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  1. Re: Web Interviews
    I just find it unforgivable on what I read on this blog, I guess most of the bloggers OVER analyzed the said interviews of the aspirants, this is not a web interview that this aspirants will be sending to Harvard university or any ivy league university for acceptance as freshman, loosen up guys and gals, nararamdaman ko na parating na ang “blog debate” and with this “chapteran” norman’s blog will soar high again as the most visited blog site all over the world.

    • I feel your rebuttal Ms. Lavinia. And yes, they aren’t Ivy League applicants.

      It’s tough not to be cynical when a question like “What does beauty mean to you?” is asked to a beautiful “pagaent” contestant, who invests “years” in preparing and developing their external features and physiques.

      THEN, their response is, “beauty is from within…etc etc”

      C’mon now… Perhaps the pagaent organizers are as much to blame for not giving the contestants enough credit to think that they possibly may have the intelligence to enter Harvard or Yale.

      • Dapat kasi isang tanong lang nang sa gayon masukat ang tunay na kaalaman ng bawat isa at kailangan ay tanong na makabuluhan.

      • @Four n more
        I do get your point, so ok na sana ang sagot ng aspirant kung makatotohanan at praktikal ang atake sa tanong, hindi pasikat at paandar….. Oo nga naman, turn off kung halatang ek ang response.

      • Thank you Ms. Lavinia.

        My concern is, these young ladies are professionals, college grads, nurses, communication majors, media personalities and so forth. Apparently they are intelligent individuals. To ask these BB candidate to “flip their hair in a sexy way” or “act out winning a beauty pageant” is insulting their intelligence and fueling the stereotype of beautiful ladies being bimbos. We know that is not the case for a majority of these ladies.

  2. Good luck Binibinis! The actual competition begins, rise and time to shine!

  3. Woo-hoo! The pressure builds for the fascinating 40. Approximately five weeks until coronation night? It’ll go by quickly. Go on ladies!

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