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  1. Sir Norman, paki liaise naman kay Madam Cory or kanino man pong Organizers na magkaroon ng Mr. World Philippines 2014 para maglaban laban ang mga gwapo na yan puro kasi sila Juicy at Yummy para mapanood natin sila rumarampa na naka swim wear din..please…imagine si Vince, Sam, John Spainhour, Reygor, Silayan, etc……….

  2. Norman,

    Victor Silayan has been suggested on numerous occasions as a possible representative for the 2014 Mr WORLD contest in England!

    Kindly post some pics of Vic or vids to plead his case for consideration. Thanks Norms!

  3. Norman, kindly allow me to propose one the the stars of My Husbandยดs lover into the search for a bone fide representative to the quest for The Most DESIRABLE Man in the WORLD!

    He is none other than the handsome, masculine & desirable, Tom Rodriguez!

    What do you all think?!!?

    • Tom at 5’10 has little background in sports aside from working out at the gym… Mr. World needs to be very athletic and well-rounded.

    • Among them all… Misagh is the most well-rounded but he’s only 5’7 and he can barely speak Tagalog or English..

      • I met them.. they can all speak English but limited at times.. with Tagalog.. they can only speak the basics.. Sassan I believe is yhe most fluent in English &Tagalog because he stayed here the longest but his body is only ideal for runway, not pageants..

    • Forgot to include their respective names as I can’t remember who is who. Anyway, the names are all on this page. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Vince Ferraren ( top row, far right ) and the dashing dude ( bottom row, second from right ) clearly stand out in this group!

    • Nice Collage, D! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think Victor Silayan fits the bill! I see him around Taft. Ma-appeal talaga siya. Sporty (does Muay Thai) + Smart (he finished a Business course in DLSU).

      Kyle Sparks as well! But I doubt he’ll join. Plus, I want to see a full Pinoy slay the competition.

      • Thanks, BS. I live near DLSCSB in P.Ocampo and I’ve seen Kyle several times always after a basketball game as he parks his car in a condominium in that street beside U-Pad near the corner of Singalong. You must be familiar with the place. He does not look foreign to me. Maputi lang for a man. And you are probably right, he does not look like he will be interested in this kind of affair. But who knows?!? I can’t say a thing about Victor, we never crossed paths. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • BTW, I am not sure if he is Kyle because he looks like Kyle and I might be referring to someone else because the Kyle you know studies at UP. What an effin’ mess. ๐Ÿ˜†

      • @BSpy

        Right now at UP-Diliman, Kyle is taking up BS Physical Education. He’s a track and field varsity competing in javelin throws and sprints.

  4. Tito Norms, here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. Miko Raval, a UP Grad and currently working as a model/part-time actor.

    2. Victor Silayan, DLSU Grad. Works as an actor (TV5). He is the nephew of the late Chat Silayan.

    3. Mauro Lumba, currently finishing(?) his studies at UST. Works as a commercial/print ad/ramp model.

    4. Julian Roxas, DLSU Grad. Works as a commercial model and as a fitness coach.

    5. Joseph Marco, the ABS-CBN talent.

    6. Kyle Sparks, UP Student. Works as a model.

    7. Mike Silungan, UP Grad & Team Captain of the UP Fighting Maroons. I think he play professional na for the PBA (I’m not sure).

      • Not bad.. Victor Silayan, the nephew of a former Miss Universe runner-up… He’s 5’10 but he looks taller..

      • Based on height and looks.. Kyle Sparks is qualified but he still needs to add more to his credentials…

      • @C2F

        Victor is a good choice! Pinoy na pinoy. Machete lang ang datingan, lakas ng appeal! I saw him once in one of the coffee shops around Taft reviewing for his Economics class. Very humble pa. But his height isn’t for male pageants.

        Kyle din is a good choice though I doubt if he’s interested. I don’t know if he finished na his studies in UP. He plays ata for UP eh. Though di ko matandaan kung football or frisbee.

      • @BSpy

        Right now at UP-Diliman, he’s taking up BS Physical Education. He’s a track and field varsity competing in javelin throws and sprints.

  5. I don’t have anyone in mind but if I were taller like that Ferraren guy and only at mid-twenties, I would present myself to Cory. ๐Ÿ˜† Why not? I speak six languages and speak English with the noble accent.

    Stop staring at me, Dawn! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • John Spainhour, a model, chef and former US marine is very qualified but I still find him too American.. Andrew Wolf who lived here since he was a teenager, is actually very Filipino when you converse with him.

    • Mark Francis Canlas I believe is the best choice when it comes to looks if he agrees to be appointed of Ms. Cory Quirino.

  6. I ask Ms.Joyce Burton in her blog,if Vince has a plan joining male pageant like mr.world because they work together in the play oedipus the king she said she brought the idea with vince but his management are not interested she even said cory quirino is aware about it! Speaking of francisco escobar I check his facebook dami picture ni megan parang naaliw siya kay megan young kahit yung photo ni megan sa mega mags meron siya dun,may caption pang gorgeous megan young.

  7. Charlie Sutclife’s’s body is cuts on cuts but I don’t think his face is strong enough. He does have good publicity because of his new TV show… As for Vince, he’s tall but I still find him too young… He is a commercial success despite being hard to frame due to his height. Although both of them were athletes where they grew up, to me, both of them are still just models. I think we should send another well rounded athlete who’s popullar locally but this time he should be undoubtfully Filipino or at least Asian in looks and upbringing. Someone who did Cosmo Bbash and Bench.. Like a younger Bruce Quebral who was a former UP Marroon and now a cabin supervisor at Emirates even though he used to be a Top male model and reality TV star back then.. or a young Version of Richard Gomez who became an Olympian aside from being one of the biggest local model and movie star of his time. If Chris Tiu, Jc Tiuseco or Simon Atkins were taller and more bulky, they would be great contenders.. I also doubt if they would sacrifice their current prestige.. I think the very Filipino, Reygor Gorospe who’s 6’3 and was a former player of San Beda would be a good choice. He’s the guy who won the top model category of WCOPA last year. He’s currently being built up to become a matinee idol and he would surely do well at Mr. WORLD because of his sports and pageant experience ๐Ÿ™‚

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