11 comments on “There she is, Miss United Continents Philippines 2014

  1. i hope you will join the miss earth canada 2015 or miss universe canada 2016 or miss world canada 2016

  2. This pageant is not big at all as it only started becoming intercontinental last year, thus, the entry appointed by the Filipino franchisee was not up to standard yet she luckily won Miss Photogenic. Edgar Sulit should work with the local camps here because he does not have a bevy of truly competitive Filipinas there.

    Angelyn Schultz looks pretty photogenic. Sulit’s bet might be winning Miss Photogenic again. It’s probably “economics” as the reason of appointing a candidate from there but if the guy truly respects the Philippine Flag, it is a MUST that our representative is from our own soil.

    My 2 cents!

  3. In knew it. The Facebook post about MJ going to this pageant is not true. Thanks Norman for this update. BTW, love Angelyn here.

  4. Wow, koronahan na yan?
    So what happened to MJ’s claim?
    Ninang, I think the fb post from MJ’s account is a hoax.

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