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  1. Something is not right in the order of candidates. From the group pic you can see that #25 is obviously too short to be in the 20s. Likewise, #30, #34 and #35 are too tall to be in the 30s.

  2. i still believe hannah ruth sison will get a change a place in 15 finalist and advance in top 5 and win a crown

    just my opinin πŸ™‚

  3. Just by staring these ladies at the topmost picture, I easily recognized (L-R) Hope I got them right! πŸ™‚
    Red: Bianca, Nichole, Eds, MJ.
    White: Hannah (2nd) Joy Marie (5th)
    Blue: Angelique (1st) Yvethe (5th)
    Purple: Kim (1st) Kris (3rd) Laura (5th)
    Yellow: Pia (3rd)

  4. This is just the start, and there could be unexpected changes and unforeseen upset in the grand coronation night.

    Just my two cents:

    We already know the front runners.

    The question is: Who among them has that “spark” that will win the heart of the Universe?

    1. Guidotti – She looks smart and strong. But I guess she will just blend in the sea of faces in the Miss Universe.

    2. Janson – I am not buying her smile. It looks “pilit”. She needs to improve more her poses.

    3. Pia – For weird reasons, I don’t think she will represent Philippines in Miss U. Her web interview is weak (which could have been a walk in the park for her). I don’t like her walk (kumpara kay AIza na sinundan niya sa Press presentation). Nonetheless, I believe she will win one of the crowns.

    (I prefer any of these three to represent us in the Miss International.)

    (For Miss Universe)

    What Venus, Shamcey, Janine and Ariella have in common is that, they all embody that unique Filipina beauty, something that screams in silence, something that will stand out from the ordinary.

    And I “guess” the following exude such aura:

    1. Santiago, Yvethe
    2. Lastimosa
    3. Ramos
    4. Shah
    5. Sison
    6. Gangan

    (They just need to battle it out in the Q and A.)


    (For the two remaining crowns)

    1. Suiza
    2. Manalo
    3. Faeldonia
    4. Arevalo
    5. Diaz
    6. Flores

    Again, this is just me.

  5. it’s really hard to tell, this weekend lang bidang bida si Lehman. ngayon – no mention na.

    enter Kris Tifanny.. ang haba pa ng laban. hay..

  6. Unang una, di po ako beauty pageant guru (disclaimer agad agad..)

    I think this time yong ipapadala natin sa brazil eh di lang yong maganda. dapat kabogera talaga sa pag rampa (kasi let’s face it, kahit ano kaganda ng rep natin kung mukhang pupunta lang sa western union at magpapadaa ng pera ang peg ng catwalk, eh di na makakapasok ng EG yon malamang.) kailangan maganda ang hubog ng katawan (yong ok sa mata). kailangan matalino (matatalinonaman pinapadala natin, infairness). and that being said, kailangan mahusay sa english. yong kahit anong tanong eh kayang sagutin. sharp at fluent (na!)…. mahirap na tayong “dayain” pag ganon kasi clear na clear na ang patunay)

    I couldn’t and wouldn’t say na Guidotti is the prettiest kasi parang hindi naman. pero i like her. i want her to represent us in brazil. at first ayaw ko sa kanya pero ngayon, super tiwala ako sa kanya.

    tas tong Janson na to ginugulo lang ang lahat. haha ayaw ko sya manalo pero sa tuwing nakikita ko sya, wala, namamangha pa din ako. ano kaya yon…

    sorry guys ha, pero parang ayaw ko kay Yvethe talaga. isn’t she too skinny? kung fan kayo ni girl, pakisabihan din sya na medyo wag heavy ang make up.. may pic syang naka red gown at ang fresh fresh nya don.. mas gusto ko sya pag ganong aura… pero sana wag na muna sya sa MU. pero kung sya talaga papalarin, power voting pa din ako (gaya nong kay ara)

  7. Sir Norms, you said that this year’s fight will be one of the toughest – if not the toughest – in the history of Bb. Pilipinas. Is it bettter than Bb. Pilipinas Gold or just as par?

    • alam mo yong may bet kana at sure na sure kana sa bet mo, tas may isang candidate na mukhang kakabugin bet mo. and whether you admit or not, talagang may ibubuga naman. so you sort of hate her pero deep inside love love love mo naman talaga?

