17 comments on “Sunday Specials: Two to Tango Part 2

  1. I like this camp.
    Newbie but has proven to be an achiever.
    Hindi tulad ng ibang camp na lahat na lang ay ipinapangalandakan.

  2. Hi kuya norman! I don’t think people from Isabela province are called Isabelanons, i think they are called Isabelinos in general. My mom is an Isabelina. : )

  3. I like them both… that would be great if she will also get the Supra crown.. just imagine a back to back win for the wards charming Macoy 🙂

  4. Sheena has a beautiful face, but sorry, I am reminded of Anton Diva in her pictures.. 😦

  5. This is a much better pair. They look more fresh and natural.
    I don’t know if they will place but they sure are beautiful.
    Again, let us see what happens on finals night.

  6. Good grief ! Joy Marie still remains as one of my top 3 contenders for the major crowns ( with Bianca & Yvethe as my other 2) ! Her styling, height, aura & her stage presence, though I haven’t heard her speak yet , do command attention ! She’s the girl that will make heads turn not once not twice but several times ! Her overall aura is fit for MUP. So are Bianca’s & Yvethe’s ! Whew ! I believe this year’s batch is going to be the most competitive in recent years ! Again for me it’s Yvethe, Bianca & Joy for the win ! If they don’t capture any of the crowns @ stake (which I very highly doubt), they need to give BBP another shot next year ! Go go go Yvethe, Bianca & Joy ! ! ! My top 3 🙂

  7. If the coronation night remains unchanged, then the stars will align from the northeastern side of the Philippines down to the southwestern side. Joy Marie will succeed incumbent Miss Supranational up to the international level. 😮

  8. The eve Joy Marie will make it very difficult for the frontrunners. And the judges. And for me. And for you.

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