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  1. Yvette Santiago for Miss Universe 2014. Matalino. Cum Laude. CPA. First time to join so please give her support. She has an aura na kayang pataubin ang mga Venezuelans… Inate ang pagka mabait and have a great personality. If you want a 3rd Miss Universe from Philippines go for Yvette..

    • You may say it’s weird but her name is spelt YVETHE (MARIE AVISADO SANTIAGO).


  2. Yvethe Marie Avisado Santiago will surely win one of the 4 major Titles in this year! Bb.Pilipinas 2014

    it’s either Miss. Universe or Miss. International πŸ™‚

    • I know you are being humble because you have the same surname. Haven’t you known that she is Miss Universe 2014?

      By the way, you are free to use the official hashtags below. πŸ˜‰


  3. Interesting to finally see the TOP 40 announcement video. First of all I am still very sorry for Ms. Querrer and Ms. Daas for being this year’s victim of BPCI’s bruhaha.

    I have been circling around and always on the look out for the latest news about these beautiful girls this last month and I for one already have a list of favorites based on the photographs that were released beforehand, but after seeing the video I began to cross out some names that – who are- based on my judgement doesn’t seem to have that umph at first glance. I believe that having that wow factor at first sight is the strongest impact one girl could ever do to take a competition by storm. Janine had that, from the very first time I laid my eyes on her during the BB Pilipinas 2011 screening, I’ve always felt that she had that umph even though she was a bit out of shape during that time. Shamcey had that too, and I am sure everyone would agree. She was that skinny and lanky girl who they wouldn’t call during the announcement of the Final list in 2011, where most people watching live/youtube couldn’t know why until they made the audience realized that they were saving the best for last. But unlike Janine, Shamcey doesn’t have that ever present mesmerizing aura, her presence would slowly dwindle and fade out when mixed with the most beautiful girls around. When I was watching the Miss Universe in 2011, I felt that she wasn’t going to be called to the TOP 16 but when they did, I was sure that a runner-up will definitely be her best and it did happened. Then came Ariella Arida, who doesn’t have that umph at all. You will have to stare at her for about 10 minutes to convince yourself that she is a Ms. Universe material, the only thing is, she was dazzling that Bb. Pilipinas 2013 pageant night, and everyone were less fixed and I felt most had the lousiest choices of gowns and stylings during that night. If you try to watch the video, everyone seemed looking like not at their best except for Mutya Datul, Amanda Navasero, Mary Joyce Respicio, and Angelica De Leon. Ellore Punzalan looked good that night too…but the likes of Pia who didn’t look her best as well as Parul, Hanah, Ria, Cassandra, and the rest; man that was a crazy night. So when Miss Universe 2013 came, I didn’t have that very high expectations, good thing we were saved by the votes, although I still credit Ariella’s feat making it to the TOP 5, that was all her- but like that of Shamcey, I knew it would be either a 4th or 3rd Runner up finish. I didn’t blink during Janine’s pageant I knew she had it, only that Olivia Culpo was so mesmerizing, Olivia was just too Miss Universe nothing Janine’s brilliant Q&A could do.

    And so Back to yet another chapter of BB PILIPINAS 2014. Many made a splash during the early getting-to-know-you stage and to be honest, this is really one of the best, if not the best of the Bb Pilipinas line up ever. Dropping out a name for a crown contention was so hard, at least 3 ladies are all without a question a Miss Universe caliber. I will mention my TOP bets per crown and I will also mention my pre-video choices who were crossed out of contention.

    THIS IS JUST MY OPINION, I do not intend to bash or diminish any personality by these comments. But as a pageant enthusiast ever since 1992, here are my very own sentiments.


    1. PIA WURTZBACH – yes, still she is far and away the best bet our country could send to take the Miss Universe by storm. In a crowd of beautiful girls, hovering always stops where Pia stands, and you care to stop for a while and think that she is beautiful and then you will be curious about her personality and later will find out that she is a happy spirit, bubbly, and determined. Until you mind how she speaks and expresses her opinions and woalah, you would know at an instant, that – there it is… Hello Miss Universe.

    People just don’t like her because she is a big risk, because she is a meztiza but she is very endearing, such a warm personality that will grace the competition come MU2014, just like that aura Meagan Young brought in MW2013 and Olivia Culpo in MU2012.

    2. HANAH RUTH SISON – her look is very Miss Universe too. I haven’t heard her speak in an interview but given that she used to be a professor, I bet she could also speak her mind as well. Her smile is very contagious, she just got to work on her stage presence because as of now she is that almost but not quite girl, but I do really like her look. If the Philippines would like to keep its tradition of sending a tanned- very Filipina look, she is the best bet. I just really find that spark in her.

    3. YVETTE SANTIAGO – There is no doubt that she has the best face this year so I had to youtube her to see her communication skills, but hmmm If the Philippines want to lock the Miss Supranational 2014. Crown her already!

