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    Another BIG challenge came your way on 6 March 2014. It was Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Grand Fashion Event at the Smart Araneta Coliseum covering two important preliminary segments…
    Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago - Miss Universe 2014
    As you were coming out from backstage, everyone in the arena roared as you appeared. They were all in awe as you strutted and executed your Super Typhoon walk during the JAG Jeans Fashion Show. Missosologists can’t even imagine how you did the twirls that changed your hairstyle. It was simply unbelievable!!!
    Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago - Miss Universe 2014
    Then the National Costume Presentation… Again, you showed them how regal and fierce you could be as you displayed your flaming red terno. You just continuously sparked as you enjoyed your pasarela.
    Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago - Miss Universe 2014
    No doubt, you are the rightful represetative of the Philippines to Miss Universe scheduled in Fortaleza, Brasil in mid-October later this year.

    You are truly amazing, YVETHE MARIE AVISADO SANTIAGO!!!

    Bb.Pilipinas 2014 early favorites
    by Crispina Martinez – Belen
    March 4, 2014
    Manila Bulletin's Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Top Favourites
    Beauties all (L-R) Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Kris Tiffany Janson, Yvethe Marie Santiago, Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti and Ladylyn Riva
    Several candidates in this year’s much-awaited annual Bb. Pilipinas pageant have caught the attention of fans, noting those who could make the country proud in future competitions.

    Among early favorites is 24-year-old candidate No. 8, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. The Cagayan de Oro beauty was a former ABS-CBN Star Magic artist.

    Another is candidate No. 13, Cebuana Kris Tiffany Janson, a 24-year-old finance analyst at a packaging company in Manila. Tiffany is also a skim boarding enthusiast. She loves traveling and would love to fulfill her departed dad’s wish that she wins a major beauty competition.

    Also turning heads is 20-year-old Daraga, Albay native, candidate No. 35, Yvethe Marie Santiago. Already a certified public accountant, she was Korea’s World Miss University at 17 years old. It’s her first time to be away from her parents who are based in Korea.

    There is also the statuesque Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti, candidate No. 22, from Taguig. She is 24 years old. She graduated with a degree in European studies major in international relations from Ateneo de Manila University and is currently a technical assistant to the executive director of Community and Family Services International. She is fluent in Portuguese, English and Filipino.

    Aklan native Ladylyn Riva, candidate No. 39, is 26 years old. She is a registered nurse, a freelance makeup artist, and a print and commercial model. Ladylyn is into tennis, badminton, and wakeboarding. She is considered the “dark horse” of this year’s tilt, having already won as Miss Casino Pilipino prior. She also competed at the 2011 Bb. Pilipinas Beauty Pageant making it to the semi-final round.

    Throwback to the future
    Business Mirror - Throwback to the past
    Details Category: Life 26 Jan 2014 Written by miss charlize / tota pulchra
    FASHION, like history, repeats itself. Every so often, trends, styles and designs from previous decades get revived ad infinitum. That’s not to say that industry provocateurs lack imagination; it’s just that every object of beauty must be admired by every generation. Thus, the recycling of ideas, the repetition of events and the resurrection of concepts.

    Let’s look back at some iconic occurrences, in increments of 10 years starting in 1954, and what possible things will likely repeat in 2014. Then, I’ll include myself wishful thinking, randomly daydreaming and wildly prognosticating.

    Grace Kelly dominated the silver screen in 1954, appearing in future classics such as Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, The Bridges of Toko-ri and The Country Girl, for which she won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Actress.

    In 2014 Academy Award-winning actress—and kindred red-carpet darling—Nicole Kidman plays her in Grace of Monaco, depicting her life as a princess in a turbulent time in her new country’s history. Though not even Nicole can match the incandescence of Grace, I expect more fashion moments onscreen and on premier nights as Nicole stumps for her film. Wouldn’t it be incredibly fabulous if Nicole were to wear Grace’s actual clothes by Edith Head?
    1954, 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004: Years In Beauty

    The Golden Binibinis of 2013 (Miss Universe Third-Runner-Up Ara Arida, Miss Supranational Mutya Datul and Miss International Bea Santiago) and Miss World Megan Young gave the Philippines “Country of the Year” honors. Not to be cynical about it, but the Class of 2014 may find this unprecedented feat very hard to replicate. But let’s take comfort in the thought that Filipinas have cracked the top tier of beauty pageants since 1954 (Maria Blesilda Ocampo, top 16, Miss Universe), 1964 (Gemma Cruz, winner, Miss International), 1974 (Guadalupe Sanchez, top 12, Miss Universe), 1984 (Maria Desiree Verdadero, third runner-up, Miss Universe), 1994 (Charlene Gonzales, top 6, Miss Universe; Caroline Subijano, top 10, Miss World; Alma Concepcion, top 15, Miss International); 2004 (Karla Bautista, fourth runner-up, Miss World; Margaret-Ann Bayot, top 15, Miss International; Tamera Marie Szijarto, top 8, Miss Earth).

    For this year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant, I’m placing my bets on contenders from the Aces & Queens camp of Jonas Gaffud, such as Yvethe Marie Santiago, a 5’9” stunner from Albay; repeat contestants/former runners-up Pia Wurtzbach and Diana Arevalo; and the vavavoom MJ Lastimosa, formerly of A&Q but now with rival camp Kagandahang Flores.

    Though Princess Elizabeth of Toro, a real one from Uganda, appeared on the November 1969 cover of Harper’s Bazaar; Donyale Luna in a1966 cover of British Vogue; and Naomi Sims in a LIFE cover, it was Beverly Johnson’s August 1974 cover of American Vogue that caused a seismic shift and broke the color barrier in fashion. And Kate Moss was born.

