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  2. This is a real mess considering the many extensions BbP had. Though I feel upset for the journey of the MINUS ladies especially Diane Querer because I have inluded her in my Top 30, I can’t understand why the two lied about their real height. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong in increasing the number to 42. Everbody will be happy for sure. 😉

  3. bakit po nila tinanggal ang dalawa sina dianne querer at sherlien dass eh diba po official candidate na sila taz tatanggalin na sila at papalitan eh parang nagaksaya lang yong dalawa at parang niloko lang sila sir norman?

  4. What a shame for the BPCI screening committee/organizers… I dunno if they are playing games for some controversies just to make some noise for this years pageant or they are just plain dumb… Such a disappointment!


    How many times did they postponed the announcement of the official candidates? Then, my ganito pa din? For what reason? The height? For real? Are the people behind BPCI stupid? They should have eliminated these ladies at the first elimination? This is unacceptable, not because my friend, Diane was eliminated (disqualified, whatsoever) but because they put these two beautiful women in a situation they don’t deserve. Other might say, AYOS LANG YAN, WALA NAMAN SILANG LABAN eh, pero the thought na NAPAHIYA sila dahil kagagawan ng BPCI for naming them as an official candidates then suddenly removing them in the roaster is unbearable.

    if they felt they are wrong from removing AIZA and CARLA (which is totally wrong), they should rectify this mistake without offending other people.


  6. In a field of 40, the selection committee should own up for their own errors. They should not have any sacrificial lambs. ADD the two candidates and do not eliminate any of the top 40.

  7. In a field of 40, the selection committee should own up for their own errors. They should not have any sacrificial lambs. Keep the 40 and just add the two.

    C’mon selection committee, exercise some integrity…

  8. Very happy that Aiza is back. Pero sana wag na magtanggal pa. Keri na yung dagdagan. Kse announced sila ng announced tpos todo bawi. Bkit ba hirap bpci gwing 45 or 50 candidates? Reqtments b yan ng pageant franchise? Araneta coliseum? Hay naku tong si madam. Minsan gusto ko kurutin. Hehe good news bec of Aiza n Carla pero please wag na mag minus 2 bpci.?. Keri na ang 2.

  9. Big YESES for Carla and Aiza.
    Yes for Carla for being a good mother to Daniel Padilla.
    And yes to Aiza for being a good kumpare to his brother Charlie Pempengco.

    Aiza Seguerra for the Win!

  10. I would definitely love to see Aiza and Carla in the Top 40. They deserve to be in the final roster anyway.

    At the expense of two candidates is tad understandable albeit disappointing. However…to make it worse, Dianne and Sherlien? These two are perhaps the strongest girls among all the eventual thank-you girls. Don’t take it wrongly. I just don’t see them wearing any of the crowns because of the many contenders who are more height-and-facially gifted. Nevertheless, I still see them as deserving contestants to make the competition tougher. Furthermore, they are better contenders than a few other girls who I see are far less deserving to even be in the final roster.

    If they get Aiza and Carla in, FINE. I just hope it would not be Diane and Sherlien who says bye-bye this early.

    • PS: if it really were Diane and Sherlien, I hope we get info on why they’ve been cut. What specific background info caused them the chance of competing?

      • Thanks, Sheena.

        Now that is VERY SILLY — especially that height-check is something they should have done on Day 1. Heck! I would even go as far and advocate getting the height-check done on the ‘submission of application’ day! Gosh these BPCI folks. Kakaloka.

  11. Parang FBI at IRS ang bpci kung magpa background check, lahat as in LAHAT nauungkat, nakakawindang ang investigative team ng bpci, lesson learned Ito sa mga future binibini aspirants , BEHAVE as in BEHAVE, huwag gagawa ng ikasisira ng image, malalaman at malalaman ni madam ang mga skeletons sa closet…… Mag ingat!

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