10 comments on “Bb. Carla Lizardo for 2014

  1. Just concentrate on TV-4 hosting.
    I heard a rumor that TV-4 will be doing a high-budgeted teleserye with Chito Miranda as the leading man.
    So, who knows, Carla will be an option to take the leading lady role.
    Goodluck Carla, ingat lang sa videocam ha.

  2. She’s charming alright, but for me, just not beauty queen material for Binibini. Sorry.

  3. She’s better off as a news anchor. Not a beauty queen material if you ask me.

  4. This girls needs to learn how to do the “no makeup” makeup look. Given na malaki ang face, red lipstick and other heavy elements of makeup tend to make her look like a drag queen. Kelangan subtle makeup and I think it should look good on her given na makinis naman siya. Remember, the last thing a true woman wants to hear is to be mistaken as a trans because there’s too much going on on the face.

  5. It’s gonna be between Sheena Manuel
    and Kimberly Luiza for Binibinis Universe..wow!!
    Can’t wait.. Hopefully great pageant this year!!!

  6. My wish list :
    Luzelle Felipe
    Patricia Tumulak
    Cassandra Naidas
    Charmaine Elima
    Mercegrace Racquel
    I’m hoping that they will reconsidering joining again, if not this year or next year!

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