    Ethiopian-born Liya Kebede was the last black model to grace the cover of US Vogue (May 2005 issue; she was also one of the four covers of Vogue Italia’s July 2008 All Black Issue). I’m hoping 2014 will be Ajak Deng’s year. The Sudanese-born Australian has walked runway miles for international designers but has yet to have a career breakthrough like countrywoman Alek Wek. It helps, too, that she bears a striking resemblance to girl-of-the-red-carpet-moment, the Mexican-born Kenyan Lupita Nyong’o.

    Diane von Fürstenberg introduced the knitted jersey “wrap dress” in 1974, which is considered to be one of the most influential dresses in women’s fashion. Fashion from the 1970s will have a resurgence of sorts, too. Just watch the outlandishness of American Hustle.

    Daryl Hannah created more than ripples in Splash, the 10th highest-grossing film in 1984. Will the controversial Anne (“I can buy you, your friends, this club!”) Curtis generate big waves for her turn in this year’s nth revival of Dyesebel?

    In a recent Throwback Thursday snippet, GQ.com writes: “While we can look back at ads from the April 1984 issue now and laugh at that decade’s over-the-top fashion choices, it’s difficult to remember that most of it was worn in complete earnest, as in not ironically. And although fashion does tend to be cyclical, we can only hope that when the 1980s make another pass, we can all go a bit lighter on the leather….”

    Thirty years later, gq-magazine.co.uk praised warm-weather leather as a trend for spring/summer 2014: “Even though it’s common knowledge that the Italians craft some of the finest leather in the world, it still came as quite a surprise to see so much of the material at the summer shows.

    However, by removing linings and taking the fabric as thin as possible, leather has been reworked into seasonally appropriate attire for shorts, light trousers and especially in the form of loose yet structured T-shirts.” Hmmm…you have to wonder how all that leather is going to smell like.

    In 1994 Cindy Crawford scored three American Vogue magazine covers: February, July and November. The German Nadja Auermann got a bigger coup: the all-important September covers of both American issues of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue! (Nadja is also in The Guinness Book of World Records as the model with the longest legs on record: 44 inches.) In this celebrity-infested era, it would be a monumental stretch of the imagination if models can still succeed in snagging a solo American Vogue cover.

    In the July 1994 Elle, the Czech Eva Herzigova was photographed by Gilles Bensimon in a Michael Kors cashmere turtleneck.

    Inside, the issue explored the mystique of the male model, interviewing the Swedish Marcus Schenkenberg, Dutch Mark Vanderloo, Nigerian-Brit Wale and Americans John Francis and Lucky Vanous.

    “Beyond a doubt, the single most attractive man I’ve ever laid eyes on,” the writer gushed over the dominant male mannequins then. I could say the same of the reigning beefcake hereabouts, the Brit David Gandy, courtesy of all his images at SM malls and billboards.

    “Jackie, Audrey and Grace would all be 75 this year. Each woman added a new vocabulary to our style vernacular, and their innate fashion sense continues to influence what we consider elegant, glamorous and original,” Annette Tapert wrote in US Harper’s Bazaar February 2004, with Renee Zellweger in a Frette robe photographed by Patrick Demarchelier on the cover. Does it need to be said that these legends will rule fashion for all eternity?

    Cate Blanchett can only wish to have a modicum of their impact on the world of fashion and beauty. But on the silver screen, the luminous Aussie is incomparable. To date, she has already won the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards for Best Actress for her turn as a Manhattan socialite who falls into poverty in Blue Jasmine.

    In the December 2004 US Vogue, Cate wore a Ralph Lauren antique ivory satin Daniele dress (photographed by Annie Leibovitz), while in this January’s issue, she wears a printed top and jewelry from Celine’s spring-summer 2014 collection (photographed by Craig McDean).

    When she received her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for 2004’s The Aviator, she wore a Venus-cut Valentino. Known for her daring and confidence, Cate wears anyone from Gaultier to McQueen to van Noten to Armani on the red carpet. All eyes will be on Cate come Oscar night, as she continues to excite with her choice of designer to wear.

    I found in my “fashion archive” a souvenir copy of the Mega Fashion Week 2004 supplement, with a Ben Farrales collection worn by then-supermodels Verns Buckley, Meki Saldaña, Tutay Maristela and Kuku Trinidad, captured on the runway on the cover. It begs the question: Where are they now?

    Angelina Jolie reportedly turned down the roles of Queen Ravenna in Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) and Dr. Ryan Stone in Gravity (2013). That’s all right with me as she got to do Maleficent, my most-anticipated film.

    It’s just fitting that this fairy-tale retelling be released this year, the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Regina George would approve.

    In Photo: Gemma Cruz, 1964 Miss International; 2014, Yvethe Santiago, Binibining Pilipinas contender and The late Grace Kelly, and Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly.

      • dex? what i like and noticed about your over zealousness with Yvethe is that you keep it clean and fun. i never read from you trashing/bashing other candidates and there’s no need, that’s how it’s done. you go boi ! 🙂

      • Coming from you, Chrome, I F-E-E-L really HONOURED and GREAT! And I really cannot comprehend when some readers accuse me of being a basher. Oh no!

        Thank you, sincerely, for your kind words. I highly appreciate it! 😉

  4. Thanks for the mention, Dex!

    I only make a comment here once in a while, but I read this great blog every single day.(thanks Norman)

    I don’t want to miss the brilliant, entertaining and mind blowing comments of the one and only Dexter Co! and i just love those photo collage!

    To the supporters of Yvethe, lets watch the coronation night on the 30th! Please support Yvethe..

