10 comments on “Sunday Specials: How are the Binibinis of Northern Luzon doing?

  1. No crown for joy marie please. Please send someone beautiful.
    Train parul with ara’s 8 inches heels if she get mup. Parul is much in the game.

  2. My favorite out of the bunch is Parul and I’m quite surprise, because she didn’t capture my attention during the golden edition. Now that she is back with a more fierce look and excellent projection she is toping my favorites. And to be quite honest, she is the most exotic looking out of the 40 girls. What I love about her the most is her walk (her walk stood out during press presentation) and that confidence. She is defiantly looking like she is having fun. She does have the potential “Confidently Beautiful” look, but I wouldn’t mind if she wins one of the other crowns.

  3. I really like the way you’ve written this article, Norman, It’s solid and crystal clear. I feel the same for all the ladies here. And right now, I am counting on Parul Shah to give us a back-to-back win for Miss Supranational. I see no hindrance to her getting the crown… the only thing that bothers me is whether or not there’ll be a Miss Supranational this year. I hope that the disputes on ownership has been settled at this time. Any news?!?

    • The funny thing is that there might just be two versions this year. According to reports, the questionable group will allegedly hold theirs in India.

  4. Being counted as official candidates for Binibining Pilipinas 2014 is an experience that these lovely ladies will cherish for a lifetime, I know for a fact that you Binibinis won’t stop to search for the right time, glorious moment to shine and claim that victorious accolades to which each one of you truly deserve, may your experience be an instrument and motivation to find your way of being a true beauty queen good luck to all of you if not this year, try again next year, let’s continue that momentum in maintaining Philippines as a power house country again in the field of beauty…..

  5. Joy Marie is also my bet for Supra & maybe Universe because of her height and dusky features (I’m just not 100% sold out on her communication skills so Supra would probably suit her better). Joy Diaz one of my bets for International. Parul for U because of her dusky features as well (I wish she was at least 2 inches taller though).
    Good luck ladies 🙂

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