      Guidotti for MU! pero Kris, why so perfect? nakakainis ka at ginugulo mo ang isipan ko. decided na ako kay Bianca pero eto ka, ginugulo mo ako.

      Sana pwede dalawa ipadala natin for MU. Torn between two lovers ang peg. or mas bagay ang, “sana dalawa ang puso ko.”

    • This is exactly how i envisioned kris tiffany would look like.. Im glad they did something with the noseline.. Big hair really suits her.. Shes 98% battle ready. The 2% is her ‘megan young thigh’. Im sure in time for march 30, shes 100% sculpted for the competition.. I couldnt take my eyes on bianca and kris.. Bianca with the whole package, while kris face makes you forget about the rest of the contestants. Normans right. This batch is a whole lot better than bb pilipinas gold for the very reason that the front runners of this batch are highly eloquent and spontaneous. The whole world will be watching us on march 30th.. And they will be trembling with fear right after we crown the new queens..

  8. 7/8, Norman! You practically matched the favourites of the press yesterday during the Sofitel Presentation. But I am sure the press is composed of “some people” with eyes for beauty and fact is you are JUST ONE. You have proven again your true worth as a beauty expert. πŸ˜‰

    Parul Shah, Kris Tiffany Jansen, Diana Arevalo, Joy Marie Gangan, Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti, Mary Jean Lastimoza, Pia Wutzbach and Yvethe Marie Santiago.

    Yvethe Marie Avisado and her Court

    Who will make it to the Magic Circle of Five? I bet you already know. πŸ™‚

    • From these 8 ladies, who do you think will make it to Magic Circle of Five? πŸ™‚

      Ako nahihirapan… LOL walang patapon. Magkakatalo lang talaga sila sa QnA na haha! From these 8, I will drop Diana… bothered lang ako sa smile ni Kris… and I am torn between Parul and MJ.

      • Hmmm… It’s daytime so I cannot refer your query to the stars. Wild guess — the four queens are amongst the bevy of eight favourites. πŸ˜‰

      • Ahhh so mahina ang radar pag daytime. Hehe. Love that! I think so… sa walong yan maglalaro ang apat na aces… unless someone from the not mentioned eh gagana ang kapit.

      • I’m also bothered with Kris’ smile. And kulang sa energy. Konting push pa! As for her body, her build is quite on the athletic side but toning shouldn’t be a problem. Kailangan lang ng pak na pak na confidence level ni ateh!

      • Agree… bothered lang talaga ako sa smile nya. Parang laging pilit. She’s great! Yun lang ang di ko gusto sa kanya, smile smile smile.

      • Hmmm I’ve seen some of her pics during Ms Cebu. Tama ka, dapat ganun siya ngumiti. Will see during the finals night baka mag-iba pa. That smile should come from within. Para kasing laging pilit smile nya. 😦


  10. bud? we almost have the same 6 just replace Pia with Parul. and based on the pics i’ve seen all over the world πŸ™‚ Kris MJ Parul hit a homerun, but Bianca Yvethe Emma Diana Pia came very very close.

    Bud? Is it true that MJ is Osmel’s favorite to win MUP? and whoever wins for MUP will be trained in Venezuela like Quiambo did? and from head to toe MUP will be decked out by Osmel? if this is all true, are they really looking for a Filipina to mold and represent Venezuela in MU2014 and that Migbelis is actually representing Philippines? hmmm smells sumthin fishy πŸ™‚

    Stay tune for more exciting news.
    This is Chrome reporting for FOX News. πŸ™‚

    Live! from Araneta Coliseum, Miss Philippines 2014 !

    • I don’t think training in Venezuela is such a good idea for many reasons. For one, the political situation there is not the most peaceful at the moment. And two, international competition is at its toughest right now. Osmel wouldn’t want to share his deepest trade secrets to our delegate. Just my opinion. πŸ˜‰

    • Yes…. I confirm (LOL) MJ Lastimosa ang pika fav ni Ginoong Osmel… Kaya nga ang presence ni Bb. Molly as a judge need to be watch out dahil for sure she be favor to MJ too….

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