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  1. One of the best costumes in this year’s Binibini! Pero I don’t like how she presented it. Masyado malikot kamay niya :-\

  2. Steffy Queen, why do you have to ask Ellore to marry now? She will continue her studies to become a useful doctor in our kingdom if she does not get any of the crowns. Mind your own business just like I don’t mind that you are playing with all the male slaves in the middle of the night. My Sultan father does not have any idea that he married a slut.

    • Because you are a slutty dawhter too. And so that when your pinnacle of lust explodes like that of former std queen, you can be treated soon by Ellore with child in tow. As Ive told you earlier, you are a product of Your Kings secrep tryst with a laundry proletariat. Savor your farce pedigree and your over-used derriere.

  3. She has the bubbliest personality. And there is nothing wrong with that, but it was over the top during the dance portion. Though, a lot of the people noticed her. She’s enjoying the process.

  4. One thing that she has that helped her shine during the Natcos and JAG fashion show: CONFIDENCE.

    To the rest of the candidates, the word in bold letters above can make you stand out anytime, anywhere even if you’re not facially stunning. Learn from Ellore!

    • I like this post because it is honest sans bashing. It’s simply a terrific advice without political correctness.

      • Thanks Mitchell! As what I always say here, “out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” I always try to put myself in other people’s shoes before saying something as words are a double edged sword — and this also includes the things we say online 🙂

  5. In fairness, she’s on everybody’s radar now after her very impressive fashion show performance. I think she will duplicate and if she continues to shine in the last yet crucial days of the pageant, might even surpass her placement last year.

    Just a post script. I’m a bit worried about Bianca Guidotti after her lackluster effort in last nights fashion show. Poor styling and the apparent absent of a positive vibe and oomph with the way she projected herself may just cost from what looked like earlier a sure crown for her. I hate to tell this but I’m downgrading her to neutral from hot listed for this time. I hope her corp of advisers and stylists and Bianca herself will e able to be consistent in all bases from now onward for her to regain her top crown getter status. Sayang siya pag uuwi lang siya na walang koronang naka orating sa kanyang ulo. She needs to prove and not disprove her hype.

  6. i think it’s her face that will hinder her from getting the crown… she is not ugly but she just look typical.. but best of luck to her…

    • Her face may not be the most beautiful but it’s symmetrical. And with the nice body and the sunny personality and the sweet voice, I think she’ll make it into the semi-final round and possibly clinch a crown.
      I won’t mind her representing our country internationally especially at the MTQI. I think she can win.

  7. yes, i like her but her height and base on last year’s q&a, these 2 factors may be her weakest links

  8. She’ll be in the semis but may not wear a crown. But Ellore is an indie, a special specimen. In rare agreement with Mr Co and his hordes of Yvethans, good luck Ellore! May the force continuously shine in your favor! Mag asawa ka na.

  9. She has the potentials. But sad to say, for her comeback, she is still very raw. I wonder why no camp trained her after her SF finish last year.

  10. Not just you, Norman. Last night as I joined Rappler’s live blogging, I was very vocal in telling everyone that she looked magnificent in her costume not to mention how she did well in JAG. For one thing, she truly has X-factor which we could see even on still pictures. If she were only taller, a crown is definitely within her reach. If she continues to shine, I won’t be surprised that she gets crowned! The best of luck, Ellore Noelle! 😉

    • hi Dex, because she isn’t that tall, she cant get one of the crowns? just curious. i think she shouldn’t have joined the pageant if that is the case.

      • Let me put it simpler, John. If a candidate is not equipped with a face that turn heads, she should have other qualities that can boost her popularity. Popularity is a very good way of getting media attention. Once you already become a favourite of this medium, expect for good exposure.

        On the other hand, height is really might unless you’re Queen Megan. 😉 Racquel and Kenneth are getting much attention because of their height. Just saying…

      • I don’t take things personally, John. In fact, I always want everone to know about my feelings. And when I respond or interact with someone here, it only means that I respect their existence on this blog. 😉

  11. I concur. She looked amazing! Her posture on this photo looked regal and effortless. The designer also did a great job accentuating her assets while combining a great design. Kudos to both!

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