    4. PARUL SHAH – she’s not originally in my list but after seeing the video, I believe that in her own way, she is also a contender for MUP.

    Crossed out of the List : Guidotti, Suiza, Aiza F.


    1. KRIS TIFFANY JANSON – she didn’t look very commanding in photos, but in the video…wow. I just spotted a winner. She could be MUP2014 too but amongst her, Pia and Hannah, I put her on 3rd. but she is 1st on my list for BPInt.

    2. LAURA LEHMAN – hello there pretty girl, she has that staple Bb. Pilipinas International look, sweet and charming. The look that had charisma, let us see in the next few days if her personality and presence could be as feisty and commanding as Pia’s, then she could be in MUP contention. But until to day, she is at neck to neck battle with Kris Janson and Joy Diaz for BPInt.

    3. JOY ANTOINETTE DIAZ- originally not in my top list, but after the video, just like Kris Tifanny Janson, she was just sparkling. Notice-able like that of Cindy Miranda, BPInt will be my best placement for her, as I am closing down the MUP crown exclusively amongst Pia, Hannah, Parul, and possibly Yvette and Kris Tifanny.

    Crossed out of the List : Nichole Manalo, Hanah Dela Guerra


    This crown could be given to any of the girls above, if Pia would be MUP and TIFFANY is BBInt, I would prefer this to be given to Hannah/Parul/Laura/Joy. or just between Hannah and Joy.


    Now here where it gets really crowded, so I will just list down the names. What we need here is that drop dead-no questions asked gorgeous, oozing with sex appeal and register’s an aura of get out of my way I AM HERE—-MOVE. (like that of Mutya)

    1. YVETTE SANTIAGO – sure win for MISS SUPRANATIONAL 2014.
    2. MARY JEAN LASTIMOSA – she had that aura and party I am a bit sympathetic that she should get something after her 2 tries- she is gorgeous after all.
    3. PARUL SHAH- if they wouldn’t give her the MUP then this is perfect for her.
    4. DIANA AREVALO- same comment as MJ Lastimosa.
    5. KRIS TIFFANY JANSON – if they wouldn’t give her BPInt, she could also be a strong bet, next to Yvette.

    1st RR UP- If I am BPCI, I would give out this 1st RR UP Position to one of the repeaters who they couldn’t crown because some girls are just more perfectly fit for a crown. If they wouldn’t crown Hannah, then she deserved this or Parul, MJ, Diana Arevalo.


    Girls with absolutely beautiful bodies usually easily make it to the TOP 15. That I could say is the reason why Ellore Punzalan made it last year, and I am still counting her in now. In fact, I believe that she is in contention for the best in swimsuit this year. Her body is just so statisque, and her legs proportion to her body is just so well put.

    Vessica Sambo could be in too (could be a Mary Joyce Respicio from last year)
    Ainjely Manalo
    Nichole Manalo
    Mara Guidotti (not so sure, she’s not a beauty queen material to me after seeing the video)
    Kimverlyn Suiza (not so sure, her long gown may pull up her score in the prelims but I believe that given that a lot of the girls this year have amazing bodies, her swimsuit may fall deep to the bottom 10.)
    Julianne Flores
    Hannah Dela Guerra
    Jeslyn Santos
    Racquel Kabigting
    Janine Asanion
    Emma Tiglao

    • 😳 I am sure you were feeling so “kilig” when you were writing this epic tribute to your over-the-top favourite, Pia Wurtzbach. You should have twitted her about this so that you’ll get a kiss on your forehead… for sure. But you are in SIN, right?!? Are you sure you are not InΓ¨s Ligron?!?

      No pun intended. I am just admiring your fanatic way of writing. I had to blink-blink. πŸ˜‰

      And I loved how you promoted Her Majesty, Queen Yvethe Marie of the Universe. Didn’t you know that she is Miss Universe 2014?!? Go ask Pia! πŸ˜†

  4. Swimsuit photos of the candidates are stunning with one exception. The candidate named Vanessa Salida needs a re-shoot.

  5. Grabe naman tong bumuboto ky MJ wagas. Ano yan parang MU lng online voting. Hahaha kung sino ka man teh, na paulit ulit na reni reload yung page na to at bumoto para ky MJ. Pagod lng abutin mo teh. Pahinga ka na lng. Hahah. Remember, mostly online voting n pageant polls kung sino number 1, comes final night kulelat. Ok? Kaya kung sino ka man. Maka MJ president ng fans club. Hahaha. Pinapgod mo lng sarili mo. Hahahaaha


  6. MJ is killing this poll ! Guidotti, Yvethe fans C’MON! step right up, hurry hurry!

    • No worries, pal. Ninety-nine percent of MJ’s votes were made by my #1 thumbdowner. That’s how fast he works. πŸ˜† πŸ™„

  7. MU (true morenas with distinctly Asian features)-Liezel Ramos/Aiza Faeldonia/Yvethe Santiago
    MI (the classiest and the most elegant girls)- Kimverlyn Suiza/Pia Wurtzbach/Vessica Sambo
    MTQI (porcelain-skinned beauties akin to the Chinese)- Hannah dela Guerra/Emma Tiglao/Kris Janson
    MS (bubbliest onstage but with questionable comm skills) – MJ Lastimosa/Parul Shah/Diana Arevalo

    • Is this about her endorsement contract with Globe? I certainly hope not. Hannah was quite open about it during the screenings. Besides, nobody who watches Philippine TV wouldn’t know that she is on the Globe TVC.

