4 comments on “Sunday Specials: Another Binibini is set to fly the friendly skies

  1. Charmaine Elima, Katherine Anne Enrique and Grace Yann Apuad. My gut-feel says, the three had enough of beauty pageantry. They will not be convinced to join again! 😉

  2. I have my utmost respect to those women who are willing to give up everything just fulfill their success in life. Some beauty titlist are just content for having the crown and sash. and they believe being in the public eye will bring them success in life. It was inspring to know that there are some women who are widening their horizon.

  3. bud? if Charmaine is now with PAL and PAL is a major sponsor of Bb Pilipinas Org ………….. awright!!! Charmaine Elima MUP 2015 ! yeeeehaaw!

  4. It’s unfortunate that she had to turn down BBP 2014 for her PAL training. It’s probably for the best.

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