7 comments on “Fortaleza: 2nd time’s a charm for host Brazil in Miss Universe

  1. Vamos todos para Fortaleza!

    Witness the crowning of Miss Philippines as Miss Universe 2014.*

    * Name to be revealed by April 2014. 😉

  2. This is like 40-ish hours away from Sao Paulo. Sad. But, I was actually praying for an Asian country this year for affordability purposes. 🙂

  3. Guidotti for me ! She has the edge and she has my vote if I were to cast it now lol (for BB Universe). I’m sure Norman will agree with me having seen A&Q’s batch up close and personal already 🙂

  4. Now, we can expect another angolan rep entering on the top 5, Angola and Brazil are like brothers! There are a lot of Angolans in brazil or
    brazilians in Angola. I know because I am in Angola! So expect the reps of these 2 countries on the top 5.

    • A candidate for BB Pilipinas 2014 named Marianne Guidotti, I believe, knows how to speak Portuguese (the language of the Brazilans and Angolans)…she could be our strong bet for Miss Universe 2014 in Brazil…she can be picked to guess in many TV programs in Brazil to promote the pageant, thus, making a big exposure for herself. She can be asked to participate in many events that require comprehension and articulation of the language of the place.

  5. And with this, expect Brazil to win the Miss Universe 2014.
    This South American country is so close from winning the crown from 2011-2013.
    And I wouldn’t mind if they will win this year, besides, they are really the most beautiful, gorgeous and sexy women in Earth.
    Victoria’s Secret Angels are the living proof.

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