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  1. Jean Louise Flores is starting to look like a cross between Ariela Arida and Jessica Sanchez….

  2. i like quidoti…

    balik tayo sa height… the problem with PIA – even if its true na 5’8 cia, she does not look tall. kaya ng knibog cia ni ara last year khit cia and ine-expect na magtayo ng bandila na A&q. kung late 80’s tayo bk makuha niya korona pero 2014 na.

    tutal sir norman magaling nmn tayo sa training lately. papanalunin na lang ang mga super matatangkad na 5’10 plus. then i-train ng buwis buhay. wish ko lng nmn. hehe

    • Ughhhhhh! I hate it when people complain about the height! Aanhin mo ang tangkad kung facially lacking naman? Kung walang presence? Kung walang mala-dyosang aura? Paki-explain?! Ikaw po ba talaga ay nanunuod ng mga beauty pageants?!

  3. Kim, guidotti, and Yvette for the major crowns,
    I can’t 100% rule out.. There are still more faces to come.
    For now, I think!!

  4. enough of pia pls.. parang awa na.. hindi nmn tyo miss usa na kayang magpanalo ng midget.. pia is only 5’4.5 pls huwag naman tayong magbulag bulagan.. kahit mag heels pa ito ng 10 inches pandak pa din ikumpara sa ibang kandidata.. please sna nmn may natutunan na tyo kay ara arida na isa pang 5’5 ang height ..

    peace sa mga fanatics ni pia… nagsasabi lng po ng totoo..

    • How do you expect people to believe you when you are spreading wrong info? You are free to dislike anyone but do it in a decent and clean way, please. Welcome to Norman’s Blog!

  5. I was right all along, Norman. I could spot the real deals blindfolded. πŸ˜‰

    Jonas obviously knows how to reciprocate and it’s just prim & proper to invite the most prominent beauty blogger in the world.

    So when are they going to release the individual portfolio of their candidates?

  6. I’m loving Laura Lehmann, Bianca Guidotti and Pia W. I guess Pia is really making BBP Universe her target. She lost so much weight and now looks gorgeous. She’s also tan now. As for Lehmann and Guidotti, height is might.

  7. Guys.. Tagalog na pala dapat tayo mag usap…. sobrang sikat na ng blog ni tito norms kaya lahat pala ng kapitbahay at kakaban dito na kumukuha ng tips… Drama lang pala papuri ni Lola ines ke Pia para makakuha ng info sa mga training natin sa girls… Hindi nila naiintindihan na ang pinagkaiba ng ibang lahi sa atin ay ang kultura natin mismo na pagbibigay ng pantay na oportunidad sa mga kababaihan sa kahit anong larangan… goodluck ke lola ines kung kaya nya baguhin ang kultura ng isang buong bansa… at isa pang dahilan ay ang mga blog na kagaya nito kung saan madami tayong interesado magpalitan ng kaalaman at kurokuro.. medyo ganun din missology pero sa ngayon puro laitan nalang ang nangingibabaw dun…

  8. Norman, I hope you’ll be able to reply to my query – are any of these girls a graduate of any of the several UP campuses? OR are any of them a cum laude graduate of a prestigious university?

    • Hannah De La Guerra and Bianca Guidotti are both from Ateneo. πŸ™‚ Though I am not sure if they both graduated with honors.

    • Katrina Salao is a Journalism major at UP Diliman. Yvethe Santiago is a Cum Laude Accounting grad of Bicol University. Bianca Guidotti, Carla Lizardo and Hannah Dela Guerra are all Ateneo de Manila grads. Janelle Tee is an Ateneo de Davao alumna. Laura Lehmann is a college sophomore in California at the moment. πŸ˜‰

      • I am sure you have spoken with Yvethe (MY Miss Universe 2014) in my lingua franca. How was she? I just wished I was with you so that I could test Bianca’s proficiency in portugΓ»es. πŸ™‚

      • Just so you know, 16 of the 17 are all comfortable expressing in English. The one I left out – Monique Trinidad – can also carry conversational English but not as fluent as the rest. As for Bianca, she grew up speaking Portuguese before learning English and Spanish (her 2nd and 3rd tongues). Tagalog was the last she learned when the family eventually stayed here in Manila for her college studies. So as you can see, she is quadri-lingual. πŸ˜‰ And you can test her facility in the same. I wish I brought you along but instructions were strict about the one person per invite arrangement.

      • I’m sure. But if you let her reside in Mainland China for a year or more, chances are she would be able to do conversational Mandarin as well, D. πŸ˜‰ The girl has an easy way with languages.

