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  1. According to some reliable sources, Madam Stella has reserved the top 2 places. The other 38 girls are only competing for Tourism and Supra.

  2. TO ALL THE BIANCA FANS OUT THERE, She prefers to be called Mariane ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mas sanay kase siya na Mariane (short for Mary Anne), so di niya masyado napapansin yung mga tumatawag sa kanya na Bianca.

    What I like about Mariane is her ‘fighter’ attitude. Plus, she takes criticisms very well. Malakas ang aura, she’s a chameleon, has good pasarela, kudaera. Advice ko lang sa kanya, practice how to smile naturally. Medyo OA na kase smile niya. She needs to fix her teeth din. She’s already tall na, so wag sobra-sobra kung lumiyad. Aside from that, she’s good to go.

    I am also head over heels for Kris Janson. But why giver her…that bikini. It doesn’t look good, yung bra niya. Parang masyadong malaki.

    My faves are Mariane, Kris, Pia, Yvethe, Diana, Parul, Laura, Liezel, and Hannah ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Noticed the weird padding pa ng bra ni Kris. Di yata naayos maigi before nya nasuot, halatang halata (right boob, square shaped ba naman?) Pero what I find really off is her bikini bottom. Ang liit para sa kanya ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. Mario Dumaual can spot a beauty from a mile and so he saved the best for last when he screamed “at ang Bicolanang si Yvethe Santiago!” Got it! โค







  5. As of last night, the following candidates have been “indirectly selected” by ABS-CBN as favourites for the crowns:

    Parul Shah, Kris Tiffany Jansen, Diana Arevalo, Joy Marie Gangan, Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti, Mary Jean Lastimoza, Pia Wutzbach and Yvethe Marie Santiago.

    Do they deserve the special mentions made by Mario Dumaual?!?

    Yvethe Marie Avisado and her Court

    Let’s observe how they progress until the coronation night. Will four of them succeed and get crowned? WATCH OUT!!!

  6. My Top 12 for this round:

    Bianca – She’s got the moves!.. I just hope that she could further improve her shap eto something more hourglass.
    Emma- Nice posing.. I really think there are times that she copies Julian.
    Parul- Her walk is unique as well as her shape.
    Julian – I love her every move.. reminds me a bit of Mutya Datul at Supra. I just don’t like the shape of her bikini top.
    Angelique- Her shape and abs are just wow.
    Yvethe- She looks gangly but her moves are very well calculated.
    Aiza- She’s got the goods but needs further improvement on her movements.
    Kenneth- Nice abs.. I wish some of her camp sisters looked the same..
    Laura – Good job on the walk but still a bit awkward on the pose. Her styling is always a hit for me.
    Pia- Her body has great potentials… If she gets more lean then she’ll fit into those bikinis nicely.
    Hannah S. – Boring at times but she looked nice.
    Joy G. -She moved great but I know she can do better. Her bone structure for me is flawless but her proportions can be further improved through the right work out.

  7. That Mariane twirl is the cherry on top of the ice cream (not chocolate flavor please lang) but truly Binibini 22 owned that stage. Like what Sheena said its a great catwalk with a capital G. Now if we can only do something about that hair and the makeup. Mariane indeed is slaying the competition and for a pageant newbie she’s giving veterans nightmares. Personality – check. Communication skills – perfect. Beauty – universal.?Elegance – inborn. Poise – working on it. Body – a gym rat. She is confidently beautiful. She is MUP 2014!

    Nope I’m not selling her hard and I’m not expecting you to buy it either. Move on and focus on your bet so she won’t have nightmares. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mrs. Coleman, don’t get me started with the girls’ makeups! Seems like most girls were sabotaged in this department but I just focused on their stance, pasarela and energy while watching the videos. And face palm on the attempted so-called ABS CONTOURING.. But, while the makeup isn’t that great, it didn’t stop some of the girls from working on their pasarelas and I’d say was compensated somehow. PAK! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Is it by David’s Salon? The makeup really looked amateurish when the girls were under the sun. Does BbP have an in-house stylist? The swimsuits for the most part are ok except those tiny bikinis worn by some and the fringe top is so Dancing with the Stars! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I think so. And yeah the makeup looks really harsh under the sun BUT the thing is, the girls are preparing for the press presentation on stage and stage makeup is thicker so I sort of understand this part, but nonetheless the makeup in general is BLAH.

        the fringe parts of the bikinis actually reminds me of figure skating LOL

  8. To the blog’s author Norman:

    Are you planning to enter the contest BPCI is holding for bloggers? You might win a chance to interview the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 winners, you should enter as your blog surely has a chance to win in the contest.

