29 comments on “How true, MJ Lastimosa?

  1. 3rd time (@ Binibini that is) is a charm as the saying goes. But this year’s batch introduces a lot of fresh, gorgeous girls and polished repackaged repeaters who are all hungry to become title holders. I think she should just rest her case for now.

  2. Off topic shaina indra salina f.curran will joined bb.filipinas the 5 ‘8 beauty of baguio a mestiza igorot scottish, siya ata ung blue green eyes! Interesting ethnic background type ni SMA yan! Igorot for Ms . universe kabog!!

  3. I want her for miss universe ! Thats’s it! She has the landi factor that suits for ms universe! Aside from being too sexy and beautiful!

  4. Ano raw ? Confused sia kung anong gusto niang salihan, paano sia mananalo kung iniisip nia kpg natalo sia sa bb.filipinas sasali naman sia sa united continent kung baga wala siang concentration, iniisip nia matalo man sia may isa pa! Tawag jan naniniguro!

  5. how about charmaine elima, kelan sya uli sasali? (she’s with PAL right now, right?) sya talaga ang pwede sa MU.

    • Even Charmaine is not that very confident anymore of joining pageants, otherwise, she will not fly with PAL. How can she even represent the country if ever?

  6. Baka hindi ito ang official account ni MJ. Parang medyo mayabang ang dating ng message na kesyo may fallback agad siya if ever matalo sa BBP 2014. Mukhang hindi naman mag-pose si MJ ng conflict sa estado niya ngayon. Kung nasa KF siya, malamang masaktan si Rodgil kasi ang plano din pala niya ay bumalik sa A&Q kung wala na naman siyang korona.

  7. Wala na ba talagang pinagkakaabalahan itong si Lastimosa at ang dami nyang ample time para sumali ng sumali sa BBP.
    Mag-basketball ka na lang MJ, baka matuwa pa sa’yo ang ama mong si Jojo.

    • Tumpak! Sa totoo lang ha napaisip din ako. Daming free-time ni ateng. Well siguro gusto niyang i-take advantage yung bagong age requirement ng BBP na 18-26 years old. Pero kung ako si MJ, given na nasupalpal ako dahil nung 1st na sumali, may place tapos nung 2nd time na sumali, hindi nagplace- eh baka mensahe ito ni Madam Stella na awat na MJ, you’ve had your time. Iba naman. Nakakaumay ka na!

  8. I have mixed feelings. If its for real then i do admire her strength and confidence..if the stars in the universe do not conspire to make her dreams to be a bb. Come true at least an international pageant is waiting to save her face. Goodluck and goodnight ms. Mj!

  9. yay! I like this girl may potential siya sa totoo lang, bigyan lang ng chance for international pageant at baka makapag-uwi siya ng korona, who knows?

  10. MJ…. I love you, girl.

    I’ve always loved you. Love your walk, your sass, your attitude, your swag. You have what alot of the girls lack…..

    But please accept the fact that determination is not enough to win a crown

    A pretty face comes first more than anything.

  11. Now that she has actually a sure international competition in her bag, she should cancel her plans of joining national pageants. Though MISS UNITED CONTINENTS is not a major title, it is far better than those regional/continental pageants. And she has a big chunk a chance to take home the crown which would be another first for the Philippines. Just saying…

  12. Sir Norman, Canada-based po ang national director ng Philippines sa MUC. Kaya po si Christina Devries ay napili dahil Filipino immigrants po Sila. Siya po si Edgar Sulit (IPEN beauties is his org) and national director siya ng various pageants for PH and Canada

    Siya po yung naka discover kay Bb. Pilipinas Universe 98 na nadethrone because of citizenship issues at kay Bea Santiago.

    Remember Pinoy yung Mister International Canada last year. Galing din po sa kanya yun. And si Amber delos Reyes nanalo ng Miss Teen Expoworld Universe 2013 ayun galing din sa kanya.

    Poser po yan. yung link ng FB ni MJ ay nasa IG niya po

  13. Enough of her.. She didn’t even get any place during the Ms. Asean and to think it is a fourth tier pageant..

    Well, joining in another so-so contest (Ms. United Continents) would probably fit her… As i said in my previous comments about her, she is way too much to bear in the stage (projection, pasarela and her over rehearsed answers is definitely a no-no!)She will do better in showbiz!

  14. Wish her all the best… if for the 3rd time she will not get any crown on BBP better yet try MPE or MWP… or the other pageants… She’s great but then again with a bunch of gorgeous ladies this year, she will be overshadowed by the new girls which is a lot taller then her.

  15. She’d learned that lesson…and that lesson will be her platform for this coming BbP2014. She deserves one these 3 crowns (MUP, MIP, or MSP). A runner-up or MTQI crown would be a hindrance for her to join MEP 2013, where I believe she fits in most at this point of time in her quest for a National Beauty Queen title. Just a thought ! 😉

  16. To say that she is determined is an understatement but I’m still rooting for this girl no matter what people say. wish she lands a major title once she is official to join bb pilipinas. Good luck!!

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