15 comments on “When height is might, Part 2

  1. Maybe it’s just me but amongst the tall breeds, I find Kenneth the least attractive as I find her face too big and her figure seems to need trmmings everywhere. But she’ll prolly make it to the 40 for her height.

  2. Hello Norman, I got a technical issue regarding your blog. I noticed that in viewing your latest post , the tags, comment link, the title link are not activated. Dunno why it happens if viewed from a browser. but if you view the last post in WordPress site or application, then it is OK.

  3. She’s a tall one. She is perfect….from the neck down. A contender nonetheless.

  4. YES!!! Project kung project. Sana pati sa paglalakad tama rin ang projection. But yes, as a Filipino woman who has almost the same height as her, I get the second look all the time from people even when I am in my plain Jane aura. Hence, height is a crucial element in a beauty pageant. I like her.
    Alluring body can be achieved with training. It seems she got the face, just do some modifications to make up and hair styling, oh yang wardrobe, naku diyan talaga ako nalulukring din. Her styling in the red pic is not bad at all. But I hope her camp will provide her with the greatest support so she can be so so successful.

  5. For Miss Universe I still prefer taller candidates who can be trained by beauty queen experts!

  6. Even if she’s tall, it’s quite obvious that her midsection and hips needs a lot of work to do. I hope she uses her height to her advantage.

  7. As heard through the grapevine, the Miss Grand Philippines for Miss Grand International 2014 will be selected from the highest placer amongst Mr. John dela Vega’s delegates at the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 pageant. John dela Vega is the current franchise-holder of the said pageant. Who among the 11 beauties will follow Bb. Pilipinas 2012 1st runner-up, Annalie Forbes’ footsteps?

    • At the moment his delegates are: 1) Kenneth Santiago, 2) Racquel Kabigting, 3) Vessica Sambo, 4) Lea Forbes, 5) Joy Antonette Diaz, 6) Jamie Reyes, 7) Sarah Jireh Asido, 8) Leonalyn dela Cruz, 9) Krystal Alonday, 10) Shauna Indra Curran, 11) Jeslyn Santos. Who will make the cut as the 40 official candidates and who will fight her way up for the Bb. Pilipinas titles and the 2nd Miss Grand Philippines 2014?

  8. I’m starting to love joy gangan!! She’s a beauty and exotic–bet ko na rin sya for MUP

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