18 comments on “Should we count Vina Openiano in?

  1. We have strong candidates this year. I’ d say train some more and give it a year or two.

  2. Yan ang gusto manalo ni stella sa universe tapos bibihisan ni bazura! Winner baka makapasok na ulit sa semi ang kolumbia na gusto mangyari ni stella at bazura conspiracy theory! Pag yan pinadala natin sa universe maghanda na kau ng logic thought para ipaliwanag ang kagandahang taglay nia sa mga kapit bahay natin!

    • Pag tisay ang ipadala natin mas malaki chance ng Colombia! Tayo ang token exotic Asian diba so bakit tayo piliin kung pamparami na sa tisay ang ipinadala natin?! REMEMBER, the year Bianca Manalo, a Filipina mestiza did not place in MU is the same year Colombia made it again to the Top 5…

      • Do you guys really think that Doña Stella is hindering our chances of capturing the crown so that Colombia’s rep can win? I don’t think she even cares. My 2 cents!

  3. Ms Barangay muna teh, tpos pag winsung. Next level namn. Step in step out. Outttttf

  4. Binibining Pilipinas 2014

    Vina’s face would be best for a local version of Barbie doll. Brown skin and typical Filipino nose. I actually find her face cute and figure oozing but this year, her beauty might be overshadowed again so I suggest that she focuses more on training this year. But she could always compete if she really wants to.

  5. I don’t understand why she keeps on hiding the curves of her body…
    when it is definitely her best asset?!

    Not only does she need some speech training…
    What she really need is a style make over!

    I always rooted for this girl but she always seem to disappoint me..
    I know she has it in her but at this rate, she shouldn’t join this year.

  6. I think the ‘Mestizahin’ look ang kakavogue this year’s Binibinis. 😉

    She has the resemblance with Mercy Grace Raquel. They should take a break this year ! 🙂

  7. how old is she? Next year na lang dapat siya sumali, but then again who are we to stop her from joining? Lols.

  8. La ocean deep na ang mujeres na ito.
    Matapos magpalaki ng katawan at makipag-break kay Miguel Zubiri ay napariwariwariwap na ang lifesung ng hitad.
    Puro mudraka na lang ang kanyang role.
    Naalala ko na naman tuloy ang ‘lock scandal’ ng kanyang maharot na sisterakang si Shaina Magdayapyap.

  9. If she wants to win a crown, I think this is not her year yet in BBP. But if she just wants to join and be included among the candidates, let her join.

  10. Well at least she joined first tier pageants-who knows this time with another set of judges in BBP she might find ladyluck on her side. In fairness, pangabog naman ang wankata niya.

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