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  1. I’d like to comment on PIa too. She’s very relaxed and confident. That is nice. It seems to her that it’s no longer a competition. Again though, there’s a downside to being too relaxed. Keep that competitive spirit alive in a subtle way. I like Pia too. Love your choices Mr. Norman!

  2. Laura is actually nice, except that she’s “too” bubbly and her voice, too chirpy. We need somebody “relaxed” in a fierce way, if you get what I’m saying.
    Think of Ximena Navarette (quirky but natural), Gabriella Isler (friendly-type), Laura Dutta (sexy-smart), Dayana Mendoza (effortless confidence), Lelia Lopes (unintentional elegance)… think of the past winners.. what do they have in common? “Effortless!”
    In the pageant everybody will be beautiful–the personality will be the main heart of the matter.

    So far I think Bianca Guidotti is universe-worthy. Kris Janson too, only if she’ll grow fiercer. 😀

  3. Strictly based on fifteen published web interviews, the five clips I find impressive are:

    – Shauna Indra Salina Curran
    – Julian Aurine Flores
    – Laura Victoria Lehmann
    – Joy Antonette Diaz
    – Emma Mary Tiglao

    Of the five, my fave would be Shauna Indra Salina’s because I find her’s visually and audibly soothing to my taste. 😉

  4. Can’t pick a top five but two things are for sure;
    1) Kris Tiffany was suprisingly impressive and
    2) Pia was shockingly a big disappointment.

  5. My top 5 on this round:

    1. Julian Flores – IMO, she is the most telegenic. She was also very candid with a girl-next-door personality.

    2. Shauna Curran- very articulate but she needs to smile more and lose some weight. I think she has the best communication skills this year.

    3. Kris Janson – Gorgeous with a clear diction but she needs to get rid of that question mark on her face.

    4. Kim Suiza – funny and engaging! I’d love for her to become a TV personality.

    5. Laura Lehman – I guess she’s the most well rounded girl. A bit too sheltered for my taste but I guess she could be a good 1st runner-up.

  6. para sa akin, ang mga unforgettable and impressive web interviews ay yung kina

    1. Kris Janson – quite a talent! sabi nga ni Tito norms, mapanuod mu man lahat ng interviews, that talent of hers would definitely stand out..

    2. Kym or Kim Suiza – this girl is articulate! she knows how to express herself without having to say too much.. its like she can make everyone shut up and listen to her when she talks (in a very nice way). she appeared very charming, warm and a ‘real’ person!

    3. Parul Shah – I am a bit sad that not a lot of people find her web interview better than others… she’s the only one, so far, to show her ‘cheeky’ side without inhibitions.. so for me, it was truly funny!! baka sabihin nang iba na parang ang arte nya… but it was meant to be a joke! like I said, she decided to be cheeky with the question! this doesn’t mean that she’s not taking the competeion seriously… it showed her personality, that she’s a funny girl.

    But all the girls, so far, are very impressive! its great to know that they have credentials of noteworthy, but regardless of that, they are confident Binibini’s and worthy to represent Philippines to the world!

    • I agree. Everyone is very easy on the eye and ear. I’m just a little disappointed with Pia’s lackluster video

  7. Tita Norms, we have the same faves with the web interviews so far. Si Shauna ang lamig sa tenga ng boses, pang DJ talaga!

  8. i love your choices Tito Norms. Kim can be an effective spokesperson. I guess her TV experience has helped her a lot (plus her communications degree) in honing her public speaking skills. I hope she can also be as poised and effective in answering questions spontaneously.

    Kris, on the other hand, just needs to learn how to use her face (and smile) to convey her message. Audio-visual syncing is what I’m after for her. She has a very nice tone in her voice. Laura and Joy Diaz should listen how Kris speaks and take a cue from her. Voice modulation is helpful if you want to be taken seriously. 🙂

    • Re: Kris, it really helped a lot that she’s a member of Toastmaster’s club in Cebu. She usually hosts big events in Cebu too so that’s a good training ground for public speaking on her behalf.

  9. 1. Lehmann
    2. Suiza
    3. Janson
    4. Curran
    5. de la Guerra
    6. Wurtzbach
    7. Flores
    8. Diaz

    Others, I find it boring, rehearsed or just really forgettable.

    • Agree. Janson, Suiza, dela Guerra, Curran, good. But Wurtzbach, I think she’ll be Fourth RU this time.

    • The moment I read Wurtzbach on your list…you lost me. She was a disappointment. This is basing SOLELY on the web videos. I love Pia, in fact I am stilling enlisting her as my MU or MI. But I am setting my bias aside in determining who did great in their web videos. Pia is definitely not one of them.

  10. Mama N…I agree with your top 5, but I will choose:
    1) Curran
    2) Lehmann
    3) De la Guerra
    4) Suiza
    5) Janson

    • But if overall beauty of this top 5, I will choose:
      1) Janson- 5’9, gorgeous/smart.
      2) Lehmann- 5’9″, athletic/smart great for MW.
      3) Curran- 5’9″, beautiful/smart but has to lose fat on the waist.
      4) Suiza- 5’9″, beautiful/smart but the body is not proportion.
      5) De la Guerra- 5’6″, cute/smart but short.

  11. kim should be sent to asia’s next top model as PH’s rep… she can definitely nail it.
    (if ever she did not win on bbp.)

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