  8. Next year will be another batch of ladies and I’m sure there are young Filipinas preparing for the right moment. I see Desiree Verdadero’s daughter or even Janicel Lubina. Sana bigyan ng chance ang mga baguhan na promising gaya nila at I-limit ang repeat application to 2x. Give way to fresh blood and let them be trained the right way. For example, I see Emma and Jan as strong representative – young and beautiful and lots of potential. Sana pagtuunan sila ng focus also at hindi gawing popularity contest. Sana makita ito ng mga judges at hindi masilaw sa palakasan ng publicity ng ibang contestant. Ok lang ang favoritism but let us fairly look at the potential of others.

  9. The official Binibining Pilipinas twitter page just confirmed that AIZA FAELDONIA is IN!!!

    • I’ve always loved these two ladies’ kayumangging kaligatan complexion. Hopefully they don’t get ignored conidering the bevy of beauties all aspiring to get a crown. Let’s wait and see, Felipe Roberto. Now I see you commenting again, aye?!? Who’s your bet at this very moment? I am too obvious with mine. πŸ˜†

      • I have no bets at the moment. I’m still observing…

  10. Repeaters are leading the pack! Does BbP owe them crowns? If they didn’t make it the first time or second time when the competition wasn’t as tough as it is shaping up to be now, then why would Madam Stella hand them the titles when there are other fresher, more competitive candidates?

    • Amongst repeaters, I only see Pia making it to the magic circle of five. Just my feeling I guess.

      • Agree on that Dexter. I’m not seeing anybody else making it to the top 5…except maybe MJ

    • Hi Dawn. Does the BP org have a say on who wins ? Or it is based solely on the decision of the panel of judges?

  11. My choices are also presentiment πŸ˜‰ They are:

    The Santiagos: for BbP Universe 2014
    Wurzbach & Lehmann (sounds like an accounting firm πŸ™‚ ): for BbP International 2014
    Shah, Lastimosa & Guidotti (sounds like a law firm πŸ™‚ : for Bb2P014 Supranational
    Arevalo & Janson (also sounds like a law firm): BbP Tourism International 2014

    1st RU BbP 2014
    Yvethe Santiago: just in case she doesn’t win any crown this year
    Liezel Ramos
    Edz Agustin

    I wish for them to join in any national pageant this year or to join BbP 2015 again next year:

    Shauna Curran
    Ainjely Manalo
    Ja Flores
    Racquel Kabigting
    Sheena Manuel
    Vesica Sambo
    Nichole Manalo
    Emma Tiglao
    Joy Gangan
    Jeslyn Santos
    Krystal Alonday
    Angee de Leon
    Kim Suiza
    Liezel Ramos
    Edz Agustin

      • Hi Dex. Can’t ignore the other Santiago at the moment πŸ˜‰ She overshadows Yvethe in that SW round of their own choice lately! Based on photos only πŸ˜‰

      • No worries my friend. My Queen’s very well knows where she stands right now. And she is standing firm and gracefully.

        Well, that’s Kenneth’s best picture. I really can’t say more. πŸ™‚

    • Chrome, you must be voting a lot, aye? Or is it your balls that are voting?? πŸ˜†

      The names you have mentioned have tremendously gained so much votes in a matter of ten minutes. Must be fun, aye?!? πŸ˜‰

  12. well the question now is who’s going to buckle and who’s going to breeze through the question and answer portion. Dyan magkakatalo.

  13. if I were to pick the winners for the 4 crowns based on physical beauty this would be my selection:
    Miss universe – Bianca guidotti/ Parul Shah
    Miss International – Ja Flores/ pia wurtzbach
    Miss Supranational – Emma Tiglao/ Raquel Kabigting
    Miss Tourism – Yvethe Santiago/Ednornance
    First runner up – ainjely Manalo/ Laura Lehmann

  14. bud my crystal balls (not ball) tell me that a “santiago’ will win. I wonder if that is Kenneth or Yvethe. And also my balls tell me its gonna be a back-to-back in an international competition for a certain “santiago’.

  15. Yung isang kapitbahay natin, may pambato na sa Miss Unverse 2014 ah. Yung mga taga Indo. Hahahaha Sure top 5 placement na daw sla sabi nla hahaha Lol

  16. Sugod mga ka-barangay!
    Magdala ng sampung kamag-anak, sampung kaanito at sampung ka-tribo.
    Sanib pwersa.
    Juan for All, All for Juan.
    Bayanihan na!


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