38 comments on “The Return of Aiza Faeldonia

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  2. Not a Jonas ward? Could she end the 4-year Ms PH Universe domination of Jonas? Very much so. Then ask Jonas to train her for Miss U. Yup, no other title for her. Only Miss PH Universe. #justsaying

  3. Maliban kay dianne querer mas maramimi naman ang clappers na nakapasok. Sinayang ng bpci ang mga ganto kagagandang girls. Di ko talaga mainitindihan bakit may mga chararat na nakapasok. Good thing nakapasok siya pero sana ginawa nalang ulit nilang 50 girls this year. Para mabigyan ng chance yung iba.

  4. BPCI is very consistent for being inconsistent.
    Disqualifications year after year.
    Aiza deserve the spot from the very start, but now even if she was called back, it will not change the fact that she’s a filler.
    I hope she wins to prove BPCI that she’s not just another filler.

  5. Goodness. Beautiful! She could stop traffic! Lol

    Judging by this photo, how did this candidate NOT make the original cut?

  6. Ehem ehem. My Queen is back.

    Wala nakong masabi. Stars are saying paulit ulit. “Ikaw na”… haha.


  7. I’ve said this then, I’m gonna say it again…..DIYOSA ANG BABAENG ITO. Kamukha niya talaga si Maggie Q.!!!!

    • Too much injustices in the society.
      Why are the authorities letting this killer at large?
      And why in the hell she qualified for this Nat’l Pageant knowing the fact that she’s a killer.


  8. I’m so happy that she’s back.And what about your presentiment , Kuya Norman? You said there’s a slight of change when it is going to be official.

    My top 5:
    MU-Yvethe Santiago
    MI-Pia Wurtzbach/Aiza Faeldonia
    MTQ-Diana Arevalo
    MS-MJ Lastimosa/Aiza Faeldonia

  9. She’s stunning ! I don’t think she’s only 5’6″ tall. With that body, she’s at least, bet. 5’7.5″ to 5’9″ tall. 😉

  10. I am happy for her return but somehow I’m wondering if she was actually ranked 41st or 42nd. Hoping she has a way of killin’ it because that’s somehow a long way to the top. Hest, where are you? Start your shout-out now!!!

  11. I really wonder what the initial reason was for her elimination. Ao if not for the two disqualified contestants, edi tapos na sana ang BBP2014 journey ni Aiza.

    I mean, seriously, Aiza took the boot over other — for a lack of a better word — less-deserving ladies? Come on.

    • Oo nga Sheena, bakit di siya naka sama sa first official list last monday, may alam ka na di puwedeng I splok, wish her good luck…..

      • Ang chika daw si Dianne Querrer may kapit sa BPCI. His lolo and Pitoy are friends daw and matagal na daw cya pinapasali. E kaso ayan nahuli sa height lol.

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