  5. Sinong kikibo kung walang kikilos? Sinong kikilos kung walang kikibo? nakakabulag ang paboritismo. Fanaticism is the indictment of fair exercise. Para sa tunay at malayang pagpili ng pinakamagandang Binibining Pilipinas.

      😉 More beauty powers to Queen Yvethe Marie and Queen Kris Tiffany, my top two Queens!!! 💋

  6. Yvethe is my ultimate bet for Bbp MU 2014. I love this beauteous belle even during her pageant days in Bicol. Your astounding support and admiration to our Queen inspires me to come out (been lurking Norman’s blog for two years now). Besides, this ugly drummerboy needs some reliable facts coz he was demeaning my beloved alma mater and my Queen Yvethe.

      Obviously the troll from Negros Occidental doesn’t know anything at all. He did some research, however, he did not use logic and instead used his bad mouth to brag about the little information he gathered. When Yvethe Marie was handpicked to represent the Philippines in World Miss University four years ago, she was only 16 years old and she wasn’t even the Binibining Pamantasan (CHED) 2010 (held at UP Diliman) as she was just the second runner-up. But the local organizers still chose her because she was the one that really stood out. A clapper does not win anything but young Yvethe Marie won Best National Costume. Besides, that student pageant being held in Seoul most of the time is a pretty lost pageant. A Miss Korea won it three times not to mention that a Filipina has yet to win it. And that Yvethe Marie joined four years ago. People can change in a year’s time. What more in the span of four years?!?

  7. I did not make these commetns BTW,

    “Yvethe Rocks!!! She is the complete pkg.”
    “Yvethe ROCKS!!! Complete package 🙂 Saw Miss Venezuela pageant live and Yvethe’s really the only one in this batch than can give Migbelis a run 4 her money and win the nexus crown 4 the Philippines.”

    Nevertheless, I am happy that Queen Yvethe isn’t losing her momentum, contrary to what the trolls have predicted weeks ago. She’s intelligent. She has a game plan of her own. She will win Binibining Pilipinas-Universe.

      Obviously not you, Josh! You know I always acknowledge your presence because you are the one true person here that knows Queen Yvethe Marie up-close and personal. You see, I never knew until late that “Dexter, the Devious,” who obviously isn’t me, too, is supporting OUR QUEEN because he is a Bicolano. So how are you these days?

      • I am still trying to process the redness of your posts, Dex. LOL. I am more busy with organizing the crowd for March 30. They could not be scattered. I am amazed by your consistency, BTW.

        You are fantabulous, Josh! You might as well liaise with Gerry Diaz of Aces and Queens. He has to know the locations of the elite YMAS group during the competition. I am sure he will be more than delighted to assist you! 😉

      • There is no need for that one, Dex. We’re gonna make ourselves get noticed by the judges themselves. That’s the plan. Though, I know Gerry. He’s nice.

        All the genuine elite supporters of Queen Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago are TRULY NICE, no doubt!!!

  8. I find it funny that one girl could cause so much commotion here in this blog. Hahaha!

    Yvethe isn’t my top bet but you simply cannot just dismiss her. I wish all those bashers would see her in person. Malakas ang dating niya. Same feeling I had when I saw Venus Raj.

    Di ko rin gets kung bakit na-drag dito ang name ni Marianne? Uhhhh…..? Threatened?

    The trolls cum bashers are on 24/7 watch here at Norman’s Blog, particularly where articles concern the biggest deal in this competition and at the same time take a glimpse of the one and only Dexter Co who has touched and/or broken their hearts. LOL. Isn’t it just amazing!?! How I wish I could extend my superpowers to them so that I could turn them into better netizens. 😉

      As usual I like your clip, Jo, especially when I see movements. It’s accompanied by nice music and the voice over added extra spice to it but somehow it was wrongly edited because the world “Pilipinas” was always cut. Still… Spectacular. 😉

      • Nice to know you liked it…About the editing…yes it’s bit ‘nguwa nguwa’ or off because the background audio was taken from BB. Pilipinas 2011 official commercial, ‘2011’ is mentioned right after ‘Pilipinas’. I can improve next time 🙂

        So that voice over belonged to 2011. Now I understand. I guess you should use your own voice, next time. 😉

  10. If you’re not happy with Yvette just simply
    hit the “thumbs down”and not personally
    bash her.. If you have your own bet, go ahead.
    Yvette is not Venus.. Don’t stereo-type all
    the Bicolanos..
    She (Yvette) has her own mind.. What do
    you know about her personally? Nothing.
    Yvette is a whole package – you like it or
    She is only one of my bets, but I know
    she’s gonna stand out as one of the
    biggest threats for a crown..
    As for her makeover, Venezuelans are
    100% “retoke” and yet not many talk
    about it.
    If Yvette feels she benefits from a makeover,
    who are we to judge her? If it gives her more
    confidence and edge over her peers, why not?
    Personally, she looks gorgeous with her new look!
    I’d give it 10 out of 10. Go, Yvette!!

      10/10 would be so underrated for my Queen! 😉 😉 😉 Justice please!!! 😀 😳 😀

    • The photo left of the crown, where was that again? IMO, she looks her best there! Also one of my other favourite looks is the photo 2nd from the left in the bottom left corner where I think she was wearing a green dress.

        If I am not mistaken, it was taken during one of the A&Q activities because I saw another pic of her’s wearing exactly the same dress when she was with Hannah Mariz. She was practically wearing the least make-up at that time that’s why she looked so young. And you’re right, she was wearing that silky green mini dress on the other one taken during the second screening if I am not mistaken.

    • pwed c Yvethe gawan ng doll na pattern sa kanya yung face.. pantapat kay Barbie.

