12 comments on “Let it go, Hannah Mariz dela Guerra

  1. One of the prettiest in this batch of Binibinis. I agree with Dex, Hannah DG registers well on candid shots. She’s a breath of fresh air! If things don’t go her way this year, I hope she comes back next year, stronger – with a better body and better styling! I have Puerto Rican friends who likes Hannah. 😉 They said that they find her beautiful and universally appealing!

  2. When compared her lovely profile photo, she almost looks like a different person in her sexy swimsuit photo. Must be that cool rock star hair. Definitely two thumbs up!

  3. She’s very pretty and articulate but her body proportion is that of a ‘ square’. She’s not gonna win this year

  4. She has one of the best faces this year. Hannah M is the dark horse this Bb Pilipinas edition. Go Hannah M.

  5. I actually like the rawness in Hannah Mariz’s beauty and fact is she registers well on candid shots. For me, she just needs to polish her “walk” as evidently, she looked nervous during the Sofitel event. Good luck, HM!

    • Rawness, Dexter? What you mean by that? I think she is already as pretty as she can ( ever) be

      • I find her face so naturally beautiful with the least make-up (or even without). Overdoing her face (on some occasions) makes her look like not Hannah Mariz at all.

    • Yep, Mr. Dexter. Her swim suit photo registers really really well.

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