33 comments on “Sunday Specials: Will there be additional disqualifications?

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  2. Para siguro matapos na ang tanggalan sa Bb. Pilpinas 2014. Marahil mas maigi na lang na itanong sa madla kung sa tingin nila kung sino ang karapatdapat para ipanlaban ng ating bansa para sa MU, MI, MS at MTQI. Sa totoo lang mas gusto ko na lang subaybayan si Deniece Cornejo baka siya ang ipapasok at ipapalit ni Madam Stella para sa tatanggalin.

  3. Sir Norms, di po ba may height requirement ang Bb.so dapat sa application stage pa lang, na-determine na kung pumasa sila. But Diane Querrer and Sherlien Dass survived several eliminations and kung kelan sila naging official candidates saka pa lang malalaman na di sila umabot sa height requirement. At kung ma may re-measuring man na naganap, di po ba accurate
    yung nauna?

    • Actually, Jiro, it’s hard to pinpoint now at who’s to blame for their disqualifications. Are they the one/s who let them slide in the first place or the person who asked for re-measuring.

    • Height…again? Seriously. The BPCI folks have to get this straightened out next time. We can’t afford making girls cry and shatter their dreams (despite them not declaring what their accurate height is) just because the org missed to check their actual height at an earlier stage — READ: DAY ONE OF ELIMINATION.

      Day one! This is something that should’ve been done on day one! Do you hear me, people behind the elimination process??? DAY ONE! *shaking my head in disbelief*

      • Why don’t they just let them continue in the competition ? If they’re bordering 5’5′ , they probably won’t win anyway

  4. I hope its not Hannah Sison, i know she is a model and has recent endorsements and TVC, she has PAL TVC and some product endorsements. But BPCI should have known this from the beginning. The other might be Elleore Punzalan, she is turning 27 I think.

  5. With another imminent disqualifications just right around the corner, here are the replacements.

    There is no doubt that BB Pilipinas is one of the most watched pageant in the world. But this year will be the most anticipated, the most watched pageant of the year, if not, forever. Why? From this batch will be crowned the 3rd Miss Universe, back-to-back Miss International and Miss Supranational that no one has ever achieved.

    Who will step up to the plate? Who has the commanding presence? You’ve heard their minds. Who has the wit, wisdom, endurance and determination to take home the crown, at all cost?

    Just take a look at this pic. Focus on their striking poses. The crème de la crème and the envy of both the pageant and modelling world. They will make your wishes come true. You be the judge.

    LIVE ! from Araneta Coliseum. The 2014 MISS PHILIPPINES !!

    Yeehaaaw !!!

    • I immediately opened your link and… Oh molly guacamole! You are right, Chrome! 🙂

  6. bud? it is one of the frontrunners. Guidotti, Pia, Yvethe, MJ, Parul, Arevalo, Kenneth, Janson, Suiza, Sison. My balls said so. 🙂

  7. All I can say is that BPCI is fond of pasabogs. What for?

    Well, based strictly on BbP rules, I can figure out one after hearing the declarations of the official candidates during their recent event at Farmer’s Plaza Mall. I am sure that the first two evictees will demand for equal treatment so I guess she has to go back south soon. Just hoping that the two will just move on. Fingers-crossed.

    • Let’s cut Hannah S’ misery short. I love her but she probably won’t win anyway

  8. Oh please I sure hope there won’t be any more. And I hope this ain’t a ploy to drumbeat the current BBP just to catch attention to stir up controversy. Just not a good sign. This will only pave the way for some quarters to dig deeper, find faults, target & malign BBPC. It’s the year if the wooden horse so let’s keep the positive vibes going. 🙂

      • Parang si MJ dahil dalawampu’t anim na taon na siya. Lampas na sa edad. Sino ba sa tingin mo?!?

      • Not MJ. Nabanggit ko na yung isa here in one of the threads 🙂 It has something to do with her existing endorsements daw. Remember age limit ngayon is 26 na. So Pasok pa si Mj.

        The other one daw is height rin ang issue. This is not confirmed ha.

      • I heard about Hannah Ruth Sison’s endoresement issue and according to Norman, BPCI is aware of it from the beginning.

        This is from the official site…
        “Application to the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 pageant is now open to interested single ladies ages 17 to 25 years old, with Filipino citizenship, at least 5 feet 6 inches tall, at least a high school graduate, and of good moral character.”

      • Strictly on the age thingy, it should be MJ and Ladylyn Riva. Both very gorgeous ladies are 26.

      • And I thought they increased the age limit? If it’s the age limit, this is so unfair as this is written in black and white the moment they go to Gateway to pass their application. Duh naman diba?

        Anyway, I just hope that there won’t be any further DQ’s around as this is going to be heartbreaking for sure.

      • Especially for MJ, I guess. She has a zillion of happy fans as we can see in youtube. 😉

    • Alam ko hindi yung Globe at PAL ang problem…
      Major sponsor ang Pal while ewan kung me shares ang Araneta sa any Telecom co…
      Palabas lang ng BPCI yan…
      Ang alam ko ayaw nila ng me lockout sa fastfood kasi sila may-ari ng Pizza hut and Taco bell sa Pilipinas.. Naghahanap lang sila ng ibang butas..

      • Ayun yung Globe lockout nga problem nya…
        She can get disqualified now… problem is she’s already turning 26 this year… There would be no assurance that she could join again next year.. If she doesn’t get disqualified.. there is a great chance she would not win. I heard she also has a fastfood lockout so that’s already 2 points against her.

  9. OmG. Grabeng pasabog Kuya Norm. Nakakatakot. Sana di na magtanggal. Nakakaawa namn.

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