25 comments on “Will Victor Silayan do for Mr. World Philippines 2014?

  1. YEEESSS Norms, this Pinoy hunk is the ONE!!!

    I’ll even go one step further by confidently saying that Victor will be victorious in winning our first Mr WORLD title in June this year should he be selected by the respected, Cory Quirino!

    Julia Morley & the Mr WORLD Org.have a preference & tend to favor fresh looking & dashing men for the Mr WORLD brand and the civic & social causes associated with the title!

    And yeeesss, Victor Silayan, definitely fits the bill & pre-requisites with his wholesome & natural boy-next-door good looks and healthy aura & image! He’s the type of guy parents wish their daughter would bring home to meet them!

    He is actually better looking than the current Mr WORLD, Francisco Escobar & his runner-up, Andrew Wolff. Well, that’s my opinion. What do the rest of you think?!!?

    As for Vince Ferraren, I personally feel that he is more suited for MANHUNT International as the owner, Alex Liu, and his team are looking for the sexy & macho type with a striking physique in their winner!

    Both Vic & Vince have international appeal with charms, charismas & personalities to win male Grand Slam pageants!

  2. He has a look to be Mr.World Philippines 2014 , tawag jan guapo pinoy! Pero skeptical about his height, at least 6 feet pinoy is best representative on the said male pageant!

  3. Ma-appeal itong si Victor! He may be 5’10 but he actually looks taller. 😉

  4. Ok. This me visiting this specific page again.

    Gerls, ekeshe nemen. Sheh koya honggwopo. May bago na akong crush. Oh my. Ganda ng tingin niya. Nakakatunaw! Lolol. Ang landi ko na. Haha.

    Ok, back to serious YChang mode. :))

    • Teh paano pa pag nakita mo in person? 😉 Ang gwapo kaya nga napatitig ako, nakakahiya lang kasi kilala pala ng kasama ko nung nakita ko e ilang beses ako nahuling tumitingin haha

      • @Sheens

        Naiilang ako kausap mga kagaya ni Jome na masyadong perpekto… me inferiority complex ako sa mga taong kagaya nya… ok pa si Andrew.. halatang kalevel lang…

      • Sister, so ayaw mo ng flawlessly perfect. Mala maginoo pero medyo bastos ba? ;p pero pramis pinipigilan ko kiligin nung naguusap ang friend ko tsaka si vic. Ang landi lang lol! :))

  5. Plus MAJOR MAJOR pogi points ang lalaking marunong mag gitara and kumanta 😉

    Saw him in person last year at Greenbelt and was staring at him for more than 10secons, didn’t even know he was actually a celebrity not until my friend (who works around showbiz people) greeted him and told me when he left that he’s from showbiz. LOL.

    • As if he can do all preparations in a flick of a finger, aye?!?

      I completely disagree. Hosting an international pageant needs careful planning and liaising them to the concerned is another thing. Accommodations for the participants need advance notice to the possible sponsors. If Binay wants to host MW, the earliest possible date is by next year. The tourism sector has to be very much involved and make a promotion/gimmick that would be economically beneficial to all concerned. Should think WIN-WIN in all aspects!!!

  6. Looks wise he is in (cute, very boy next door), very different from Andrew Wolff (who has a mature, strong face). I know alot of people are worried about his height being only 5’10”, but I think with proper training, plus he must be all-around (he must be good in sports, must have exceptional talent, and good personality) and luck he can win the pageant. And I remember Mr. World Canada Frank Cena made the top 5 in 2013 – and he is only 5’5″ (shorter than I am)

  7. He looks manly enough to compete I suppose and with a good CV, I am sure he could own the stage if he competes.

    I see Maria Rosario’s eyes in him. They surely look related. I’m wondering if she has children, anyone?

    Norman, is there actually a height requirement or preferred height in male pageants?

    • @Dex

      The average height of international male pageant winners is a minimum of 6′ foot tall..

      • Thanks, C2F. I guess we should move on and scout for the six footers and above. We almost snatched the crown last year. We better own it this year! 😉

  8. He looks tall on pics because of his good bone structure, well proportioned musculature and small face.. But in person, he doesn’t look as tall.. he’s like a smaller marvel superhero beside MMA fighters and pro-wrestlers.

    • Thanks guys.. personality looks and background I believe he is over qualified.. it’s only the height that makes him less eligible for the title.

    • I have to agree with you, Joseph.

      On the side note, I’ve visited your blog sometime last year and enjoyed an article you wrote about Queen Megan Lynn. In fact, I have bookmarked your homepage but unfortuntately, everytime I visit, my browser (be it safari, fx or google) collapses in less than 15 seconds. You could imagine how many times I have to go back just to finish that article I’ve mentioned. I guess I have to let you know. Cheers!

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