19 comments on “Sleepers-in-the-making?

  1. I salute the R-L Angels.
    Quality over quantity.
    These two, namely, Angelique and Aiza are top caliber entrants.
    Oozing with x-factor.

  2. TG you’ve explained what sleeper means, Norman, but I guess it’s not so approriate to use the jargon until the time the thirty lucky ones are named. For one thing, we do know if those seven beautiful ladies above will succeed thru the careful filtering of the screening committee.

    The four in the middle are already in my Top 21 and I don’t know what happened that I missed Indra Shauna and Racquel considering that both of them are actually MU materials in terms of height. I should place them back to my top list.

    So the one in orange is actually Jeslyn. I really thought that she’s Mae Liezel. Gosh! She does not look that stunning when tanned. As one had commented in another post, she looks like the missing sister of Nancy Binay. LOL.

    Krystal’s face is very likeable and she even reminds me of Tita Daisy in her youth. Maybe, I should consider her. I’ll ask Aphrodite if she can. LOL. 🙂

  3. Out of all the girls mentioned, only Aiza, Sheena, and Shauna are the ones who could do some damage come Finals night.

  4. I wouldn’t mind seeing them all move on to the top 30. But based on these pictures, Racquel, Shauna and Aiza all look promising! 😉

  5. Under jdv iam rooting for shauna her mixed breed very interesting for now she is my dark horse!

  6. Once enlisted, Aiza and Racquel will go far as Semi-finalist…probably even more…during coronation night ! 😉

  7. I see Racquel as the potential sleeper from among the seven featured here based on the photos. She’s got the height and the face 🙂

  8. For me the dark horses for the TOP 5 are:

    1. Vessica Sambo
    2. Laura Lehman
    3. Juliane Aurine Flores
    4. Jeane Louise Flores
    5. Shauna Indra Curran
    6. Sheena Manuel

  9. Any word about Liezel Ramos? Could she be considered as one of the “sleepers”?

    • Liezel Marie is doin fine, Benjie. You seem so occupied these days… 😉

      BTW, you are aware that she is just around 5’7-8″, right?!? 😉

      • Hi Dex…the cool weather keeps me outdoors, hehe…Whew…I guess the culprit is Leizel’s height why she is rarely picked as favorite!

      • Have you done your top thirty yet? I am about to declare my tops in a while. 😉

  10. So long as none of the sleepers (not limited to the ones mentioned) take a spot of someone who has a more Binibini-crown potential, then I don’t mind at all.

    Fair judging = Equal chances.

    PS: thanks for putting names on the collages, Normz. I know it takes an additional step but it’s really helping those of us who can’t really keep up with the names. Siguro pag nag 30 final contestants na, easier ang familiarity. LOL

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