  9. Okay eto na nakakita na ako videos, still waiting for the other half tho:

    Bianca – liyad at twirl queen. Parang ako ang natatakot para sa kanya na mabali ang spinal column nya LOL. But catwalk is GREAT with a capital G!
    Pia – strong stage presence, if not for the small bikini bottom I think she could’ve done more with her pasarela. I was expecting more.
    Emma – May future ang batang to. But I don’t know if Madam will give her a crown because of her age.
    Racquel – medyo kuba rumampa ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Why oh why?!?! Own the stage! You’re a beautiful Asian glamazona, I hope this girl can work on her pasarela (Paging tito JDV hope you can read this)
    Kenneth – strong stage presence for a first timer. Still has a lot of room for improvement but her walk is definitely much better than Joy Diaz.
    Nichole – Ija, nagmamadali ka rumampa. Hinay lang.
    Ja – Moves like a pro! Pak na pak
    Parul – She needs to tone her buttocks and thighs. She looks quite big IMO. Saving grace is her toned midsection.
    Laura – She IS the girl to watch out for. Nice pasarela. She’s thin but you can see the definition of her waist ๐Ÿ˜‰ pasok sa banga ang batang to!
    Kim – malayuan palang alam mo nang cya because of her long neck ๐Ÿ˜› Her moves and aura are more of for MI.
    Zahara – Dark horse. love her pasarela
    Diana – LOVE the energy on stage
    Kris – medyo nakukulangan ako sa energy ng pasarela. And yeah maybe it’s also because of her small bikini bottom too that’s why she’s covering half of her body using the sarong most of the time.
    Aiza – agaw pansin ang paghampas ng sarong. LOL. She didn’t disappoint IMO but she still can improve.

    • P.s.
      Nice try to the make up artists on TRYING to put bronzer/body makeup on some girls to make them look like they have abs. Sobrang obvious! Magpaturo kayo sa mga makeup artists ng Bench fashion show on how to do it properly.

    • Hi Sheena, nagwoworry ako sa katawan ni pia wurtzbach kasi ang flat ng pwet nya pag sideprofile and pang kontesera lang ang rampa nya…im sure paghahandaan pa nya ang finale.Si Atenista girl Guidotti..miles ang ginanda…di ko to bet nung prelim kasi parang so so lang ang beauty until lumabas na swimsuit nya sa presentation.grabe ang katawan.

      Ma Norman, after I watched news sa TV Patrol, parang gusto ko umuwi sa pinas to see gabriel isler…as judge this year…and pasabog daw ang question and answer portion this year… very controversial..parang nkakaamoy ako ng reality show tapos tatanungin who among their fellow candidates di worth bigyan ng place at bakit…

      • Neil, Hindi ka nagiisa sa gustong umuwi, pero parang mas excited ako kay Emin kaysa kay Molly. LOL. #landimuch

        Pia I think is sot of restricted with her pasarela kasi yung bikini bottom niya medyo maliit for her butt. Si Kris ganun rin. Saw a full vid of contestants 1-10 and apparently hindi lang pala silang dalawa ang may problema sa bikini bottom, pati si Joy Diaz and Shauna rin, I think parang nagka wedgie nga yata sila :\ Sana pwede sila mag mix ng size for the bikini. Feeling ko dyan nadali yung iba e. Si Marian liyad kung liyad nung intro, at ang signature twirl ni Ara ginagaya nya ata, but nonetheless so far cya ang pinakagusto kong pasarela so far. I have yet to see the other half nagaabang pa ako ng maguupload ng video.

  10. Bianca really reminds me of Gwendolyn Ruais. Hindi ko masyado type ang face.

    Yvette is pretty, but she always has piles of make-up on.

  11. Why they did let Kris wear a small bikini bottom? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Could’ve been quite awkward for her to do a pasarela wearing a teeny weeny bikini bottom.

    So far, I’m loving the physiques of Laura, Parul and Kenneth for their washboard abs (special mention to Laura, love the well defined abs!), stance of Ja & Emma, and CURVES of Angelique, she really knows how to WERK IT ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have yet to see a video of their pasarela ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Ngayon ko lang napansin.Meron na palang “waiting for moderation”? Buti na rin yan at di na ma popost mga bastos dito tulad ni B—-, SL, AR D’O.Takot na rin mga yan mag comment ng libelous. Meron ng Cyber Crime Law.

    • You bet.. they can still change their aliases, though..lol!
      I wish they would not come this blog anymore!
      This blog is for intellectual and dynamic members only!! he! hi!

  13. Si Ines Ligron papansin.Nakikisawsaw din sa kasikatan na mga Pinay.Pag makita ka ng mga fans ni Bianca at Aiza pag manood ka coronation night humanda ka.Kung anu ano pinagsasabi mo.Joke lang!

    Si Pia Wurtzbach manok niya.Sunod si Parul saka Yvethe.

    • Deadmatology! Pampam yan kasi may manok cyang ginogroom sa MU na kandidata ng kapitbahay. What’s new naman e binadmouth nga nya si Megan..

