6 comments on “Leonalyn and Krystal

  1. Sino ba nag coconyour sa mga mukha nito.. blending blending din pag may time… sayang naman ang ganda.. si Krystal pa naman exotic ang dating.

  2. Krystal Alodia Gosiengfiao, from cosplay queen to being a beauty queen.
    Goodluck girl.

  3. Obviously, Leonlyn has expressive eyes but her body shape still needs more trimmings/trainings. On the other hand, Krystal is ready as a clear crystal. Great job, TeamJDV!

  4. JDV really went all over the Philippines to search for these ladies huh! good job! i hope he gave them an excellent training and I hope he have a good team of make up artist and stylists para d masayang ang effort nya.

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