14 comments on “Where beautiful women, pizzas, ice cream and tacos make a good mix

  1. All my appointed queens are simply looking great and I JUST LOVE THEM ALL! 😉

  2. Kris and Aiza! ❤ Special mention to Kris, she's so candid and cute in the pic where she's hugging the mascot

  3. This has the best candid shot I have seen of the ladies, especially Aiza, Kris, Parul and Kim.

  4. The two ladies that stood out… Kris and Aiza!!!

    I am really loving Miss Jason at each passing ortlessly blog Tittime o Norms… She’s so perfect, together with her imperfections, ie the messy hair look, the funny pose with the mascot or her funny eyes… I mean whatever she does, even if it means letting loose from the competition, she exudes beauty from within I hin perfectly, effortlessly and still very Queenly!! I would could definitely say that whatever international competition she enters, she would win it!!!

    And Aiza, she looks great here too! I would like her to do well in Q&A. She looks so regal, effortlessly, all the time..

    Parul and Kim stood out as well.

  5. wow Kris! like ko kay aiza at parul . Kim is pretty there but anong nangyari sa hair?

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