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  1. Hi norman! This is my first time to leave a comment in your blog but I’ve been an everyday visitor since 2012 hehe. I really love your work and it has been part of my daily routine hehe. Anyway I watched the bbp press presentation earlier at gateway foodpark and I just want to share my obersvation. Kris hanson was really a stunner and had a regal bearing (contrary to her boring photos) which fits MI. Aiza and angelique did not live up to the hype and were unrecognizable along with hannah. Parul had personality and is really stunning as well with her exotic look. Guidotti was a suprise. She was really tall standing next to Parul. Laura lehman is also consistently doing good. I dont understand the hype on Ainjely. She is pretty but her frame is really small like that during adolescence. Yvethe was reeealllyy pretty but not sure if she is the beauty queen type with her really small face. I love pia! Diana is a goddess as expected. Norman, is Mj not in good terms with her previous camp? I was standing next to some people i could recognize from AQ and one yelled “tse!” when it was Mj’s turn to the mike hehe. Im no pageant expert but these were just my humble observation. Thanks

    • “Yvethe was reeealllyy pretty but not sure if she is the beauty queen type with her really small face.”

      Chiboi, thanks for sharing a very brief but most accurate description of Yvethe Marie Santiago. That pretty small face is her key to winning the third Miss Universe crown for the Philippines. Thanks a-gain.

      BTW, what does “chiboi” mean? A chinese boy?!? 🙂

  2. BPU – Bianca Guidotti
    BPI – Yvethe Santiago
    BPS – MJ Lastimosa
    BPTQ – Aiza Faeldonia
    1st RUp – Vessica Sambo

  3. I have no idea how or why but I had a feeling Joy Gangan would be Binibini 18 lol.

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