18 comments on “Sunday Specials: Overeasy or Sunny Side Up?

  1. Ja Flores & Hannah Sison ❤

    Dela Guerra should come back next year with a better body & better styling. May baby fats pa siya.

  2. I like Eggs Benedict but my ideal recipe starts with a perfectly poached egg…. Add a slice of aged majestic ham on top of a toasted sour dough or pretzel bun, drizzle with freshly made hollandaise sauce, sprinkled with minced chives, chopped cilantro, diced pimiento, toasted garlic and a twist of lemon… yummmmm… I could create many different versions of this same dish but it wouldn’t look as good if the yolk is undercooked or broken from the start.

    Same with my Binibinis, I preffer them simple but has the potentials of being great.. We could add the rest of the ingredients later on…

  3. I am not counting out on Julian Aurine just yet. I know she can still surprise and amaze.

    As for eggs or breakfast, I prefer sunny side up. It’s good for toasts. But if I have time, I prefer doing omelette with cheese and mushrooms. LOL.

  4. Jaja and the rest of the girls you have featured here are silent killers. (Sorry I am not fond of eggs. It has some smell that makes me vomit.) They have their own strategies. I can feel that Jaja is like Ara. Once her name is called as semifinalist, expect her to zoom up to top 5. She has the best pasarela in this group. Try to watch the video again and watch the way she walked. She was like walking in midair. No exaggeration required. Just confidence.

    • I agree! Ja moves with class and elegance. She looks expensive. Her face is truly beautiful with or without make up. But I think she has a tendency to crack under pressure. She should really work on how to handle her nervousness.

  5. bud? she already has the height, a killer figure, a humble beauty and if her make-up can only be enhanced like Venus, Kenneth Santiago will bring home Philippines’ third Miss U crown. Can she still join 2016 or 2018 or she’s already overage by that time? Noticed i skipped 2015 and that is reserved for my queen, you know who:-)

  6. Its nice to know that Jaja and dela Guerra are enjoying the competition. They are my expected ladies who will figure prominently in the pageant. Their faces are refreshin. Asido is pretty and so is Tiokani. Ruth Sison is a friend’s teacher and he said she is charismatic in person. I guess she must just adjust as a kabogera. But I like her too. As for Christine Tia, I can see her winning Mutya ng Pilipinas. Mr Norman, pls feature the less promoted girls, e.g, Saliba, Riva, Leona, and the rest in the coterie of those needing your assessment. A zephyr of a gem may just need a lil boost for full radiance. Good morning Pilipinas!

  7. Fine then! , my love for you is a like a diarrhea, I can’t hold it in. runny enuff?? 🙂

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