16 comments on “Sunday Specials: Of Signature Poses and Best-looking Angles

  1. I like Mae Liezel’s pose because no one kind of reminds me of that pose whereas Laura Victoria reminds me of Queen Ariella and Anabel Christine reminds me of Queen Bea. I’d say you could easily identify which camps they belong to even with a tiny movement. 😉

  2. laura is really gaining momentum. i wouldn’t be surprised if she bags one of the crowns come 30th of march.
    (she looks like megan on that pic above.)

  3. Laura’s legs are not built for that pose..
    Pia just looks wide with any pose..
    Anabel needs more practice..

    I like Parul’s pose but her heavy bottom is just so distracting..

    I love Julian Flores’ pose..
    too bad she’s not included.

    • Sister, is it just me or pataba ng pataba ata si Pia based on the pictures? Just like you, I also find Parul’s heavy bottom too distracting. She needs to be careful with what she wears and stick to boot cut/lowrise pants to make her bottom look slimmer.

      • Sister, parang bow legs ata like Janine (based on this picachu na to)

        While vavavoom si Parul sa SS pic niya, yung etong mga naglalabasa na candids, parang masyadong ang laki tignan ng behind nya. Pipiliin nya dapat ang susuotin nya na bottoms.

    • I don’t see anything wrong with Parul’s caboose. And by the way she flaunts it, I don’t think Parul thinks there’s anything wrong with it.

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