16 comments on “Binibini Beginners’ Luck?

  1. Amongst six, Diane Querer made a leap in terms of transformation. I could hardly notice her. On the other hand Laura Victoria Lehmann consistently is able to get everyone’s attention. Unfortunately, Hannah was booted out and if I may say, that make-up caused her early elimination. She has good height and CV, so what else could it be?!? 😦

  2. Jeane Flores is very stunning.
    Wherever her mother Bella Flores is, I’m sure, she’s very proud of her daughter Jeane.

    • Could be employment kinks or work contracts or background check results. In short, may very quantifiable basis for elimination and possibly not subjective at all.

  3. kua norman bkit hindi ko po ma click ung “comment” button every 1st article nyo po? tnx

    • Laptop, tablet or smartphone? No problem pag PC or Laptop. OK din sa tablet. Nagkakaglitch lang pag smartphone. 😦

      • I cant comment on the first (topmost) aerticle either using tablet. Anyhow, there is another AQ qard thatt you failed to count as out. Mary Monique Trinidad was cut in the 2nd round. So the count of should be 2 AQ to 1 KF.

        Yes, I have to agree with one readers observation, while early on, mahy pageant pundits thought the KF girls were better this year, it seems that the AQ bets are sarting to shine more day by day. I think there is a good 5 or 6 in their camp that are crown worthy and to think there are only 4 crowns at stake.

        My early bets, Guidotti for MUP (she’s impressively transforming day in and day out plus her fluency in Portuguese is a BIG advantage if MU 14 will be in Brazil), Santiago for Miss International, Wurtzbach for Supra or Tourism, Lehman for Tourism, A. Manalo to complete the Top 5.

      • Me, too! Not in my Android and iPad. That ad on the top right column is definitely the culprit. 😦 😦 😦

  4. I really love how A&Q packages their wards and how they publicize them. They know what they’re doing. 🙂

  5. Just by looking at these pics… I like Janelle and Laura… plus Diane (wish she’s taller) 🙂

    • yey, thanks for complimenting Janelle, Reydan. 🙂 she’s my close friend. _nadia

      • My pleasure 🙂 Hope she’ll be one of the 30 lucky ladies… regards to her… Wish her all the best.

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