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  1. For the Web Interviews, here are those that i like..

    Bianca – Love her answer, simple but witty. The way she answer the question is very natural. I wish she can improve the way she smiles. And I think they hair is too big for her.
    Yvette – She is very telegenic. no bad angles. She successfully deliver what is being asked. Her acting is okay, way better than Parul.
    Laura – She is spontaneous and I could feel her sincerity. She’s a big treat. 🙂
    Kim – She speaks well and She has beautiful voice. Her face is so regal.
    Kris – The eye trick is a surprise! I am glad to see the playful side of her. I wish she can improve with her smile too, not a force one. Her smile should register genuine.
    Ja – Her face is so refreshing to look out. Communication skills is acceptable.
    Angelique – I am impressed. I used to like Aiza over her, but its a different story with this web interview. I saw a classy and confident woman.
    Leona – someone is might pull an upset to the front liners? Look closely on how she smiles and compare it to others, you’ll see what I mean.
    Liezl – Too bad she didn’t elaborate, and we didn’t get to her much of her speaking skills. But her face, “gandang Pilipina”.
    MJ – I am putting MJ here because she speaks well. She’s beautiful up close. But it’s an interview not an audition for a commercial. Too much acting for me.

  2. Yeah, no other words I could wonder speak except by saying she is the BEST. She is the most Beautiful, soulful Enthusiasm, eloquent Spokeswoman, and super Talented that a qualities of a great woman for the universe now a days as todays beauty queen has possess is within her heart. I strongly believed by the will of God she has won the favor for Bb Pilipinas Universe 2014 and MUP14. God bless you all.

    • What I refer to in my previous post was Miss BIANCA, whom I really discern who has the only potential of being the beauty queen for the Universe because the Beauty within herself is from her heart, the Inteligence she has got was with wisdom, the Art that she portraits was that of her soul, the Nobleness of her spirit was that for the people, the Charisma which she has could influence even to the very least person, and the Adoring personality of who she is as a better person shall be the role model to convinced and attracted many youths and citizens in the universe. God bless you.

      • Isang malaking hibo ang ikinakalat mo dito. Diosmio. Magpakatotoo ka!!!!!!!


    Julian Aurine Flores (1) – she successfully redeemed herself after that embarrassing CNY Farmers Mall presentation. Loved her husky voice. However, when she did a 45° turn, she looked flat. She probably needs a nose lift to really look good in all angles.

    Joy Antonette Diaz (9) – she successfully marketed that instant moustache maker and I have no doubt that she’d be a successful lawyer.

    Shauna Indra Salina Curran (10) – she looks pleasant to my eyes and calming to my ears. Her root blend is truly unique.

    Ellore Noelle Punzalan (18) registered well on TV. She looked pretty and sweet. If she only delivered her poem without the aid of a teleprompter, she could have nailed her task even if it was delivered in Filipino. I wonder if she could also make a delightful poem in English? 😉

    Mae Liezel Ramos (19) looked stunning in her clip. She spoke well but she didn’t take advantage of time. Although it was not asked for, she should have demonstrated her “sili” walk. It’s also interesting to know that she’d like to become a doctor in the future.

    Mary Jean Lastimosa (25) was as delightful as chocolate ice cream. She should be offered an endorsement break. People think she was “tryin’ too hard” but I guess it’s their own bet that deserves that description.

    Hannjah Ruth Sison (27) just did great. She naturally nailed the task given to her. In fact, I’ve got no more words to describe her clip.

    Carla Jenina Lizardo (28) was simply oozing with confidence and I guess it pays to be a news anchor cum TV host. I have to be honest though, I was disturbed by her lips movement at first but instantly got used to it.

    Yvethe Marie Santiago (35) is just IT. She is just sensational. Whatever she does is sublime. “Action speaks louder than words!” This is the very reason why envious fans of very inconsistent candidates are out trying hard to derail her crowning come 30 March. They are just a few trying to create several usernames pretending that they are a lot and that they are bothered and are very much affected by Queen Yvethe Marie’s alleged nose reduction. Who cares if she did, Jane Waller (and I know who you really are)? Queen Bea Rose did it and have you forgotten that you supported her during her journey in Japan? Stop your insanity!

    Ladylyn Riva (39) is every inch a lady that can truly inspire. The tone of her voice and her eyes do not lie.

    To all those who are bashing Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago in any way, here’s a collage of my Queen taken from the time A&Q presented her up to these days. Her face screams Miss Universe 2014 in all angles! Can you make one for your bet?!?

    Miss Universe 2014 Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago

    I BET YOU CAN’T!!! 😆

    • Nice! Yvette certainly is beautiful in this collage. In behalf of the past 4 Bb Pilipinas Universe reps, all beautiful and worthy in their own right, I observed that each Universe-rep looked totally different from her successor. That said, Yvette may prove to be a solid pick.

