11 comments on “Sunday Specials: Underlying or Overwhelmed?

  1. Dexter Co is just like any ordinary follower of this blog. Another one who is entitled to his opinion. Don’t take everything he says as gospel truth. So peeps, dudes don’t fret over his opinion. Besides he doesn’t even have a blog of his own. What we read are all his posts in the comment portion. He is nothing less than an opinionated follower of this blog. Nothing more.

    • If you didn’t use the word “opinionated,” you’ll probably be receiving a zillion of thumbs down. Well, true or not, whatever I write can really affect a lot of readers here epecially those with one-track minds. But if you actually read what they have been writing, they are worse because they even find a way to bash. I caanot blame anyone of them, they all have become my followers. LOL. 😆 And besides, THE TRUTH REALLY HURTS!!! Cheers, whoever you are. 😉

  2. Out of 3 of them, only Sheena has the potential to shine in International pageants.

    On a side note, I’m so disappointed with Joy’s performance. Her walk is a disaster, same with Shauna. Considering that she had a prior pageant experience in America, her walk was SO amateurish. Ainjely on the other hand is okay. The bikini style she wore flattered her body type, making her look bustier, hence making her look not so thin.

    As for Sheena, she still has a lot of homework to do. Time is still on her side so it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t win this year if ever.

  3. Of the three, Hannah Sheena has the strongest presence during the Sofitel event. Mary Ainjely got my attention during A&Q presentation but somehow she just faded. Yes, Joy Antonette is very beautiful in person and obiously a very educated one but she just doesn’t have the spark. Good luck to the three of them.

  4. How about the candidates who are considered as dark horses like ja flores and laura lehman regarding their performances as of the moment. Thanks.

  5. Im just wondering why di na publish ang comment ko para kay Dexter. I wasn’t attacking him naman. Mas malala pa nga comments ng iba dyanI’m to Norms.

  6. had to post that comment again Mr. Norman. Di kasi na publish that comment sa earlier post about Bianca.

  7. Who is this Dexter Co and why is he 100% sure that ONLY his Yvethe can bring honor to our country?

    It’s like he’s saying that if they crown any other girl but Yvethe, our sash is doomed.

    Overconfident, bro?

    • It is not over confidence. I simply want the third crown for the Philippines. What I have written on the other post is what I believe in. If you follow everything I have written in the past few weeks, I am actually open for others like Laura Lehmann to win the top plum. And I have also said more than once that if Mary Anne Bianca is only 20, I would be rooting for her nd Yvethe. I rest my case.

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