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  1. Norman, will there be a Meet & Greet session and autograph signing with Molly for her Filipino fans & admirers ?!!?

    Also, are you scheduled to interview her?

  2. The only tiring part I’d say is the travellin’ but being surrounded by Filipinos will ease everything. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the most memorable part of her entire journey as Miss Universe would be her 5-day Philippine visit. Guaranteed!!! 😉

  3. Tito Normz. Slightly off topic. What do they mean by presenting sashes to previous Miss Universe? Do they get sashes with the new style? HOw frequent do they do this po? Salamat! 🙂

      • Oh. Thanks for the info Tito Norms. I would love to see a pic of Ms. Gloria, Ms. Margie and Molly wearing the same Miss Universe sashes.

  4. I’m curious how Gabriela is affected at the moment by the ongoing turmoil in her country. And with all the traveling she has to do, it must worry her how her countrymen is suffering while she has to be oceans away fulfilling her duties.




    …you work. Ms. Universe is really work. You become their possession, their model. From six in the morning you are already told what to do and you do everything they ask you to do. You become a commodity you see? They give you a lot of money, a lot of prizes, which you have to work for.


    A lot of flying. Then from the airport straight to wherever, cut a ribbon here, take photos there, pictorials there, dinners…We did a lot of charity work around America and South America. Once, I was sent to Argentina, there was a charity show there called La Campana de Cristal, I remember so well because I liked it. They granted a terminally sick child there a wish. She wanted to meet Ms. Universe because she wanted to be a beauty queen. So they brought me there.

    In Brazil, and they asked me, “Do you know Pelé?” I didn’t know who Pelé was. (Apparently they had just won the World Cup. It was the biggest thing!) So the next day, in the front-page it said: “Ms. Universe doesn’t know Pelé”, it was as if I didn’t know God. So they arranged for me to meet Pelé, he was like a hero, which was quite nice. He was in hiding because they just won, and the people would swarm over him. They put him somewhere nobody knew where I met him. They took pictures. It was like a gimmick that I finally met him.


    You smile all the time, even if you’re ready to fall asleep. The worst part would be the dinners because they’re always with sponsors, owners of big companies and they’re always old people, they sit there and talk to you and take 100 pictures. But it’s your duty—you have no choice.
    I even met the presidents of Uruguay, Paraguay and even Nixon…but for an 18 year old, it’s all very boring. You learn to make small talk. Very boring. I’d rather sit at home or in the hotel and read a magazine. (But then) I ask myself if I would rather be sitting in an office, typing a hundred words a minute or be here? And you know it’s going to end. Just the thought that there’s an ending makes you feel good.


    You have a lot of help. Clothes come every week and on a certain day you have your hair styled. But you’re 18-years old, you really don’t need that much maintenance, right? They sent me to New York to shop for clothes. Almost every week you go abroad. But it was still very hard work. You cannot just have free clothes, a big allowance, beautiful hotels and just can’t sit back and feel pretty. No, there’s no such thing.

    As Ms. Universe sometimes you just wanna die. Mealtimes were erratic. When I crowned the new girl, I was very sick. I had low blood pressure because of the schedule. I came from Japan and by the time I got to America, I was so dizzy, they had to inject me with iron. But it’s good because an 18-year old can take it and it’s a good break-in.

    Anything after Miss Universe is easy……..


  6. Maimbitahan din kaya si Megan Young na mag judge at mag korona sa Miss Venezuela mundo this year, kasama si Julia Morley ? I really find Molly and Paula Shugart’s visit to be part of history, indeed that Filipinos are the biggest fans of miss universe in the whole world, magpapa taas lalo Ito sa rating and popularity race ng miss universe, welcome molly and miss Paula!!!

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