      • And mind you, all those images were taken on different occasions. As strange as it may look, she does not have any bad shot unlike others that need to find their better angles and still looking “I DUNNO!”. 😉

    • I’m an Yvethe fan ! She’s really pretty and she’s one of my faves for the MUP crown ! 🙂

  4. I dont understand what’s so special with Bianca that makes her the best speaker . Seriously? Yvethe could be one of the best but I wonder also whats behind the heavy make up which she always had on. I agree with Kim, Laura, shauna, leonalyn, yvethe, carla, hannah mariz but I may add also joy diaz and Hannah ruth. And as for Hannah Ruth, she has reason behind the song choice and that doesnt make her a less speakr among the batch. I so love her. So I am depending her from bashers saying pang kerida ang kanya nya. She clarified already on one of her posts.

    • Hear hear! I strongly agree that Diaz also made a lot of sense. 🙂 (something that the fantards of the frontrunners won’t notice)

    • Exactly Guidotti? Whew. She looks so ordinary in the international pageant, if she wins. Nothing personal against her except that she just dont fit any of the crown. I like Yvethe, a proud bicolana. But her nose, I didnt see that when she compteted in a unuversity pageant. Scientific beauty.

      • Bianca will stand out regardless of how you feel about her ! Yvethe is beautiful and she doesn’t need your vote or comment to be noticed ! Lol. Sheez people … get a life for real !

  5. MJ please gurl less is more!! Kaloka si Manang may tsokolate tsokate pang nalalaman 🙂

  6. Tanong lang po. Binibigyan ba ng oras ang mga kandidata upang mapag-isipan ang mga kanilang mga sagot o mayroon bang pagkakataon na pwede nilang ipaulit ang pagkuha ng video? May mga napanood kasi ako na animo’y “scripted” ang mga sagot. Naisip ko na maganda na sa mismong oras na iyon na pagbatao ng tanong ay sasagot agad sila.

  7. WOW Norman— your top 4 girls are all from A&Q 🙂

    Im sure you were trying to be as objective as possible hehehe and I can see these 4 girls totally making it in the top 5

    Kim was really a surprised— I thought she would be boring as hell but she was actually engaging. Just by evaluating the possible judges for this year’s edition, I can really feel that Kim will do well. Her beauty is quite commercial and very easy to appreciate. She is also very classy and she converse really well.

    Bianca—— I was actually disappointed hahahaha perhaps becoz I expected more from her given her background. She sounded really good but she seems to be trying to impress…….. she should be more relax

    Laura— wins this round. I love the mannerism, the voice, the contents of her answers…. She is also very very pretty. She has that kind of beauty that grows on you

    Yvethe— as expected, the girl is on fire!!! very beautiful and very good communication skilles

    I also love the interviews of Joy Diaz, Carla Lizardo (of course, this is her expertise) and Kris Tiffany

    • Jay, I know the reason why you got a lot of thumb(s) down! So next time, please raise your praises on Bianca to the highest mountains.

      • HI Ray 🙂 thanks for the tip…….hehehe- the thing is I love Bianca. But Im not blinded by the hype; and I evaluate objectively

        If Bianca is doing the right thing- I am the first one to praise her…. but if something is lacking of something, I think it is best to point that to her, specially since the girl is willing to learn and take all constructive criticism.

  8. Bianca is good but that teeth is too big u think? Angelique was a shock she’s good! Most of people’s faves don’t have the pinay beauty in them

  9. Tito Norms, eto, nare-shuffle na naman ang mga favorite candidates ko. Thanks to this web interview because I got a little peak on how their beauty registers in a moving camera versus still pictures. Still, we are only looking at a minute fraction of who they really are.
    The best ones on my list is Bianca because of spontaneity and “naturalness” of her answer. Then I like Laura Lehman because the interview shows us that this girl is on top of her game even before joining BP. I also like KC Halili and the classiness of Jaja, the corkiness of Kris Jansen and Kimverlyn. I’m impressed by Ednornance not only because of her unconventional pinay beauty but the interview showed a fun side of her and for some reason her deep connection of where she’s from, that is, Davao. Kenneth also gave a sincere answer. Angelique also got me with “You got to work it” ending. Nasa list ko na sya ngayon because of that little glimse of an endearing personality.
    Emma, she’s a beauty alright, and still on my list, but I think she needs a little more maturity. Pahinugin pa ng konti kung baga. MJ and Hannah Sison bothers me. Its painful to watch their videos. Dont care how many thumbsdown I get but really, guys? Raise the bar, naman. Sorry Tito Norms, I guess she’s on your 12 favorite. Then again, its all subjective versus objective. I respect everyone’s “punto de vista.”

  10. as i have said before KC Halili might be an underdog but she’s really a good speaker.

  11. Norms, didn’t Diana Arevalo register on you? While she technically over-answered with more than 3 sentences and her question was way too boringly pageantish to come up with a candid one, I thought that over-all, she had experience and confidence in there..

