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  1. Ninang, bulakenya ba si JDV?
    Is he the man behind Reyna at Hari ng Bulacan formerly known as Lakan at Lakambini ng Bulacan?

      • Ninang, pwedeng magrequest?
        Please don’t filter my comments, never naman akong nagmura sa mga comments ko.
        Nanonotice ko kasi may mga comments akong hindi napo-post pag against sa mga favorite candidates yung comments ko.
        Please don’t filter Ninang, as what is stated in your comment rules, our comments do not reflect yours but ours, so I take responsibilities in all my comments.

  2. Thank you to these people for their never-ending passion for Ph Pageantry. Despite of the fact that there’s not much money in this area, yet they dedicate their time and effort to make dreams come true for their alagas. Kudos! Maraming salamat po 🙂

  3. A big thanks to the three of them for always trying/giving their all to bring out the best in Philippine beauty!

  4. By just looking at the pictures, I can see that 10 girls deserve to be crowned outright. This must be so difficult for the screening committee.

      • I was trying hard to find the ladies you were referring to. It’s good you made the follow-up. Otherwise… 😉

  5. Kudos to Rodgil Flores, Jonas Gaffud and John de la Vega for all their undivided efforts to presenting the most beautiful ladies in the country this year. I am sure they have more reserves in their respective camps for the other national pageants.

    Just my far out thinking… I wish that one day, A&Q, KF and TeamJDV merge to one solid beauty institution that would surpass the world-renowned one. They would build one beauty empire that would be named “Miss Philippines” or “Evangeline de Castro” (the first Filipina to be crowned Miss Philippines from Baguio City) or “Gemma Teresa Guerero Cruz” (the first Filipina to win an international crown) or “Teresita Torralba Sanchez”(the first Filipina to compete internationally in 1952 for Miss Universe) or “Princess Emraida Kiram” (real princess from the Kingdom of Kiram in Mindanao who was the first representative of the country to Miss World). Then ALL aspirants should be officially registered and housed there for a three-month minimum training before they enlist to any national contest. Then the titleholders will live there during their entire reign. The reason is simple: All national pageants will be telecasted internationally. 🙄

    P.S. R-L Angels’ R.L. Lacanienta also deserves to be honoured.

    • I wanted to include R-L but maybe next year. His combined outputs, while commendable, are still junior-level given that this is technically just his 2nd year of formally fielding ladies, 3rd if you count Pat Ejercitado’s joining last 2012. 😉

  6. Hello Norman! tHank you so much for the beautiful words! Jen and ISabelle PLaza, thank you!

  7. Norman, thank you for featuring these 3 beauty queen makers in your blog. They do deserve the kudos. And you do too 🙂

  8. A well-deserved compliment from Norman & all of us to the 3 leading beauty camps in the country today ! Muchos gracias for all the hard work, time and effort to Jonas, Rodgil & John ! Mabuhay po kayo and maraming salamat po. May the 3 of you set aside your differences & unite in training the would-be title holders regardless of this year’s BBP results ! Mabuhay ang gandang Pinay 🙂

  9. KF fan ako pero hands down po ako sa tatlo. Kailangang sabihin ko na ang totoo. Suwertehan lang this year kung sino sa mga manok nila ang mananalo. Each one of them burned their eyebrows para maimprove ang mga candidates. Pero surprised talaga ako kay JDV sa mga kavogerang fazavog niya. We can not rank his team third anymore. Lahat silang tatlo tied at #2. Hihihihi.

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