7 comments on “Twelve Talented Binibinis

  1. I wonder why no one bothered to share the bits and pieces of the talent competition so naturally, it’s definitely hard to judge by just basing on pics above. But lemme just give my wild guesses. Top three would be Gab, Shauna and Emma. Miss Talent? It would be anyone’s wild guess! 😉

  2. bud? i could be wrong but Hannah Sison seemed to have less desire in winning. i noticed through her unrefined gesture. Or she could be just caught up in the excitement of the moment?

  3. I was shocked that Hannah Sison sang. Grabe siya nung talent competition. Pra ata siyang naka-inom. Hahahaha! Sobrang hyper niya.

  4. Not unique..:) ahahaha, if Diane “the magician” Querrer is there is can run away with the Best in Talent award easily..:)

  5. Everybody can move.But to be named best in talent,your dance must be exceptional.We Filipinos are fond of singing than dancing.So I think one of the singers will get this award.And based on photos above Gab or Shauna are more likely to win it.Diva!

  6. I’m glad Pia didn’t sing.
    Wow , Kris looks amazing
    I’m certAin she will win a crown.

    And Jeslyn? I won’t be surprised if she makes it through

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