pretty happy chap if she does win! Best of luck, Yvethe! 🙂

  8. Just wondering why Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti is not here. She is half-Bicolana and I’ve seen threads stating is clearly that she is part of the group. 😥 Just saying…

      • So why would they think she should be part of this group ? Oh well… 🙂

      • In fact, Mary Anne Bianca lives in Taguig City, but there was no Binibining Taguig City for her to represent that locality. We are talking more of roots here and since she declared that her mother is a Bicolana, she should be part of this region, too. Just my opinion. 😉

        Look at Joy Antoinette. She lives in California but she is being grouped in Northern Luzon. And Parul currently resides and works in the metropolitan area but still part of that group. 😉

      • If & when Yvethe captures the MUP 2014 crown (lol). Remember I’m going to file a protest ha ha ha 🙂

      • Not too fast hun 🙂 we’ll just have to wait & see and then go from there mwaaaaaah ♥♥♥

    • And if I may add, Ms.Carla Lizardo,too! Why she even represented Bicol at the 2010 edition of Mutya ng Pilipinas and crowned MP-Intercontinental. 🙂

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