    • si venus raj din cum laude pero waley sa Q and A…. hindi ba English ang mode of instruction sa mga schools sa Bicol? and ive read on facebook yvethe was a clapper in a minor international pageant… yan palang negative na agad sa BBP. what more kung ipapadala sa MU? bobita sa inglisan, mukhang wax figure pa… ano pa ilalaban niyo sa international stage? heller…. mas magandang natural sila pia and the other girls… magmumukhang katawa tawa yang si yvethe sa foreign press. MISS SUPRANATIONAL might be a good fit for her lack of wits in communication and experience.

      • FYI..if someone is a graduate of engineering & accountancy course from Bicol University then he/she belongs to the elite one (with good wits). This two courses in BU are included in the top 10 best performing schools in the country (with high passing rate). So guard your tongue a bit when talking about YVETHE, right Dexter:) And it’s not healthy and humane to judge someone’s personality & intelligence mostly without knowing who they really are.

        Absolutely! I can’t understand why he is so upset with Jerwin who is not even a fan of Yvethe. And all the candidates spoke of their educational backgrounds during the presentation but it seems so right for the others to talk about themselves but not for Yvethe. Obviously, the guy is an “anatic” cum basher cum impostor.

      • If you don’t like her, you don’t have to be so mean. She’s a person. If she were your sister, would you like strangers to talk that way of her. C’mon, no one deserves that. If you don’t like her, keep your mouth shut.

      • Not everyone in Bicol is Venus or ate guy. I had a classmate in college who was born in raised in that region. He looked like a promdi but his English was amazingly excellent. We were always in awe everytime he spoke.

        So you never know with Yvethe. At least from the interview video , she sounded good . I hope does well when asked questions on-the-spot and under pressure.

        On a lighter note. It was Venus Raj ( not Ximena) who made national news in 2010 because of her major major Q &A performance

      • Ang harsh naman teh.Hindi porke’t galing Bicol siya hindi na marunong.Kung si Venus pagbabasehan mo eh di magaling mag English.Hindi lang nasagot yung tanong kase mahirap pero ang pagdeliver nya maganda.Oo, Supra din sa tingin ko si Yvethe pero hindi dahil sa bobita sya sa English kundi dahil sa walang energy.Nakausap mo na ba sya ng personal?Chaka ka.

      • To drummerboy, your ‘wax figure’ comment is quite accurate. I’m sure they can do something about it.

      • Bakla si MJ ba tinutukoy mo na mukhang wax figure? St sumali sa Miss ASeAN at legwak???kalowka ka may masabi ka lang!

      • Drummerboy, are you questioning the competency of schools in Bicol? Check this out…

        Take note, that is for year 2013!

        So you are back to defend Queen Yvethe Marie of the Universe, aye?!? 😉 I didn’t see you commenting for sometime. Busy?!? Just don’t mind the troll. He is a pest… Yes! A pest — Baygon lang ang katapat niya! 😆

      • why you hated Yvethe? is she a threat to your bet? lets just be positive and enjoy reading this blog..

  11. yvethe is stunning no doubt but for some reason im not crazy about her. facially i find her beauty bland, not enough spice. she’ll blend in with the latinas and caucasians and not standout. we need someone who looks distinctly asian like a miriam, janine, venus, ara, melanie, gloria, lara you know the exotic types that we all know appeals to foreign judges. i can see yvete representing us in ms world though which crowns classic beauties like her.

      For you just to admit that Queen Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago is stunning is already proof that she is the one, Markish. You’ll definitely be blessed for your honesty! Thank you!

    • Pay that person no mind Queen Kong. That jealous “crab” needs to take notes on how a successful blog operates. If anything, his/her comments would prompt curious readers to visit Mr. Norm’s blog.

    • Whoever started that thread should create his/her own blog. Let’s see how far patience and creativity will bring him/her. Running this blog is not easy at all. I have learned to take in all the criticisms with my chin up. It is impossible to please everyone because there will always be that person or two who will not react well to the niceties of others, let alone my constant pursuit of avoiding unnecessary banters that provoke or goad rather than stimulate healthy discussions.

      • You are a very classy blogger and person Norman. Hindi mo yan ka- level, please…Whoever started that thread is an idiot.

      • Tita norms, deadma sa negastars! At the end of the day, you know that you’re a better person compared to that scumbag. God bless you! 🙂

      • Read that thread and left a comment in your defense. That TS should really read an entire blog before jumping to conclusions.

        Thanks for defending our great blogger in that forum. I believe that the majority (If not all) of the members there do not believe a single thing that the troll had written. Contrary to what you have partly written, I believe that he reads everything that is written in this blog. He just happened to use this particular post because it just crushes him so much that he cannot bash my Queen and put ME down. He was that commenter that once invited all the readers here to just leave this blog and join VOY.COM. He is my number one stalker here!!! The one that thumbs down my comments repeatedly. He also does the same to all those who tend to agree with me and thumbs up (repeatedly as well) those that contradicts what I say. In fact, he gave one particular comment of yours a lot of thumbs down during Ariella’s time. He is a KF fanatic and he is the one responsible for the top positions of the KF candidates in our fan/fun poll. Just saying…

      • Hi Norman, any news yet if u r gonna be at the BP judging table this year?

        It is actually not impossible, Fabs. Norman has solid credentials to vouch for it but his blog would be at stake if he accepts such an offer just in case. And I am sure you would not want me running this blog because it would be the end of freedom for the bashers and trolls. LOL. 😉



    • sexy body? juicecolored. miss photogenic? pa check ka sa eye doctor now na. mga fans ni yvethe ang pinaka blind.

