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  1. Tito Norms, can’t comment on your Grabriela Isler artucle! Why oh why. Please upload the remainder of the ladies’ web interview that includes Yvette, Bianca and MJ. Yvette is lovable in hers while MJ really really wants a crown and of course Bianca is spontaneous! She even spoke Portuguese, which means she could be our representative to MU 2014! But it would really sad not seeing Laura, Kris amd Yvette without a crown. Well basing on height, spontaniety, kmowledge of Portuguese lamgugage, beauty and charming it is Bianca who really will shine.

    • I posted a temporary feature about the remaining web interviews pending the YouTube upload of the vids. You can reply above. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Well done, Norman! All the captions fit the pics well as if they were shot for you to blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Nothing personal but just keeping it real Manong Norms–you seem to be throwing shades a lot to KF girls but not so much with A&Q girls. It’sore clear now which camp you favor, and how I wish you stay neutral and keep it fair.

    • I don’t think Norman is favoring anyone…
      Each of their girls have their own posts but if you check the past posts… girls of Aces have more posts compaired to others.. Come to think of it… If Norman is favoring any camp.. I guess it’s Aces!

      • While it looks like I’m favoring A&Q, I have actually exerted my best efforts to reach out to all camps. My dedicated posts are just as good as the affirmative replies I get from them. And even if I don’t receive any, I still feature them without expecting any type of spoken, texted or written gesture in return. It’s pure love for pageants that drives me to do this everyday. It won’t make me rich by any stretch of the imagination. So if people think that A&Q is frequently featured here, it only means that they trust me enough to herald their ladies, be it a positive post or an issue surrounding some of them. If only I could blog about all the things I know, I certainly would. But I do not take my online presence as some sort of power to create controversies. I am here because I love doing it.

  4. Jeslyn is very pretty here. I won’t be surprised if she makes it to the semi-final round.

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