11 comments on “Sunday Specials: Are Oscar gowns Binibini-friendly?

  1. Cate & Sandra stood out in their classy gowns as they walk the red carpet. Two of my favorites at the Oscars. Brad Pitt looks so hot as always with Angelina by his side 🙂

  2. For me, pang MISS WORLD ang mga Haute Couture gowns. MISS UNIVERSE naman is yung mga flowy, sexy gowns. I can still remember Jacqueline Aguilera’s gown during Miss World 1995. ❤ Classy!

  3. Sometimes it’s the other way around With Holywood folks getting inspiration from the beauty pageants.
    I do remember seeing Jennifer Lawrence in gowns that had a huge semblance to the one worn by Janine at MU 2012

  4. The Oscar gown surely looked elegant as worn by the Best Actresses but I am not quite sure if they would really look as nice and elegant when worn by much younger beauty title aspirants. Just saying…

  5. bud? i didnt see it on your list, but the green peekaboob gown of JLo is the best in the west 🙂

  6. I love Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior gown and Sandra Bullock’s Marchesa gown – both are very elegant and timeless and can be worn in a red carpet or beauty pageant.

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