      • She really got you! Oh molly guacamole! For the first time we will be on opposite sides of the table, hmmm… πŸ™‚

      • I’d also add that the ones who have high comfort levels in oral English are (in this order): Laura Lehmann, Bianca Guidotti, Carla Lizardo, Katrina Salao, Hannah dela Guerra, Yvethe Santiago, Hannah Caayon, Janelle Tee and Gab Tilokani. πŸ˜‰

      • Tita Norms, your description of Guidotti sounds VERY promising. Just like what C said, if she’s a fast learner as Shamcey, I can see her slaying everyone once she steps on the stage and strut her stuff! πŸ™‚ And hands down to her for learning a lot of languages, that will take her places for sure whether she’ll be able to present our country in the future or not πŸ™‚

        Dexter, do you speak hokkien?

  9. Are they all going to be fielded for Bb? Or do some of them going to MWP? Im liking the vibe and class that the Guidotti girl projects. Manalo is pretty but looks petite. Wurtzbach looks ready to conquer them all and with the intense competition this year, I hope her stars align for her to win a crown and not end up like other Bb. runner ups (Abby Cruz et al) who got snubbed with a crown after reenlisting. Santiago looks timid. She needs to smile some more and really look and feel like a beauty queen. For some reason I also like Lehman. I think with that beautiful face and height she can be a shoo in to win.

  10. Jeane Louise Flores and Laura Lehman looks promising… If they have the necessary comskills and life experiences, one of them might become a 1st runner-up. It would be a good preparation for next year’s pageant if they would join again.

    I find Yveth on the thin side… Her lanky stature and cute face gives me an Olive Oil vibe from her… Instead, what she needs is a Danica Magpantay edge… Maybe then she would kill it!

    I’m not worried about Guidotti’s breasts.. those can be enlarged through good diet alone. I just pray that she can learn as fast as Shamcey. I’d love to see her interviews. If she aces the Q&A, She could win!

  11. Hahahaha.. It;s for KF this year. How come Araneta made sure the “kabogera” won’t get a crown last 2012? and the sudden age limit change.. Read between the lines bitches.. If Paula Shugart Said yes to Janine last 2012. Guess who said “She’s the one” this year? TRUMP himself…

  12. I don’t care about the 17 Aces and Queens’ aspirants, all I care is my Ninang Norman.
    At his height of 5’9′, diusmio, sya na, hahanap pa ba tayo ng iba.
    He’s gonna be the Best Miss Universe ever!

    Akin lang ang asawa ko!!!!!

    Angel Locsin, 69, Jones Bridge!

  13. What a lovely set of gorgeous girs! I became interested with ms. Guidotti upon learning about her fluency in portuegese. I hope kim does not over diet to the point of anorexic. I hope that the missing girls will be featured specially diana.

    • What makes Kim look skinnier than the usual is her swan neck but she’s okay. Just needs a bit of toning on the midsection.

  14. Based on Pics— Kim is really beautiful- and if she looks a lot better in person, then Im convinced. The girl has to be telegenic and photogenic… aside from being outstanding in person

    I know a lot of women who are more beautiful in person…..and a lot of women who are more beautiful in pictures too…. the ones that gets the attention are those that can look outstanding on stage, videos, pics— becoz you get a wider audience in those mediums

    Anyway- its seems that the KF girls are more photogenic (this year). But of course, we cannot deny the fact that A&Q is really the force to reckon with when it comes to BBP and MWP

    BTW Norms— Megan Young is here???? wow she is making Manila to London like Makati is to QC hahaha….. she was just in the US a few days ago

  15. Aside from the above-mentioned lead players of A & Q camp, Laura Lehmanns is also giving me a very positive vibe. I like her name, it’s very Ms. Universe sounding ! πŸ˜‰

  16. Kuya Norman…would you know who was the 7,000,000th visitor of your Blog? CONGRATULATIONS for reaching the feat!

  17. sir norms sure na po ba na sasali si diana arevalo this year? medyo na sad ako when i asked someone from opmb kung nasan si diana a. and sbe hindi dw po sasali this year. so sure na po ba ito? thanks sir norms god bless! :)))

    PS:ang ganda po ng kutis nyo sir norms! mamulamula :)))))))

  18. I really do not want to overcheer, if there is such a word, but, Yvethe Marie Santiago is my Ms Universe. Good luck, ladies!

  19. 3 Escolarians will be joining this year. Kim Suiza we all know her. Ainjely Manalo is lioe Venus Raj in person, She was Bb. Pasay 2011-2012. She is an exotic beauty. KC Halili is cum laude, Registered Nurse and A Medical Student at University of Santo Tomas.