      • I see..I could not judge the web interview without personal biases, over-all impression and expectations based on what we perceive (from photos and hype). I am leaning to support Kris Tiffany Janson because I was there when she won Miss Cebu and continuously sees her growing (up). Her photos do not justify her elegance, depth and beauty up close and personal. But I am aware that Yvethe fits the Miss Universe mold of physical beauty (which can just be a perception). I also think Pia’s personality and drive will come through this time. Personally, Bianca does not register to me to have a facial beauty that most in a room can unanimously appreciate. But over-all, she should come out strong. Between the experienced Diana and MJ, I think Diana has a more universally-appealing presence than MJ. In person, you can not really hide the fact, no matter how she tries to cope up with it, that she looks short on stage, even from ladies her height but are more proportioned. (BTW, Pia also has the same body proportion challenge- her torso is obviously longer making her legs appear short for her). So for now, my Top 5 over-all going into its final month are Kris, Yvethe, Bianca, Pia and Diana. My potential spoilers are Laura and Hannah..Laura because on a rule of averaging, she comes out strong in all categories. And Hannah – for personal preference reasons every judging individual wishes he shares with the majority but could also understand why it isn’t so..

  12. Oh i soo love Bianca’s interview! This girl is a natural! Laura and Yvethe did great in theirs, too. A&Q ladies in general did well in my opinion.

  13. Say whatever you wanna say, Bianca tops the web interview ! Effortlessly articulate. I must admit I believe in her and will be rooting for her all the way to the finals. Bianca ! Bianca ! Bianca ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Why are so critical with these web interviews? Did you forget they asked Miss Universe delegates to copy the sound of a rocket? Or better yet last year’s Truth or Dare? You guys seem to have a better ideas or plans than BPCI, so why don’t you do your own Beauty Pageant and I wish you all the best that it will last 50 years let alone 1 year!

    The posters in this site complain too much, nagmamarunong in the Filipino vernacular. Such a shame that this blog is a nice read but the people who leave comments just complain so much.

    I bet this comment of mine will not be approved, as I have left more than 4 comments over the year and none of them has been approved. So to the moderator reading this and waiting to click on the delete button, please think twice.

    • Sunny.

      Do you follow sports and/or have a favorite team? If you visit “their” blogs and read the comments of their fans, you will find it no different from the comments on Mr. Norm ‘ s blog. The candidates will be showered with praises, approvals, thoughts of disappointments and critiques from their fans and foes. I

      I think it is a beautiful thing called “freedom of speech” and Mr. Norm has an adequate amount of discernment and conviction to delete any comments he finds inappropriate and derogatory. Please continue to enjoy the read.

      Thank you!

  15. BbP is obviously trying to copy MU2013’s web interviews based on some of the questions or things that they asked the girls to do, they could’ve just asked them something else instead of “flipping their hair” or asking them to react if they win one of the crowns…

    • Sheena, you are dead on with your observation about the waving of the hair.

      But, the beautiful candidate known as Eds takes the cake. Her rendition of “I love Rock n Roll” was so sad that even the “onions” in my refrigerator started to cry!

  16. You are right Mr. Norm. The organizers need to create more answerable questions that prevent the delegate’s from acting out or singing out their responses.

    Some responses were so awkward (a politically correct word for terrible) it made me cringe at times! You know that feeling one gets when someone scratches a chalkboard with their nails? Lol

    If you think about it, there is not a talent portion of a requirement in both the Miss Universe and Miss International contests. So why bother to create these types of questions for cryin’ out loud?

  17. Kim and yvette are lovely..i like how yvette talks:)
    Guidotti and lehman hmmm hindi natural at mukhang nagiisip..look at their eyes prang hindi spontaneous…kumukunot:D
    MJ looks fake
    Yun iba no comment:D

    • Historical ang thumbs down. Ako na ang bagong Benjie/Angelo? O mga troll fan ‘to ni MJ? Haler totoo naman pero kung mananalo sila I will support them with all my hearts..madami yan hearts e:D

  18. If the web interviews are meant to give us glimpse of their personalities then I must say my Mariane succeeded with flying colors. She is animated, bubbly, down-to-earth. Her interview was one take so clearly she could think on her feet. She is no pageant patty for sure and undoubtedly she is confidently beautiful. She admitted as much that she was nervous but it didn’t show in the result. I can’t wait to see her pasarela during the press presentation this week.

    • If and when she doesnt capture the MUP 2014 crown, I will rally behind her to join MWP 2014 after. She is way too deserving to win either titles !!!

  19. AND, I find it funny that Parul and Yvethe had similar questions. Yvethe was amazing. Parul, on the other hand, seemed too rehearsed and forced. Just saying.

  20. MJ was an overseller. Kind of like in the real estate agent would do. Hannah was great. But when she sang, it went out of place. But I like Hannah S’s more than MJ and Anabel. I agree on the other twelve. And I’m pissed off that people commented on Bianca’s vid as “bobo” or “hindi matalino.” Excuse me, she was waaaaay more natural than any of the other girls. And it was a smart answer too, like how Olivia Culpo would. Personally, I’d answer knife but a book on survival is the next best thing. Illiterate people can be so annoying.

    • I know, Zygg. And some people get hostile to observation of candidates by other bloggers. Masyadong pinepersonal. Yes, its annoying but in the end I find it funny – I’m laughing at how shallow some of them are.

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