12 comments on “The Joys of Bb. Pilipinas 2014

  1. I know Joy Antonette Diaz first hand because I am her Youth for Family and Life (YFL) Youth Coordinator, together with her parents, here in the Diocese of Stockton in California’s Central Valley. She is a very beautiful young lady inside and out. A very dedicated youth leader to her pears. She’s a very well rounded lass. Academically gifted but also dedicated in her service to God. She sang in the choir of St. Anthony’s Church while performing her duties as leader for Manteca’s YFL members. She’s very respectful to her elders and was always willing to go an extra mile to get things done. She is very humble and sweet. She is also very family oriented. She finished her Political Science undergrad from University of California- Irvine and hope to someday become a lawyer concentrating on Family Law. In the eyes of her brothers and sisters in Christ together with her youth coordinators here in California’s Central Valley, and most specially in the eyes of God, Jonette, as we fondly calls her, is already a winner. It’s only now that the Filipino nation and the world is finding out about this truly amazing young lady. We are so blessed to have her in our young adult community.

  2. Somehow I feel that the stars oh these two JOYs have disappeared that I no longer expect any of them to get a crown. My 2-cent.

    • Huh, I guess our stars don’t align. I’m very confident Joy Marie will have a crown. And if Joy Diaz plays her game right , she too can snatch one.

      • Huh? What stars are you talkin’ about Fabs?!? Well whatever you say… Que sera, sera. Just noticed how inconsistent you are in most of declarations but don’t you worry, I am not bothered about it. Inconsistencies are a way in life. 😆

  3. Joy Marie definitely —- based on these pics alone.

    I believe Joy Marie will own one of the crowns on Mar. 30.

    Joy Diaz’s success will depend on how she performs that night. As Norman says, Joy D. Is not very photogenic. She comes off as an Americanized version of Aiai.

  4. Joy Marie’s aura,styling, morena color best suit MU. She is my choice for MUP after Bianca and Yvethe.
    Joy Diaz is ok for Tourism. She is articulate and can promote the Philippines better than Joy Marie.

  5. It’s an equal admiration for me, these two joy (s) might really surprise us come finals, watch out peeps.

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