13 comments on “R-L and his Angels: Waiting in the Wings

  1. I like the girl on the right (the Asian looking one). Classy looking in the mold of Aurora Pijuan (yes Jeremi dahlinnnn, I am not that old…my mother told me so. Lol). The Angelique girl looks like she has a thyroid problem or had too much coffee before the pictorial. =)

    Jeremi..di ata snow yan…… dandruff ata yan. Lol.

    World Peace.

  2. I’m waiting for this camp to be given a break. I hope they make it this time. Good luck!

  3. basta ako — manggaling lang sa isa sa kanila ang MUP 2014 oks nako ( Yvethe, Guidotti , Lehman, Aiza , Angelique, Hanna Mariz dela Guerra)

  4. I love them both!

    Angelique gives off this Janine Tugonon vibe. Her web interview was the best for me. She was fun to watch. I wish they fixed her teeth. Her overbite is distracting :-\ I am no expert when it comes to teeth pero meron atang surgery for that.

    Aiza is an oriental beauty. Every time I see a picture of her from the activities in Binibini, she reminds me of Gemma Cruz – Araneta. She exudes so much class!

  5. Obviously Aiza has improved eversince I appointed her as one of my winners. Oh – the Dexter Co effect! 😉

  6. Angelique exudes a very strong sex appeal while Aiza has got that so-called class and simple yet regal bearing. They have potential to spring out a surprise just when the front runners do not play their cards well 🙂

    • Jen , I agree. Both of them look great. Angelique may be a little short and Aiza’s English is somewhat questionable.
      But they can definitely pull off a surprise win.

  7. Eto na sila. Hmmmm. 2 of my AKBAY girls will definitely shine on March 30.


  8. With the toughness of the competition, its almost everyone’s game. I mean almost anyone can pull a surprise. Because they are all gorgeous!! These two girls are definitely in the money!!!

    However, what would be more surprising for most of the people, is that if Miss Janson, Ms Santiago, or Guidotti miss out on any titles…

  9. Darkhorses of this year’s BbP. Remember that madam has a soft spot for transformable beauties.

  10. The competition is too strong but who knows? May potential din naman ang dalawang ito. I’m not counting them out. They can pull a pleasant surprise.

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