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  1. If only all of the other aspirants will be given the chance to be in the limelight. How about those without camps or whatsoever? I believe that they also deserve to be given recognition and be posted.

  2. I don’t think it’s necessary to bash/insult someone just because they’re not your bet. my 2 cents worth. Cheers.

  3. My top 5 would be:
    Pia Wurtzbach 9.789(my personal pick to win mup)

    Yvete Santiago 9.700(strong in all categories)

    Parul Shah 9.569(she has last year’s experience to help her)

    Bianca g. 9.299(one of the prettiest of the bunch)
    MJ Lastimosa 8.999(best body of the group but I dont like her styling at all)

  4. 46 – freshness is in the air, knows how to smize and undeniably pretty.
    59- confidently beautiful (dark horse)
    32 – beautiful but needs to learn how to smile with confidence. Reflecting unsureness.
    77 – beautiful but hair style got to go. You need vibrant hair style but not overly done.
    78 – cute, charming, and sweet. Just a personal favorite. I think she has something what it takes to be one of the 4 winners. Just do it right comes coronation night. I think needs more vibrancy.
    74 – another picture of freshness and smizing girl. That gives her that confident.

    Remember the theme is confidently beautiful and freshness. You gotta have these two on top of that beautiful face, amazing communication ability (spontaneity and substance), curvaceous bod, and humility.

    That is why I learned to LOVE Ariella after she won the title of MPU.

    I gotta start looking at our Miss USA as well. Magagalit na sa akin ang mga adopted family ko. hahahaha

  5. Hello Norman! Can you post a picture of Laura Lehmann in swimsuit as well? Thank you!

  6. For me, from these ladies, I have my 10 favorite candidates.

    #73 Hannah Sison
    #114 MJ Lastimosa
    #77 Yvethe Santiago
    #76 Kim Suiza
    #78 Pia Wurtzbach
    #41 Sheena manuel
    #42 Joy Gangan
    #59 Parul Shah
    #63 Bianca Guidotti
    #108 Diana Arevalo

    Tough ng laban…

  7. Paki lagyan naman ng pangalan ang mga nggagandahang contestants na ‘to para madaling makilala. Salamuch!

  8. si kim ang may pinakamalaking chance na makasungkit ng international crown be it universe, international or supranational. universal kasi beauty niya… kailangan lang sa kanya e i-polish ang styling, at ang galaw, posing, walk…

  9. kimverlyn suiza’s pic here is smashing! she so queenly with that neck of hers. just wanted to see a pic of her full body and hopefully she has the curves.. but my oh my with that pulled back hair style with matching reveal of the shoulders is the perfect look to showcase her most beautiful asset her swan like neck. if ever i have to point one dislike it would have to be her lips. it needs an injection of collagen perhaps to make it fuller and make her look more youthful.

    #29 miss de leon is a bombshell! if ever she becomes one of the winners she will be a sure hit! imagine her skinnier and more toned wow she will be a knock out asian/latina beauty

    mj lastimosa still has the knack to blow my socks off! i mean look at that body if only she can be more spontaneous than contrived in q & a’s i mean answer as if youre not reporting to a superior like a teacher or professor rather like talking to friends and buddies

    parul’s exoticness is still the choice for a perfect miss philippines rep for miss universe. she has the attitude to go along with that exotic beauty. donald trump will be impressed.

    atenean ms guidotti is another winner. high cheeks, tall and witty, she has all the potential to represent the country!

    • Markish,

      It is called conversational English. Korek ka divan. Hindi pilit and dating. Hindi parang pinagiisipang mabuti at pati mga facial expression eh nagkakandakanda pilipit. Akala ko duduguin and mga ilong kapag akoy nanonood ng Miss Universe. Matagal na sanang nakuha ng Pilipinas yang elusive MU crown na yan kung yung ating mga delegates ay articulate enough to express themselves with ease (Hello!!!). Look at how Bea and Megan expressed themselves, spontaneous (maski nirehearse) yung mga idea, the way they delivered their speech is with grace. Beauty under pressure na parang walang ka pressure pressure (take note…repeating the word twice is a NO NO). Mahilig kasing magpangalan ng mga paulit ulit ayan hanggang sa pag tathank you inuulit-ulit. RELAX. Yan and kailangang ituro sa mga BInibinis.

      Guidotti has the potential โ€ฆ styling is my question. I like her previous pics however in here I think it is overly done. Again, we want freshness. Para bang fresh produce. Puro kasi parang mga lantang gulay. Presentation pa lang mukhang Pagoda Philippines na!!! Hahahahaha

  10. I dunno if it is just me but I can see Ainjely winning MUP or Supra. She has that freshness and aura of liveliness, coolness in her . You can see it in her smile and facial expression. Sweet but magnetic. That is what international beauty looks like. Walang kokontra dahil nakatira ako sa Amerika. Alam ko kung ano ang hanap nilang itsura. Unassuming, pretty, vibrant at kahit saang anggulo maganda. Tama na yang dramang morena. Marami rin dito yan. Tama na rin yang dramang exotic. 99% kadalasan hindi effective. A beautiful face can’t be denied and she got the body as well. The theme is freshness!!!!

