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  1. Aiza is the Filipina version of Solen Heussaf while Carla is the daughter of her mother to her father.

  2. smh at bpci..

    anyway, congrats to carla and aiza.. 🙂

    at dun sa natanggal naman, dont worry girls, maybe there’s a much better opportunity waiting for you 🙂

  3. Isnt it a part of the screening process or i shld say application process to have all the applicant’s height be measured on the day that the applicant submitted her application? How can an applicant pass thru all the screenings and final selection and was announced to be an official candidate then later be disqualified because of height issue? Paano nila sinukat ang aplikante nung nagapply? Nakatakong? Its a shame! Nkakadisappoint at nakakaiyak dun sa candidate na nadisqualified. On the screening and application kailangan lahat ng applicants nakayapak at sinusukat ng nakayapak hindi iniestimate ang height!! At pano magaaply kung alam nyang 5’4 lng sya o 5’5 e malinaw na 5’6 ang minimum reqt? Maybe there are other reasons, not the height!

    • Tama ka diyan Trish. Sa tingin ko naman sa mga taong namamahala ng beauty camp ay nakaka-intindi at may pinag-aralan at alam nila ang mga requirements para sa mga patimpalak ng kagandahan. At sa tingin ko rin sa lahat ng mga posibleng kandidata alam naman na nila ang mga requirements bago sila isumite ang kanilang sarili. Kung ang sabi kailangan ay 5’6″ , alangan naman yung mga beauty camp ay ipapadala yung isang tao na may kulang ng taas ang ipapasabak nila. Sa ginawa ng BPCI nakakahiya dahil ginawa nilang tanga at bobo ang pobreng posibleng kandidata at ang mga tao na namamahala sa mga beauty camps.

  4. Is there any more surprising disqualification among the lucky 40 candidates? Do they have other reasons to disqualify them aside from citizenship, age, moral issue, height, gender issue and their conflict of interest? As I said a thousand times, BPCI should retire for good and let a new vibrant organization handle the beauty contest. Let us look back to Miss World Philippines, under the leadership of Cory Quirino she was able to produce Miss World in just a matter of 3 years.

    • Good point. In the three years since Miss World Philippines became an independent organization, their representatives have;

      1) placed in the top 15 three times,

      2) made the top 3 (or 2) finalists two times,

      3) and crowned Miss World once!

      In THREE years! In comparison, how well did the Filipina reps -to Miss World- do during its tenure under the flagship of BPCI?

      Good and valid argument Gloria.

  5. The credibility and the integrity of the selection committee has now been compromised.

    The issue is not the addition of the two worthy candidates, the blunder is the elimination of the two candidates who were victims as sacrificial lambs.

    Sacrificing the.

  6. Consistent talaga sa pagiging hearltess sa selection process ang Binibining Pilipinas. Halos taon-taon na lang they subject a Filipina or two to a heartbreak or shame. I wonder if similar case has ever occurred with Mutya ng Pilipinas, Miss Philippines-World, Miss Earth-Philippines or even those Supermodel or Elite Look modelling contests? I hope Donald Trump & the MUO take a second look on this yearly scenario so maybe they can consider granting the Miss Universe to a more reputable franchise-holder.Tingnan natin kung maging most prestigious (despite all the controversies) pa yang BPCI na yan under SMA.

  7. Kawawa naman yung mga tinanggal! For a while official candidate sila tapos biglang tsugi. Sana di na lang tinanggal, dinagdagan na lang sana.

  8. Since Aiza is back. I have now my final prediction. Though i’m torn between Aiza and Yvethe for MuP and so dying for Yvethe to get the crown as well. But I have to choose one and die for it til the end.

    And with my other comments from Kuya Norms post. I was eyeing Yvethe as my MuP girl. But this time it’s a whole new world. (hehe)..

    MUP2014: Aiza Faeldonia
    BBP International : Yvethe Maries Santiago
    BBP Supranational : Bianca Guidotti
    BBP Tourism : Kris Janson
    1st RU : Angelique Deleon


  9. Ooooohhh My God. Aiza is Goddes. And shes definitely back. Buhay na #AKBAY girls ko.
    I so love her pic.



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