      • Not that I’m against Yvethe But I agree with you. There are more deserving candidates for the swimsuit avon photogenic PAL and other awards the other guy mentioned.
        It doesn’t mean however she is not MUP worthy.


  14. If Filipinos want to win the nexus crown this year, support Yvethe. Venezuela’s entry this year is smoking hot and in my opinion better than Gabriela! Yvethe is the only one in this batch that can stand toe to toe with Migbelis. Yvethe works it and a hottie to boot!!! The rest are clappers.

    • And why use the venezuelan bet as focal point of choosing the new mup? lets choose someone who can best represent who we are as a nation. No comparatives, pure miss philippines in heart and in mind. A true and worthy Miss Philippines.

  15. IMO, her teeth are a little odd. Her nose shouldn’t even be an issue, it looks fine and who cares if she had surgery done?

    Yvethe vs. Bianca – MY winner would be Yvethe 🙂

  16. Yvethe ROCKS!!! Complete package 🙂 Saw Miss Venezuela pageant live and Yvethe’s really the only one in this batch than can give Migbelis a run 4 her money and win the nexus crown 4 the Philippines.

      Absolutely! But some guys would prefer to be blind as they would always be in denial. I can’t imagine how on Earth could they achieve true happiness. 😆

  17. After seeing both Yvette and Bianca in their video, mas nagandahan ako kay Yvette…Im not a fan of any of these candidates at all….I dont know…something about Bianca’s upper teeth really bothers me…and Im a married man, of course my wife is still the apple of my eye…but if Im gonna choose Im gonna go for Yvette…

  18. I’m speechless…

    If we want our representative to win our 3rd MU Crown. Crown Yvethe. I am tired of getting results that Philippines is runner-up… it doesn’t make sense anymore to me.

  19. OMG half of the comments here are by Dexter Co! Prolific commenter ha ha. You surely love your Yvethe as much as I love my Mariane. This is going to be a tough battle, edge-of-your seat finale at the coronation. I can’t wait for it be over as I want get on with my life. Kidding! Well BbP won’t be exciting without the fans.

      Not anymore, Dawn. But soon it would be now that I have returned.

      You are absolutely right. The battle for the Universe would be tough so let’s wait and see if your Maryanne will shine because guaranteed, my Queen Yvethe Marie of the Universe will be glowing like the truest goddess of beauty come 30 March 2014. 😉

  20. My final vote goes to Y & K 😍.. I like how they present themselves , not gullible looking like others! Good luck ladies , keep it real! x

      I must say I like Kris fans as well, they are very vocal for their obvious love for their favourite and yet they acknowledge the fact that Yvethe Marie is a threat when it comes to beauty alone. The same goes to the genuine biancanatics. Without you guys, this blog will not be as great. TG — you guys exist! Just saying…

  21. Coronation night might turn out to be more interesting than anyone may expect esp. if none of the “favorites” gets the MUP crown. Tough fight for that crown. Regardless of who wins, I pray that we unite behind her and carry her to the MU crown. Bashing one’s own only hurts our chances. MUO is giving us “signals” they want our rep. to win. Let’s not blow it with bashing. This is our chance. This is our year. It’s time…

  22. Never mind the bashers. As expected, this is a competition, so there will always be people who will do all the crazy things just to let a candidate down.

    The first time I’ve seen Yvethe’s pictures, I was not convinced. But looking at her photos now, all I can say is ‘Wow, we are ready for the MU crown in Brazil!…”

    It should be MUP crown for her. If we are dead serious in getting the MU crown, we should send the best and I think that is Yvethe. Nakakasawa na ang top five finish every year sa MU.

    • Still let’s be thankful at least meron tayong placement kumpara dati na madalang pa sa patak ng ulan na maka-pasok ang mga candidates natin sa top 15 or 16. LOL! 🙂

      • Amen. What’s up with the people nowadays saying they’re so sick and tited of runner up placements when we aren’t even placing for almost a decade prior to Venus ending our country’s placement drought in MU? I know we all want to get the diamond nexus crown for the longest time but sometimes it’s better to count our blessings while waiting than to be BITTER just because we want more. Nuff said!

      • Dawn, nakakairita lang to be honest to read these kind of comments.This goes to show that It’s really a human nature to want something MORE. Nothing bad with it in a way but depends on how a person will channel that energy, whether in a good way or in a bad way in which can turn someone to be BITTER.

  23. she’s still my number one over-all pick for the MUP title and I’m not even her biggest fan.
    kumbaga sa draft pick sa PBA – ang pinaka the best
    sa ANTM – ang first call out lols
    Hindi ko alam kung ano ang magpapabagsak sa kanya sa finals night, unless may napupusuang iba si madam… we’ll see…

    Let the truth be told: The bashers are biancanatic impostors. I know the truest biancanatics here. Just like the elite supporters of Queen Yvethe Marie, they are educated, constructive, and above all, they are decent and will never approve bashing of any type. My 2-cent worth!!!

    • Sabi ko nga ba eh yun din pansin ko.. tsk tsk tsk.. still Yvethe & Kris!
      GO Dex!

    • This is a sweeping commentary.The truth is, I like Yvethe because am from Bicol. But it was the overbearingness and arrogance in you, yes you-Mr Co, that I tend to join the other camps to neutralize. But is there truth to allegation a couple of days ago, that marami dito trolls lang. Isang tao na higit 10 ang accounts? what is thst milking your fave bets, paid supporters? oh, cottage industry? karma has reasons of its own which even karma would not know when to come.

    Walang kadudaduda pantapat napili na
    Disyembre pa lamang pinaghahandaan na
    Ang pagdating ng tunay at wagas na Reyna.