      • 77 my alternative. Pretty but I have my reservations with the way I looked at her dahlin!! Tiglao and Ainjely knows how to work their eyes. They know how to smize. To the rest, kailangan ng kaunting landi. Puro mga peke kasi ang mga smile, aral na aral kaya nangiinis.

      • Sashababe, i agree. Naku mamahalin sila lalo ni Tyra Banks dahil sa smize nila ๐Ÿ˜€

        On the other hand, can anyone pls tell mama Rodgil to teach Kris Janson to smile properly? Laging parangg pilit ang ngiti nya, sayang ang pretty face!

  11. I will go with Dexter’s choice, Yvette Santiago would be perfect for MUP2014! She looks elegant and womanly on all her pictures. Wala akong maipintas. Plus my gutfeel (this early) is telling me that she will be Miss Universe 2014. Mark my word.

    • I would like to choose Yvethe, maganda sana, kaya lang hindi ako komportable sa kanyang ilong! Yun lang ang nakikita kong diprensya otherwise MUP ko na rin sya!


    1. Sarah Jireh Asido
    2. Vessica Sambo
    3. Jeslyn Santos
    4. Aiza Faeldonia
    5. Anabel Christine Tia
    6. Gladys Buenaventura
    7. Mirtle Keith Gimenez
    8. Ellore Noelle Punzalan
    9. Shauna Indra Sazina Curran
    10. Leonalyn dela Cruz
    11. Joy Antonette Diaz
    12. Racquel Kabigting
    13. Angelique Celine de Leon
    14. Lea Forbes
    15. Kris Tiffany Janson
    16. Diane Carmela Querrer
    17. Gabrielle Erika Tilokani
    18. Zahara Mae Soriano
    19. Jamie Reyes
    20. Krystal Alonday
    21. Kenneth Santiago
    22. Hannah Sheena Manuel
    23. Joy Marie Gangan
    24. Krischelle Halili
    25. Hannah Mariz dela Guerra
    26. Mary Ainjely Manalo
    27. Meryl Angeline King
    28. Ladylyn Riva
    29. Mae Liezel Ramos
    30. Mona Hammad
    31. Jenelle Tee
    32. Carla Jenina Lizardo
    33. Jeane Louise Flores
    34. Kimverlyn Suiza
    35. Laura Victoria Lehmann
    36. Parul Shah
    37. Mary Jane Bianca Guidotti
    38. Jem Francelle Sanico
    39. Sherlien Dass
    40. Janine Asanion
    41. Lara Angelica Fontanilla
    42. Caitlin Cho
    43. Hannah Ruth Sison
    44. Emma Mary Tiglao
    45. Julian Aurine Flores
    46. Yvethe Marie Santiago
    47. Pia Wurtzbach
    48. Cindy Madduma
    49. Karizza de Guzman
    50. Ina Dominica Guerrero
    51. Nichole Marie Manalo
    52. Camille Hiro
    53. Rickie Mae Bernabe
    54. Vanessa Saliba
    55. Diana Arevalo
    56. Joana Angelica Romero
    57. Mary Jane Caragay
    58. Mary Laverlyn Naluz
    59. Mary Jean Lastimosa
    60. Ednornance Agustin
    61. Greta Lovisa Buco

  13. Ainjely is slowly gaining momentum, sir Norman was right, if only she had more inches added to her height she can easily stand out. But nevertheless even with relatively small frame as compared side by side with other candidates she still manages to stand out.

  14. Yvethe deserves the hype, she has what it takes to be MUP, but honestly, she doesn’t have the best body in this group. (Not even Bianca) Mj and Ainjely win this round.

  15. There’s no doubt that Pia, MJ and Parul have the sexiest bodies of this batch.
    Naalarma lang ako sa katawan ni Kimberly Suiza, dalaga pa lang e tuyot na, paano pa yan pag nag-asawa at nanganak na.
    Anorexia alert.

  16. Ayoko sana sa kanya pero Parul – PANALO!

    for the win
    aiza (kita ko sa previous post)

    for this swimsuit round – nasapawan ng konti sina bianca at racquel (based on the other post)

    i also like 108 , sorry di ko marecognize kung sino…

  17. Yung iba mukhang mga walang dugo halatang laking sabong papaya at gluta parang ndi natural ang kaputian. Akala ko naman na kay PIA na ang lahat pero nung tumabi siya sa iba nasapawan ang beauty niya. Well Miss International ka nalang Pia mas okey. Sa mga Photo na ito mas namangha ako sa #114 #77 #108 #42.

  18. Diana and Kim should’ve fixed their bikini tops. Specially Diana!

    I don’t know but Mj’s tummy looked like she had a tummy tuck. Or is it just bad lighting? I remember seeing her pics before with abs and everything. As much as I love her hourglass figure, I think her hips are making her look short :\ And Pia… I’m quite disappointed to see her in this shape considering that she was last year’s 1st runner up. Do your pilates and spinning classes fast and quick to whittle your waist and trim down please.

