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  1. OT:

    I don’t get why many Filipinos especially pageant fanatics keep comparing Gabriella Isler and Megan Young? What really is there to compare if anything they’re both are equally fabulous, beautiful and big-hearted in their own rights–hence they earned the crowns.

    The said comparison I am mentioning is not as evident on this website so thank goodness. I don’t know girls and gays sorry just wanted to point it out because it’s kinda annoying and unnecessary, don’t you think so too?

  2. Molly should’ve lose the coat in this shot. She looked wide considering that she has a very thin frame.

  3. Megan super gorgeous, I think babalik ulit ang filipinas next year sa russia by Ms . universe! Woot! WOOT!

  4. Megan stood out. Iba talaga beauty niya. Bumata din naman si Molly but still Megan rocks this photo.

  5. Kaka- iba talaga mag- damit ang Miss World and Miss World Philippines! In fairness sa mga damit ni Megan, ang sosyal!!!

  6. Agree San L. Tyra Banks said in an interview for Mega Magazine editorial that pinoy creations reminded her when she was modeling for haute couture in Paris in 90’s…

  7. despite the fact that the top pic is not the best of megan, molly looks like a prefabricated human being compared to megan. if it were ms. spain in this picture, megan and her would look better.

  8. in fairness gumanda si molly pero mas maganda pa rin si megan!

    btw excited na ako kung ano isusuot na gown sa coronation night ni megan, sinong filipino designer kaya ito? madam stella learn from miss cory ha, dapat filipino ang gumagawa ng wardrobe, gown o natcos ng philippine rep sa mga beauty pageants ok?!

  9. Best of all megan is rocking a Rajo laurel creation–shows we don’t need foreign designers to represent us!

  10. OMG!!! As expected, Megan towers over Molly (figuratively of course)

    In all fairness to Molly- she is beautiful. But I think nobody will dare question when we say that MEGAN IS MORE BEAUTIFUL…. and yes Molly is taller but thats about it. In all the other aspects of beauty, Miss World is way ahead.

    I love the fact that Megan look so effortess— look at her shoes (those are just 4 inches)…. Megan does not need to prove anything; she is Miss World and the whole world is in agreement with her victory. I think Megan’s win is like that of Oxanna or Margie Moran or Ash Rai; people just cannot debate on their victories.

    Can you see how Molly looked heavy besides Megan?—- The body structure, the proportion— the neck— the aura and yes yes yes, the bearing of Ms World is so perfect… no Miss Universe winner can rival her beauty

    • Jay, piggy-backing on your comment regarding how Miss Universe looks heavy compared to Miss World, yes, you nailed it.

      Living in Southern California, beautiful Latinas are a dime a dozen. The unfortunate “stereotypical” occurrence is when they- both men and women- past 30 years of age, they start putting on them pounds!

      That said, our Megan will still look like a Miss World contender even when she is 40. No doubt!

  11. Whhheeeewwwwww! So dito talaga makikita na mas agaw eksena ang matangkad… but then when you go to the details, mas regal ang ganda ni Megan. 🙂

    Still both gorgeous in their own way. Worth the crown!

    • Tumpak, rEydan! Hindi kailangang umeksena ng matangkad dahil lutang kaagad lalo na kung may ipagmamalaki. Buti na lang at ang ganda ng Reynang Megan Lynn ay talaga namang hindi matawaran!!!

      • Sinabi mo pa… ibang iba talaga ang matangkad. If ever, same sila nagcompete sa MU… who do u think will get the crown?! 🙂

      • You should already know my answer to that, rEydan. But if she represents the other half of her being, she’d win no doubt. Only the USA can defy odds in MU. 😉

      • Got it… I agree with you on these. But if they both compete in MW… I think Megan will get the crown… What do you think? 🙂

      • Hahahaha… totoo yan! Pa-sweet ang MW… ang MU sa height pa lang dapat agaw eksena na,,, samahan mo pa ng landi at kilos na kiti kiti. LOL

      • Agree… sa height pa lang makikita mo ng Tita na si Molly… LOL even sa looks… di hamak na mas matured hitsura ni Molly… iba talaga ang gandang Pilipina… Agree Angel? 🙂

  12. Well Mr. Norm, I see the Miss World and Miss Universe like Coke and Pepsi. They are both colas, but each has its own formula and distinct flavor. There is a huge market for both. It all depends on the preference of the individual which cola they like better. 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness!

    My  and 💋💋 to the Queens!!

    😳 I just can’t stop blushing!!!

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