    Tugon sa napakahabang panahon
    Apat na dekadang sadyang ibinaon
    Ngayo’y muli tayong makaka-ahon.

    Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago
    Bakit nga ba kinatatakutan ninyo
    Siya ay dalisay at totoong tao.

    Kaya sa mga bastos at mga palengkera
    Magbago na kayo hanggat maaga pa
    Baka sa inggit tuluyan kayong maloka.

    Siya lamang ang tugon sa pagnanasa ninyo
    Ang Diamond Nexus crown na pilit itinago
    Nang dahil sa kaniya ngayo’y mapapasainyo!!!


    • Salamat po sa komplimento ninyo. Hindi po ako pageant guru. Isa lamang po akong ordinaryong tao na matapang ipaglaban ang batid kong makakatulong sa matagal ng suliranin ng sambayanang Pilipino. Utang ko ang mga nalalaman at nararamdaman ko sa wagas na kagandahan ng aking kamahalan, Reyna Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago!!!

      • Dex, Balagtasan ba ang dyan ? Galing mo ! Si Sir Norman, yakang-yaka ‘yan kasi taga Bulacan 🙂


        Ang pansamantalang talino sa pakikipagbaka
        Nanggaling sa itaas, ibinahagi ng Bathala
        Panlaban sa mga lamok, mga ipis, mga daga!!!


  26. Confidence is silent, Insecurities are loud (most bashers don’t get this, they prefer to talk about noses, paraselas and make ups) Yvethe doesn’t have to try hard like most of them just to get noticed or liked. Just support your candidate and be happy of their predilections and eventual achievements. Cheers!

      • You have to complete the other gentleman’s name. I am sure you are responding to him, Fabs! 😉

      • Relax, Dexter. U don’t wanna die of a heart attack at your age hahaha

        U know Yvethe , just like Kris, is a shoe in to the top 5. It’s Bianca and Pia I’m worried abt… opinions abt them are very polarizing.

    • I thought it was u. Dexter Co. He sure sounded like u. I guess he’s one of your clones.

      U r a Kick-ass now (i’m su you have seen the movie)


      • A clone? Oh my Heffalump….!@&*#%!… I’m just another massive fan of Yvethe. (Taga Bicol baya) Cheerio!

  27. Yvethe is not my bet….parang walang spark, pero pagdating naman sa academic records at CPA pa, hay na lang, siya na……

    • Sometimes I think nalalamon cya ng ibang candidates pag sa group picture, the beauty is there, mala Megan lang naman na walang pinipiling angulo ang mukha but seems like she’s not that hungry for the crown. Just my 2 cents.

    • hindi naman porket nag UP LOS BANOS BS CHEMISTRY eh magaling sa comms… itaga mo yan sa bato. learn from history.

      • and btw other girls graduated with honors but they were too humble to publicize it… mas maganda track record nila. yvethe has nothing else in the bag kaya yang pagiging CPA niya (i wonder if she’s ever worked) ang bukambibig. yan lang naman. wala na siyang ibang maipaproud.. aside from winning best in national costume sa isang pipitsuging foreign pageant.

  28. Girls! Kalma! Wag tayo pakasiguro kung sino ang kokoranahang MUP! Si Ara Arida ay hindi sumagi sa isip ng karamihan kung hindi man ng lahat ng readers ng blog na to na sya ang magwawagi! Meron at meron isang surprise winner dyan come finals night, ngayon pa lng may napupusuan na si madam na 2 o tatlong pagpipilian nya sa finals. Malay nyo, isa kina Janine Asanion, Joy Diaz, Hannah Ruth Sison, Vanessa Saliba, Eds Agustin ang napupusuan ni madam at umariba din sa finals with great pasarela and winning answer at sya ang tanghaling Miss Universe Philippines!

  29. Yvette is definitely one of the most beautiful girls in this batch without a doubt. Beauty wise, she’s definitely a top caliber. She’s very Miss Universe material…

    As much as I want her to win Miss Universe title, I don’t think it would be the best choice or smartest.

    IF and when she gets sent out to Miss U, her old photos before her N-Job will surface and ALOT of people will HATE her… They will bash her to death…. And people will start stereotyping Philippine girls as “retokadas”…

    And IF she does win Miss Universe, she will be BOMBARDED with lots of hate and bashing from people all over the world… She will be the poster child for “Fake Pageant Beauty”.

    So with that said… She’s still one of my favorites…. I’m just worried that she’ll be bashed by alot of people all over the world and dubbing Philippine girls as “retokadas”

    • As if the latina contestants specially Venezuelans don’t go under the knife? As if other beauty contestants don’t go under the knife? Yvethe isn’t the only one who had nose job, it’s just that she’s one of the frontrunners right now that’s why she’s getting the flak from her haters. Parul also had some procedures done. Same with MJ, Oh and our current reigning Miss International, Bea Santiago obviously also had something done on her face, and look what happened.

      I don’t understand what to worry about, seriously.

      • I couldn’t agree more Sheena. It’s a non-issue. Even with natural beauties, we will always get bashed. It comes with the territory as the Philippines is a newly awakened power pageant powerhouse. Take everything with a grain of salt. Mamatay na lang sila sa inggit pag nasa atin na ang korona.

      • O sino ang sososyo? Magpatayo na tayo ng bagong libingan dahil dito palang sa Pilipinas marami ng pagkakaperahan! 😆 JOKE!!! 😆

    • Almost everything about beauty pageant is fake. Fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake nose, fake tan, make- up, veeners, etc…I’m sure more than 50% ng contestants sa Miss Universe or any beauty pageants for that matter meron pina- gawa.
      Bakit ang Venezuela okay lang sa kanila? Mas open ang pag- iisip ng mga tao dito. At the end of the day Venezuela pa din ang merong nai- uwing crown kahit na sabihing retokada ang mga representatives/ candidates nila.

