15 comments on “A Pageant with Three Hannahs

  1. I love Hannah Sison. She deserved a spot at the top 15 last year!

    But De la Guerra could pull an upset. This girl is a chameleon! She could sport either a sweet look or a fierce look. Plus, she’s beautiful in all angles.

    • It cannot be denied that Hannah Ruth is a real looker, otherwise, she won’t get all those endorsements. But somehow she turned me off during her Farmers Mall debut. She ended her introduction with… “Once again, kung hei fat choi!” How can she say that without mentioning the greeting previously. She was not alone that night. Aiza did the same. 😥

  2. Hannah Ruth’s transformation from last year is very evident. And yes too bad she’s not as popular as some of the frontrunners are. The other 2 Hannahs are ok I guess but this year’s batch is probably one of if not the best ever with a bunch of candidates deserving of a crown. I’d pick Hannah Ruth from this group who will most likely shine during the competition.

  3. Hannah Mariz DG most definitely. 🙂 Hannah Ruth and Hannah Sheena are definitely gorgeous girls but Hannah Mariz looks very young and fresh! Plus she’s my favorite. 😀

  4. Nakaka HANNAH naman silang tatlo. Sayang si Hannah NYC – sana apat sila. At puwedeng koronahan ang bawat isa. 😆

    • Hope Hannah Ruth makes it to the semi-final round. It’s unfortunate that she’s not very popular

  5. I’m eyeing dela Guerra for BBP-U or BBP-T. Considering that Madam has a preference for brainy girls (under Gaffud’s camp), this Atenean is almost a sure favorite. I wouldn’t mind seeing her wear the Philippine sash in MU, though. She’s as sweet as a button and allegedly very articulate.

      • Fabian, I’m referring to Hannah Mariz being more technically brainy than either H Ruth and H Sheena. She is a grad of Management Information Systems after all. But I’m sure you’re aiming at Gina’s reply. 😉

      • Hi Norman. Thanks for responding. Yes , I was waiting for Gina’s response since she made it sound like Mariz was the only smart one in the group.

  6. Good luck to the 3 Hannahs, may the best and deserving Hannah win, be in the semi slot or the least be be a special awardee.

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