  14. Wla pa ring tatali sa #AKBAY girls ko. So loveeee it.


    Gnda ng katawan ni aiza

    • chrome, she’s such a beauty! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

      Saving grace of our candidates? Personality, pasarela, wits & determination to win ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • personality, wit, pasarela and determination to win… Isama mo na
        rin ang beauty at height teh haha

      • Sophie, namannnnnnn, given na yan teh hehe! Swerte lang tayo this year at madaming matatangkad. Aminin natin naman kasi, in a beauty pageant specially with the likes of MU, you’re a waste of pretty face if you don’t know how to WERK IT *snap snap* ala Angelique De Leon ๐Ÿ˜› You’ll just end up being eaten on stage by the glamazons. Remember last MU2013, there were a bunch of pretty faces but no stage presence/boring pasarela. Kaya ayan, wiz sa placement sa semis.

    • bud? Uh oh she won. Philippines better send Kris Janson, Bianca, MJ, Parul, Kenneth, better yet send the entire philippine platoon ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Let’s take a closer look at your bets side-by-side. Who actually owned the Sofitel Affair? I am sure you already know… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Miss Universe 2014 Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago & Court



      • Thanks, Hunk. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have stumbled upon that photo whilst trying to look for videos about the press presentation. But you know what “hotlist” means to misso. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I like Bianca and Yvethe. But when I look closer at their photos above parang may nakikita akong di maganda Si Bianca yung bibig (dentures) si Yvethe yung nose.

      • Yup 4nmore. I also saw Hunk posted a link of all Russian candidates this year, can you post that link again hunk? and they are all “Yeah babeh”. but who cares, with a dozen knockout Philippines candidates this year, Philippines can’t just rest on its laurels, they need to win this year (and back to back in 2015 with my queen Charmaine, just needed to insert that to appease myself ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      • Yup 4nmore and sheena, Hunk also posted a link of all Russian candidates can you share again hunk? and they all are โ€œyeah babehโ€, but who cares, Philippines has a dozen this year that can knock it out the ballpark, and Philippines canโ€™t just rest on its laurels, need to make the right choice this time and win this year. And with the presence of MU 2013 and MU Org big honcho they will assist in choosing the right one to be crowned MU 2014.
        Donโ€™t you get sick and tired of hearing โ€œThe runner up isโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Philippinesโ€!! โ€ฆ.. geeez louiseโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๏Š

      • Chrome… I will post it later, when I get home… I’m in the church right now. Trying to be a saint.

    • Well, it doesn’t matter to me so there’s no need to say sorry. It’s your right to express what you feel and I do know your intention. ๐Ÿ˜†

  16. OMG Bianca, Yvethe, Laura, Parul, MJ, Kris Tiffany and Joy Marie! Ito ang mga magkaka- bugan sa Finals!!!

  17. Wow No. 30 Marie Joy and No. 13 Kris Tiffany are super hot…………. stand out beauties

    The KF girls are in perfect shape– theyve done their homework and they look great. Kris Tiffany, Parul, MJ and Hannah are amazing!

    Im not very happy with the form of the A&Q in swimsuit— I was looking for the usual entrees from their camp like Venus, Shamcey and Ara– that perfect abs, ripped muscles, toned body and naturally sexy………. unless this is a strategy like what happened to Janine… their entries are not as fit as the previous years… Common PIa, you can do better than that. Bianca could loose some weight and maybe gain more muscles……. well, Laura looks hot, and Yvethe is looking fab

    Anyway—– this is just press presentation- and there are still other areas of competition. But as of now, the KF girls are ahead… Hmm A&Q girls are ahead in terms of the interviews though– so this kinda balance the competition for now

  18. Wow…I give up! Judging a favorite and/or picking a top 5 is impossible! I think I will stop commenting until after coronation night! These recent and up to date photos are amazing.

    My heart goes out to the judges come coronation night. It will be tough.

    Duel on fellas!

    • I agree. I have some favorites but after seeing them earlier and up close in the lobby of Sofitel, I am dumbfounded. Very strong batch (stronger than the gold edition) that choosing five would be quite difficult. Kris (wowee), Mj lastimosa is immortal, Yvethe, Angee, Racquel, Kenneth, Parul, Joy, even Lady riva has levelled up (shes pretty, fiercer now and in competition). Leona, Liezel, Nicole Manalo are worthies too. Almost all in form.

  19. Wow…hold up. Just looked at the photos again, holy cow…Pia is off the charts! What a body! Again, Wow!

  20. @Mr. Norm,

    Is the Miss Universe 2014 contest in Brazil? If so, then I believe Yvette will make it five in a row. She definitely captured my attention here. She’s in it to win it.

      • Do you think this will be a factor towards deciding the Miss Universe rep? There are at least a half dozen candidates (mestiza nd morena skinned ladies) who “look” Latina. Just curious.

  21. Mr. Dexter… saw your collage of Yvette in a previous post of yours… Yep, she may be the one to bring the Philippines its 3rd Miss Universe! Her photo here definitely makes for some good eye candy. Wow! She is now my favorite.

  22. Love these girls… Nichole, Yvethe, Pia, Laura, Ja, Parul, MJ, Hannah, Kris and Joy Marie ๐Ÿ™‚

    Where are the other girls Sexy Norman?! Haha!

  23. Oh lah lah!!! Those curves baby! Ah yeah… it is really a feast ๐Ÿ™‚

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