  30. Walang energy.Parang Jennifer Barrientos lang.Parampahin mo siya kasama ni Parul, MJ at Bianca.Naku nawawala si ineng.Pang Supra talaga si Yvethe o 1st runer up.Kung nasa 90’s o early 2000’s pa tayo mananalo yan ng MUP kung saan pinipili mahinhin at sweet, eh anong petsa na mga ateng?

  31. Dear Norman and fellow missosologists,

    HOW would you react & feel if Yvethe fails to win a Biniibini crown or even unsuccessful in reaching the TOP-5?!!?

    • well there’s always 2015-2019 to look forward to. She’s still young and has a lot in store dfor her in the future 🙂

      • Which is likely … pressure + self-doubt = disastrous Q&A. Charmaine Elima 2.0. Fans favorite from day one, both cum laude, both young at 20. Regal, gorgeous, and photogenic. Yvethe’s ace is A&Q which must have given her tips on how to handle pressure and answer with confidence.

      • Dawn, Yvethe is no Elima. While Elima may be more beautiful than the majority of the Filipinos, I didn’t see anything special about her during BP 2013. She had a nice body and all. But there was something lacking .

        I knew Elima was not gonna make top 5 … With or without a decent Q&A performance .

      • Fabian, Charmaine lacked confidence during the coronation. She must have caved in to pressure and her performance suffered because she tried too hard to deliver, unable to enjoy the moment. She got lost in the middle of the hoopla in my opinion.

      • What about her physical features, you think they can win international attention? I don’t think so.
        That’s why she was never on my list last year

  32. Great stage presence – you can easily separate her from the crowd. Her body needs a lot of work …and that’s not impossible to do.
    However , I’m conflicted about her because of her face . Is there something u can do to make her face look ‘less plastic’?

    • That is also my concern from Yvette. No doubt that she has a stunning face, always a camera ready. I like her along with Bianca and Ja and I wouldnt mind at all if she is crowned MUP. But there’s something about the heavy make up that do not work for me. I couldn’t see and feel the sincerety because its all hidden by the make up. Her look during q&a preentation when she was wearing a long gown was the best for me. She looks young, sweet and regal.

  33. Yvethe is a perfect candidate to send to any prestigious pageants, be it MU, MI, MS, MW. She’s got the goods – great physique, height, doll-like face, the brains, and the will. She takes amazing photographs. Problem is she is a human Barbie. Who wants a Barbie doll for a queen? I don’t.

    So please Yvethe, loosen up. The makeup is impeccable and the styling is always spot on. But I will surely want to see you with less makeup (MU wants its candidates to appear with less makeup before the judges) at least during personal appearances. Show us another side of you. The sweet and regal demeanor tends to make you seem like a one-trick pony. Like Kris Janson, you need to display your greatest asset – your personality.

    Consistency isn’t bad. But it doesn’t mean you to have to be bland and one-dimensional. You’ve got A&Q and your fans (most especially Dexter Co) backing you up. I’m rooting for you and I’d be happy if you win MUP.

    • Wow, I wish I had read this before I posted my question. Dawn, we are on the same page here .

    • Thank you, Dawn. And with due respect, Gerry Diaz, since you are the great man behind the Queen of the Universe, please, please work on it immediately. I am sure that our dearest Yvethe Marie could easily deliver just like in a flick of a finger. Cheers!

  34. Yvethe is definitely the one to beat for the Miss Universe Philippines crown. No other crown will do. In my opinion, it is Universe or nothing.

    Respectfully and respectively, Kris Tiffany, Parul and Pia are all Universe & International worthy.

    That 5th spot has been narrowed to Vessica (with a runway model and magazine cover look) and Aiza (very regal looking and speaks Portuguese).

    Note: All mentioned are my picks to contend for the Miss Universe – Philippines crown with Yvethe the best bet. However, I would be satisfied and not surprised to see if one of the others is crowned Universe-Philiplines.

    @Mr. Dex, I’m a little curious but why has Pia been eliminated from your exclusive short list?

      • Lol…I stand corrected Sheena! Thank you. It’s tough to remember who is who when one is observing many beautiful women!

      • Napakamot ulo tuloy ako kanina while reading comments and I thought nagkamali lang ako ng basa. and oh yes I know what you mean! Sakit sa ulo ang batch this year but in a good way — too many beautiful women!

  35. She looks like a man on the second photo. Don’t get me wrong, she’s in my top 5. It’s just that there’s something about her nose that I find distracting. If she had Jennifer Hawkin’s nose, I’d root for her all the way to Fortaleza.

    • In as much as I want to hate you for what you have said, I can’t. Not because you are telling the truth. BUT you are also created by the same God that created Queen Yvethe Marie. Enough said. We do not need your sympathy. 😎

    • Filipinos are obsessed with their noses. Yvethe’s doesn’t bother me at all. Whatever she has done, it looks great on her and has made her looked even more sophisticated. The nose should be a non-issue, in my opinion. Now let’s go back to the makeup… 🙂

      • Isn’t every egotistical human being obsessed with their noses? Don’t single out Filipinos. The Jews and even a lot of Caucasianss
        Have had a nose job.

      • My wife has had a nose job. And to this date, her friends and family have been trashing her about it (:

  36. Shes pretty. But I have a hunch she wont get Shugart’s nod which would matter a lot, in the final selection. Good luck to her though.