  20. Have u guys seen their photos @ OPMB? Yvethe is definitely the one to watch out for along with Pia and Kim. They scream Universe! They are my top 3 for A&Q.

    • Plus may i add the prettiest girl , Hannah Guerra, her presence cannot be ignored plus i think she is studying @ Ateneo. So she must be articulate.

  21. Pia Wurtzbach- iam rooting for her to be bb.filipinas universe since 2013, I think she just unlucky on that year now this is her year to claim victory, sia po ang betsina ni madam ines, sa katunayan nagqueta sila nung vacaciones pascua de filipinas ni aling inis, iam sure turo turo sia kay pia na mas maganda ng labis labis sa bitsina niang si ms.puri puri na dinadaan sa contact na mata warla pa rin! Mas maganda pa rin c ms.mulan ng puri puri nila last year! Bianca Guidotti- supranational/universe her 5’10 height mucho dinero, papatok ang beauty nia a mix oriental/caucasian and her Portuguese languages knowledge is a big factor especially the venue this year is brazil!
    Kim Suiza- her doll face will liked by Japanese judge period! For Ms.International.
    Diana Arevalo – supranational ,its time for her to win any crown her seductive aura best for ms.supra.
    Lara Lehmann-Tourism, her lovely latina look deserved an international appearance kahit sa tsina venue who knows palarin sa kondisyong kukunin ng tsina ang buong tsina sea! Charus lang!
    Hannah Guerra- runners up she has pretty face pede pang reserba!
    off topic pinag fiestahan ng mga mangkukulam ang picture ni Megan saka daniel sa misibis bay dati
    Kanya kanyang banat ang mga eng eng, common knowledge naman na actress si megan sa pinas ,oh diba mga shunga shunga sila!!

    • Kylie has signed up with the Professional Models Association of the Philippines so I guess she prefers modeling than pageantry.

      • Ngak, sayang!

        Speaking of PMAP, I just found out my colleague has the same modelling agency as Sam Lewis in Singapore and he made chika to Sam about pageantry, the answer is no daw because of $$$

  22. This Guidotti lady might surprise everyone if ever she qualifies for the finals. She might use Portuguese as her ace considering the fact that the MU finals will be in Brazil.

  23. Wurtzbach, Guidotti, Diana, and Suiza only for this batch.
    Parang naging Jeannette Noguchi ang vibe ni Guidotti? 😦 😦 😦

    Bubbling up is Hannah De la Guerra (who is sadly short) and Jeane Flores.

    Laura Lehmann and Yvethe Santiago’s transformation is commendable. They both look promising.

    I understand what you mean, Tito Norms, when you say that a girl is prettier in person. But the harsh reality is that they will be judged thru photos and videos online. Yun bang tipong kailangan mo pa i-explain or i-defend na maganda nga talaga sila. From the experiences of our past beauty queens palang eh, katakot-takot na kritisismo na ang inabot nila, lalo na sa ibang lahi.

    PS: They won’t be fielding Ja Flores? 😦

    • Sorry, but Ja Flores is with KF? I saw an instagram pic of her having a make-up sesh w/ the A&Q girls. I am lost. LOL!

  24. I have a strong feeling for Guidotti for the Universe crown. Her height and aura command attention. How is her communication skills Norman ? For now she is my bet for Universe. Yes she may look flat chested but it’s all on how you project yourself onstage just like Shamcey. Pia is my choice for International. Thanks Norman for this great feature starters. KF I’m sure will follow suit. Bring them on πŸ™‚

  25. When I followed the Bb. Pilipinas Gold last year, I wasn’t aware yet of camp affiliations. I was rooting for Parul, Ria, and Mutya because I thought they were gorgeous and deserved a title. A year later I am more than aware of the camps and their girls and I can sense the camp war is going to heat up this year. I am reserving my judgment of the girls until the BPCI has named its official candidates.
    So far among the girls who have handed in their applications, I am loving Parul, Kris, and Kim.

    As for the camps, I trust A&Q, JDV, and KF have done their best to prepare their girls. it’s anybody’s ballgame as of now. I am not going to judge them based on their camp affiliation but on their performance leading to the pageant finals. It’s ok to root for one camp if it’s your thing. I love A&Q’s determination and vast experience in transforming their wards to fit the mold of the international pageant requirements such as Miss Universe. I don’t have much idea how KF has done it but certainly its success in Miss International is not something to sneeze at.

    In the end though we will need to support the BBP 2014 winners if we want them to succeed in the international arena. I just hope we get the rightful winners and beauty queens deserving of our unqualified support.

    Tito Norms, may mock pageant rin ba ang KF or something similar to this?

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