3 comments on “Binibini 26 Hannah Sheena Manuel: from rural lass to urban beauty

  1. Hannah Sheena grew up in the hottest city and thanks to her mestiza genes, she is able to maintain her fair skin. What more, she is a five-niner and I’d say she has the qualities we’ve been looking for to fill up the top crown. But joining the toughest batch ever means putting up something that would catch attention. Unfortunately, she is too new to the business and her future lies in the hands of the judges come 30th March. If she fails this time, she should train harder if she is still interested to rejoin. Not everyone enjoys the same qualities, that’s for sure! 😉

  2. Sweet and pretty another “sali ulit next year iha” due to the reason that every one knows…

  3. First of all: PROPER MAKEUP, something that will suit her and not something that will make her face look exaggerated or fake.

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