    Wow. Exceptionally beautiful! She is definitely alone in her competition. She is always looking great every single moment of the day. And considering Gerry Diaz’ support [ it’s actually the whole of A&Q 😉 ] Queen Yvethe will be looked after throughout her journey until her return to the Philippines after being crowned Miss Universe 2014 in Fortaleza, Brasil.

    • I wish I had the same opinion but …. No. Look around . You’ll see equally deserving contestants.

      • Of course I have already looked around. In fact, I’ve already put all the candidates images upside down; changed the colours to black and white and even sepia… sorry to say but Queen Yvethe Marie of the Universe still remains the most stunning. Cheers!

      • Whoever did those are just lying to themselves and are so madly envious of my presence!!! LOL. 😉 😉 😉 Can’t blame him/them, I am THE DEXTER CO. 😆

      • I guess Emperor Dextoe, we have hit an impenetrable wall there.
        So be it.
        Good luck on your predictions:)

      • Just to let you know, Dexter. I won’t mind if Yvethe wins MUP. I’m sure they will find a way to ‘freshen up’ and ‘naturalize’ her look

      • Hail this year’s Queen of the Universe, Miss Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago of Daraga, Albay, the Beautiful Seven Thousand One Hundred Seven Islands of the Philippines! IKAW NA (AT WALA NG IBA PA)!!!

    • damn! she’s so perfect Dex.. Yvethe, why are you so perfectly beautiful?

      Dex, im just curious.. why Bianca is not included in your top 4?
      Ive noticed most of Bianca’s supporters are Yvethe’s bashers. Are they really “magkaribal” for MU? What do you think..
      Anyway, Im for Kris Janson MI of courseYvethe MU. I like also Emma, Ja & Aiza.

      • Pretty simple, YS. Just like Queen Yvethe Marie, Mary Anne Bianca only joined for MUP title and not the other titles available. There’s no reason for me to put her to my exclusive shortlist but she is definitely a strong contender for MUP. Just saying…

  38. Btw, her fine thin bod, beautiful face and projection remind me of Shamcey … simply lovely ♥♥♥ 🙂

  39. If only Bianca isn’t in the running this year, she is my top bet for MUP 2014 (sorry Dex lol). She’s only 20 and she could use a year or two to rejoin again. I want her to succeed Bianca if ever she isn’t crowned this year (I only want her for the MUP title nothing less). Again I love this girl, but, Bianca is going to or should be MUP 2014. Dex, love ya but I luv Bianca more lol mwaaaaaah ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • If you really love your queen, why don’t you collect all her pics only from the time A&Q presented them during a mock-up pageant until JAG and see if she could… well, the images could certainly do the talking, you know?!? 😉

      • I’m not that obsessed to go that extent Dex but thanks for the suggestion though peace out 🙂 I’m just going to cast my vote on the online poll between work breaks just to throw my support on Bianca well and Yvethe because I love her too 🙂

      • Oh molly guacamole, Jen. You are the obsessed one. 😉 I only voted for my top ten one vote each when the poll was opened. If I wanted to vote crazy I can put Yvethe to #1 but I do not want her to be #1 for fun. LOL 😆

      • @Dex
        It is not all the images that matters only..remember Ara’s case?her pictures are hit and miss but then she won MUP and eventually 3rd RU in MU..as what Sir Norms said Ara is lot more beautiful in person..so its not all about pictures but it is in the eye of the judges that is..

      • Agree with you completely, Amy. Unfortunately, I was not here yet last year and knowing me I could have predicted her win. LOL. 😆 Have you read/heard my theory already?!? You seem to be new here. Welcome to my garden, the greatest Norman’s Blog! 😉

      • We’ll see come 30 March. Don’t worry, Jen. I would be receiving your congratulatory greetings warmly. And I’ll wish your queen the very, very best for Miss World 2014. 😉 REMEMBER: Miss World is in reality the most prestigious crown. Queen Yvethe Marie is only competing for the Philippines’ GUARANTEED Diamond Nexus crown this year. #ForthePhilippines!!!

      • But my Mariane is not running for Miss Photogenic award… she is aiming for MUP 2014! If judges will select the winner based on photos alone, surely there will be others who will sprint ahead of her. But unfortunately, a picture alone does not make a beauty queen. 🙂

      • Guess what, Dawn? Whilst I was reading what you have written, I was imagining that you were talking to me in person and I just laughed out loud at your facial expression whilst delivering your lines. Come on, Dawn. 😆 😉

      • I am a regular reader of this blog but seldom made comments.. Yes I did read it and thank you Dex..

      • And loosen up, my dear Jenny. Please stop saying that she is still young. In fact it’s her youth that will give us the third crown. It is this year or never!!! 😉 😉 😉

      • Ohmollyguacamole! I missed using that term but used to spell it “okidoki.” 😳

      • For me, it’s not just all about her Portuguese speaking skills but more of performance, drive, attitude/personality, ability to learn quick/willingness to learn, plus of course, beauty + height. Sorry but for me MU rep should be at least 5’8 (better if 5’9!)

      • Well, that’s what I think also, Chiffon. It’s an advantage that she can speak portuguese but hmmm theres something in her that is ——– I don’t wanna say negative, its bashing.

      • Please do not downplay this advantage. Being able to speak Portuguese is an asset and will benefit us all…A Filipina candidate who speaks Portuguese fluently could win over lots of locals and press in Brazil. Brazilians will go berserk and crazy over her. Bianca has the wit, personality and classic Espanol Pinay beauty.

  40. If bianca wins MUP, i hope yvethe gets the first ru spot. She will be wasted in international, supra, or worse tourism. She should represent us in universe in the next few yrs. Not this year though since it has to be bianca.

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