6 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2014: The ladies we see little of

  1. Hi manorman,
    have you watched this docu film from BBC about the culture of Venezuelans on obsession to pageantries?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fiu05lYRfdw
    For me, even though im a pageant fanatics and got used to this culture, the correspondent was able to conveys me how excessively obsessive Venezuelans to the processes of producing beauty queens…how surgeries were just like changing clothes to Osmel, perception of YOUNG GIRLS in PREschool, and level of exploitation to women. i find Osmel as Mafia in this industry treating him like a lord.
    I was a bit afraid that camps in our country are almost near on that same level of addiction.
    Also, I just found out that Osmel has A.D.D.

  2. To me the best speakers in the whole batch are Krischelle and Carla Jenina but I guess they can’t just talk and talk. They should walk to let the world know about their existence. The same goes to the other five ladies. Good luck to all!

  3. magaling kumuda si Krischelle Halili she’s a BS Nursing cum laude graduate from CEU Manila

  4. I like Leonalyn because she is one of the most highly educated in this batch. It just happened that this is the best batch ever. I feel the same for Kriscelle who is a medical student at the UST. Vanessa has a very pretty face but her figure needs serious trimmings. It looks cotonny fluffy. The top row are lso pretty in their wn individual ways but too bad, the batch is just too good to be true.

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