    Among the girls, Ainjely has the flattest tummy. Her physique makes her look taller than her 5″7 – 5″8 height. Another girl that I want to specially mention is Raquel and Kenneth. Saw their group pictures at OPMB and my jaw dropped on their mile long legs.

  19. Kym has the most beautiful face and her smile is to die for. She will be a good alternative to Pia for the MUP 14
    If Kym gets The international title, it will be a back to back for the Philippines for sure.
    Does anyone know if Kym can speak English fluently?

  20. Obviously my first choice is Yvethe Marie Santiago who stood tall, well-poised and projected the true epitome of grace and elegance. She just radiates the highest form of femininity, be it in swimwear, casual clothes and evening gowns. Her aura simply screams Miss Universe 2014 and I am sure that the coveted Diamond Nexus crown will fit her more than anyone else.

    Surprisingly, my second choice is not in the pics above. She practically stole some moments because of her towering height. If she makes it as an official candidate, she would be the perfect representative in MTQI. Her height and complexion would be stellar there. Welcome Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2014 — Racquel Kabigting!

    Miss Universe 2014 is Yvethe Marie Santiago


    • It’a a little evident that Pia (based on these photos) is aiming for the MU crown. This is, of course, with the premise that: one, BBP prefers sending Filipina-looking and tan-toned ladies to MU.

      I really hope she lets her hair down. She’s more gorgeous with one than her hair pulled back.

      • I guess beauty really depends on the eyes of the beholder… Whilst you insist on having her hair down, it is when pulled back that her presence tells me that she could win one of the three crowns. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ok I have to agree with Dexter on this one—- in swimsuit— Yvethe is the one……. even the super sexy MJ is no match to Yvethe’s fresh fresh womanly aura………..sultry but sweet, fierce but approachable.

      Based on the recent pics,… i have to give it to A&Q girls— they know what to bring and when to bring the right thing at the right time and place!!!

      • Thanks, Jay. I just love your apt description particularly “fresh, fresh.” Have a nice day!

    • Dexter co. Ask ko pla, sinu bet mo last year? kasing hype mo rin ba cia kagaya ni yvethe.

      follow ko na c sir norms last year pero di ako comment.. pero silent Ara talaga ko. then hate ko c elima.

      MUP 2014 yvethe, bianca or aiza

      (pero minus 2 point p kaya Aiza kc konti p lng post sa kanya unlike bianca and yvethe na nawatch ko na sila sa video ng press presentation ng A&Q)

      • https://normannorman.com/2013/09/19/cindy-miranda-will-be-leaving-for-china-soon/#comment-32157

        If you follow the link above you’d know exactly how I started here. I am not pageant fanatic but when I like someone, I tend to follow like crazy. I only learned about BbP winners here on this blog. To put it simply, this is officially my first BbP.

        Well, I also supported Ariella to the max during her journey in Russia. If my bet is not fortunate to win, I will not feel good for an hour or two and voila… my life goes on. But I would feel bad for my bet knowing how hard she trained to achieve her dream.

        This feeling I have form Yvethe is the same feeling I had for Megan. I have no doubt that she’d bring home the third crown. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. I’ll take a pick from each grid.

    1st: Hannah and MJ
    2nd: Yvette
    3rd: #29 and #32
    4th: Ainjely and Parul
    5th: #63

    Sorry I don’t know some of the names.

  22. Is 59 Parul? I wasn’t a fan of her but because of this photo, and how shes prepped up, I’m starting to like her. Sana ganyan lagi ayos niya. For the past few days, she’s been heavily made up thus making her features even stronger — not a good thing. If she keeps up with the look of the photo above, she has a good fighting chance for one of the crowns.

  23. In scale of 10:

    MJ = 9.5
    Parul = 9.2
    Yvethe = 9.0
    Hannah Sison = 8.9
    Emma = 8.8

    • Wow! You even put scores, QK, and I like it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am quite sure that would be different if the ladies are standing in front of you as you will feel their overall presence. To me, one stood tall poised with utmost elegance and on the scale of 1-10, I’ll give her a 9.99. It should be 10 but I’ll leave .01 for minute improvement. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I guess I know who she is Dex ?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ! I’ll probably be joining your squad once the announcement of BbP2014 OC is done. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • And you will be most welcomed. Looking forward to your campaign participation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • From the picture above these are my top:
      # 114
      # 77
      # 73
      # 42
      # 46
      # 108
      # 63
      # 32
      # 78
      in that order. Sorry I don’ tknow their names.

  24. The more i see photos of Yvette, the more i love her. She is really stunning

    Pia only stood out last year because of the lack of beauties – but this year’s batch has more so she kinda just blends in now.

    Parul is still exotic and edgy. Love her Pinay look and being morena

    There is nothing special about Kim Suiza except her long neck

    For now, my top 3 contender is Parul, Yvette and Bianca G.

    • @MU2014 you are a very keen observer! I love YM Santiago, too. In my opinion, the BBP MU crown is perfect for her…only for her!

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