16 comments on “Mona Hammad: 50% Filipina, 50% Egyptian, 100% Batanguena

  1. Good luck Mona! Your success is ours as well. We will support you through love and prayers! Focus on the competition alone and do not let any negativity affect your determination to win because, I know, we know and most especially, you know that YOU CAN! God bless you!

  2. I’ve been her classmate since Grade 1 and I assure you that If she’d be able to make it in Binibini, she’ll do her best and make us all proud. Bashers move out, the Mercedarian community is behind her :))

  3. I have known her since her high school years. Since then, I could say that I am among those who adore her, not because she’s a total head turner, but what’s far more attractive in her is her charm, modesty and character.

  4. I’ve always quietly adored her when I was in high school. She happened to be a senior when I entered the same school with her. Her communication skills is really awesome (I’ve heard her speak a lot of times) and her confidence level is enough to make her sparkle. Go ate Mona!

  5. if she make it,, i’ll bet you’ll gonna shout and freak until your lungs can’t even breath,, as in to the highest level,, you’ll love her walk and you’ll be mesmerized by her stunning beauty and outstanding communication skills..

    • You don’t worry a thing, leizel. Most of the bashers here eat their words more than you could imagine. Welcome to the real world. 😉

  6. Kuma-Karmi Martin ang peg ng hitad.
    Pag kayo nabalian ng balakang sa kaliliyad.
    Pag 5’5″ lang ang height ay wag nang lumiyad, lalo ka’yong magmumukhang bonsai.

  7. This may be out of topic so please forgive me. I heard a whisper that I should share…

    Thank you for watching!

    • You are a blessing Dex…and I guess that’s the reason for your being…and your being is kind, caring and generous. I am blessed by your understanding and many other wonderful affirmations! Keep sharing the blessing that you are — surely, that can change the lives of many other posters here!

      • Those who benefit from the video are the ones truly blessed!

        Morning and a blessed day to you, Benjie!

  8. I trust you, Norman. I can’t wait for the official announcement and I hope she is one of the candidates.

  9. what’s the problem of that angelo reyes? I personally know her and I bet you’ll eat your f***ing words!

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